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Cats and other pets can look for water anywhere!!

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But the safest and best water they can find is in their own Glacier Point Pet Fountains™

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ADVANTAGES -- A patent-pending combination of technologies that provide:
  • Pure water chilled to a natural temperature has been shown to triple the amount of water consumed by cats
  • Technology that deactivates chlorine and other toxins found in most tap water
  • Made from recycled and renewable American materials whenever possible
  • 24-month full warranty




Made in USA

Ceramic pet fountains made in the USA are safer!!


Barry's Notes

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1. Carbon filters will remove bacteria -- False.  For more information see here .

Implications of these studies: Because sooner or later, all fountains will contain all sorts of algae, mold, viruses and bacteria, it becomes obvious that the fountain must be easily and effectively cleaned. According to the CDC, porous materials such as plastic cannot be sanitized. Glazed ceramic is not porous and can be santitized with heat or chemicals without any damage to the ceramic basin or a pet. Further, when a non-porous material is cleaned, all traces of any chemical are easily rinsed away.

2. Moving water cools water -- False. Source: See this reference .

Implications:  There is only one fountain that has been proven to chill the water in a fountain. The Glacier Point Perfect Pet Fountain™ by Sierra BioScience is the only patent pending fountain that will chill the drinking water.

3. Falling water puts oxygen into the water making the water taste better -- No evidence.

Discussion:  There are no relevant studies showing that any cat has a preference or aversion to water based on the amount of dissolved oxygen being the only variable. As all fountains have water flowing into the bowl all fountains are equal except the only fountain that has a chilling unit which increases the dissolved oxygen content more than 15% i.e. The Glacier Point Perfect Pet Fountain™     See this source .

4. Stainless steel bowls are better and safer than other materials -- False. Source: See this reference .

Implications: There are over 150 grades of stainless steel that contain various amounts of nickel and chromium which can be toxic when released from poorly made stainless steel. Stainless steel loses its desirable properties when submerged in water such as when used as a watering bowl for pets. If a safe grade of stainless steel was used to make a safe stainless steel bowl, that bowl could cost hundreds of dollars. Hexavalent chromium was the chemical that was causing birth defects and cancer in the Erin Brockovich story.

Instructions and video for setting up
your V90 model pet fountain

Please read before getting started with your new fountain



1.   Remove all cardboard and bubble wrap from in and around the fountain. Do not discard the shipping boxes or packing for 60 days, just in case.

2.   After you have filled the basin with water, make sure the carbon filter, (the blue tube) is tightly fitted to the silver tube that comes from the top of the pump and comes through the hole in the plastic cover. This is a friction fit so press hard with a small twisting motion.

3.  If you want to change the direction of the water that flows into the basin from the elbow nozzle, first, turn the pump off. Then take the carbon filter/blue tube off from the pump, then turn the elbows in opposite directions and then put one end on the end of the silver tube, again with a forceful twisting motion. If the flow direction looks ok, then turn the pump on. The flow can be anywhere from straight up, to the side or straight down depending on how much water noise that you want.

4.  If you want additional glass bottles, buy vinegar in 32 oz. glass bottles that are made in the USA, save the vinegar for cleaning your basin later and repurpose the bottle as another refill bottle. Keep extra refill bottles filled with water in the back of the refrigerator.


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