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Cats and other pets can look for water anywhere!!

cat drinking from toilet

But the safest and best water they can find is in their own Glacier Point Pet Fountains™

Read a testimonial from a home with four dogs!


ADVANTAGES -- A patent-pending combination of technologies that provide:
  • Pure water chilled to a natural temperature has been shown to triple the amount of water consumed by cats
  • Technology that deactivates chlorine and other toxins found in most tap water
  • Made from recycled and renewable American materials whenever possible
  • 24-month full warranty




Made in USA

Ceramic pet fountains made in the USA are safer!!


Barry's Notes

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1. Carbon filters will remove bacteria -- False.  For more information see here .

Implications of these studies: Because sooner or later, all fountains will contain all sorts of algae, mold, viruses and bacteria, it becomes obvious that the fountain must be easily and effectively cleaned. According to the CDC, porous materials such as plastic cannot be sanitized. Glazed ceramic is not porous and can be santitized with heat or chemicals without any damage to the ceramic basin or a pet. Further, when a non-porous material is cleaned, all traces of any chemical are easily rinsed away.

2. Moving water cools water -- False. Source: See this reference .

Implications:  There is only one fountain that has been proven to chill the water in a fountain. The Glacier Point Perfect Pet Fountain™ by Sierra BioScience is the only patent pending fountain that will chill the drinking water.

3. Falling water puts oxygen into the water making the water taste better -- No evidence.

Discussion:  There are no relevant studies showing that any cat has a preference or aversion to water based on the amount of dissolved oxygen being the only variable. As all fountains have water flowing into the bowl all fountains are equal except the only fountain that has a chilling unit which increases the dissolved oxygen content more than 15% i.e. The Glacier Point Perfect Pet Fountain™     See this source .

4. Stainless steel bowls are better and safer than other materials -- False. Source: See this reference .

Implications: There are over 150 grades of stainless steel that contain various amounts of nickel and chromium which can be toxic when released from poorly made stainless steel. Stainless steel loses its desirable properties when submerged in water such as when used as a watering bowl for pets. If a safe grade of stainless steel was used to make a safe stainless steel bowl, that bowl could cost hundreds of dollars. Hexavalent chromium was the chemical that was causing birth defects and cancer in the Erin Brockovich story.




(messages sent in to
or spontaneously written to us after a purchase )


Message from Chris, dated June 9, 2014 about his Glacier Point Fountain

Great product. I have really enjoyed my fountain. So much better and easier to clean than the store one I used to have.
Thanks for designing a great product. I also appreciate the fact that you tell people to just use empty vinegar bottles (and designed it that way) and that you sell recharge kits for the filter. Both show a consideration besides just making money... Refreshing.


Testimonial from Jessica Mallinus, sent in October 1, 2013 about Glacier Point Basic Fountain

I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed reading your start up instructions, and I'm glad I came across your product. In particular, I'm glad you recognized the problem that traditional pet water fountains present. I see that you are an animal lover, and I am glad that you were able to use your ingenuity to find a solution.

We just started using the fountain this evening and everything seems fine. Watching my three girls inspect it (I have three black female cats) was the entertainment of the night. They quickly passed the suspicion stage and started drinking from it.


Testimonial from Jim in Maryland, sent in July 17, 2013 about Glacier Point Perfect Pet Fountains

I have just ordered my second Perfect fountain from Glacier Point.

These things are incredible. My orange tabby and Maine Coon cat are drinking an amazing amount of water compared to before. In fact I was noticing their consumption had almost stopped just prior to the arrival of my first Glacier Point fountain.

Now that I have two new cats I wanted to add the second fountain upstairs to help the new arrivals rehydrate and be as healthy as they can be.

If you are thinking of getting a fountain I recommend the Perfect fountain which has the water chiller. Worth the extra cost because the cats love colder water.

Also call and talk to Barry. He loves to hear from customers and has provided wonderful advice and fun anecdotes every time we have spoken.


Testimonial from J. Rose Barlow sent in August 10, 2012 about a Glacier Point Basic Fountain

I received the fountain the following Tuesday, just as you said. It arrived in perfect condition. I'm sorry I haven't gotten back to you sooner, but I wanted to wait long enough to see how my 'Girls' would take to their new 'water dish,' & observe any changes to- in them. The verdict is in...! Mr. Barry Ferris, I have to say, this is the Best purchase I have ever made for any of my 'kids,' in all of my 66 years! I'm not kidding by a long shot!!! Here's what your invention has done for my 'Girls:'

At first my youngest, Ms. Kali, would have nothing to do with it, slinking around it, & would bat at it whenever she went near it! We all had great laughs over that. Then she saw that Ms. Shadoe took right to it the first day! We watched & waited... Finally, after only 2 days, Kali started ignoring the bowl of water, & drinking out of the fountain! I removed the water bowl. Now, after a bit of experimenting, I've turned the 'faucet' slightly to the side so Shadoe drinks out of it, & Kali drinks out of the dish!

The benefits we've seen are: Shadoe & Kali are both drinking much more water than before. Shadoe (the oldest, thinnest one) is eating more & so, is gaining weight! She's also much more active & playful. We're talking about a cat of maybe between 6 to 8 years old, & did not play, per say, with anyone or anything! And, (here's the miracle part!!!) she's even playing much more with Kali, which wasn't happening before they starting drinking this clean, fresh, colder water!!!!! The urine & feces smell from their kitty litter box is all but completely non-existent! Kali isn't having as much constipation as she was before using your fountain. And I predict she will have even less, if not any, the more of this 'better' water she drinks. Their coats are getting shinier, softer, & they're not shedding as before this 'miracle' fountain! Speaking of their coats, they are not depositing fur balls around much anymore! (Oh, those are so nasty to step on bare foot, in the dark...! lol).

Barry, you have created a truly 'miracle' product that I am so proud to own, that I want to do all I possibly can to promote your product to the world. I'm really excited about this & want to tell everyone! Please let me know how I might do this without people complaining that it's 'spam.'

Would you mind if I advertise your product & website on my Facebook page?
I'm so glad I made that order that night. It's changed the lives of not only 2 adult kitties, but the adult humans who live with them also.

Thank You, Sir, for the best invention, & investment for my 'kids' I've ever, ever made! I will never use anything else for my 'kids.' (Still thinking of getting the large one for the outdoor 'kids.' Just need to find a way to keep Ms. Kayla from chewing it up!!! lol).

Thank You, very much, again, Mr. Barry Ferris. Have a Great Day (We are now!)


Testimonial from Barbara Neie of Chicago, IL, sent in July 14,, 2012

Barry Farris was most helpful and took as much time as I needed in the explanation of his products. He also went one step further in assisting me when I ran into a shipping issue. My scheduled shipment was a gift and needed to be delayed--which, of course, incurred an additional fee. Mr. Farris did not hesitate and absorbed that charge even though it was my error; thank you for your personalized service. The gist of this testimonial is he not only has great products, but also has excellent customer service too.


Testimonial from Donna Lyons of Hampton, NH, sent in March 12, 2012

In November, 2011, I purchased your fountain. The main reason for getting the fountain was that my cat has had a medical condition since she was a kitten (she is now 9 years old), and one of the problems is that she becomes dehydrated which makes everything worse.

In 2011 alone, before getting your fountain, we made at least six plus trips to the vets so that she could be given subcutaneous fluids (a minimum of 100-115 cc each time). This was not only expensive, but tough on my cat Sophie, as trips to the vet are stressful for her. Even in working with my holistic vet who is super and will exhaust all methods to see what will work, and in feeding only wet/canned food (adding water), my cat would still become dehydrated.

It was very frustrating, until I purchased the Glacier Point Fountain and started using this as her water source. I have seen her using the fountain, but more importantly, the bottle tells me how much water has been used. Since November, Sophie has not had any more problems with dehydration. She has not had to have any subcutaneous fluids administered. It is wonderful.
Her gums are glistening, her coat is soft, fluffy and there are no mats. What a difference it has made for us. For me it is simple to run, easy to maintain and clean.

Water is so important to the health of our cats, and Sophie is much happier and healthier since getting your fountain.

Thank you so much for such a great product.


Testimonial from MR (follow up to make an addition to a previous submission), sent in March 3, 2012

My two cats are greatly enjoying the Glacier Point Fountain! I'm especially pleased that it's so quiet and unobtrusive. The small footprint and very low noise make a big difference in my tiny apartment.

It means a lot to have such a healthy product for my cats and one that's backed up with bona fide customer service and legitimate guarantees. Thank you for all your assistance and for designing such an intelligent device: Glacier Point is first-class in every way.


Testimonial from Jean and Lois (BC, Canada), sent in February 8, 2012.. Subject: Testimonial for the Perfect Pet Fountain

This is simply the best available cat fountain.

It provides our cats with cool, filtered water, and requires less care and maintenance than other pet fountains we have owned.

Our cats' Perfect Pet fountain is made from food grade and FDA approved components, unlike other available pet fountains.

We are confident that this is the best and safest fountain we can provide for our cats.

The ordering process was a snap and we received our fountain within a week of our order, even though it to shipped to Canada.

This is not the first pet fountain we have owned. However, several years ago we gave up using fountains, after deciding we could provide better quality water using water bowls.

Recently, after our cats' vet recommended we get a fountain for our senior cat, we did much research on cat fountains. It was very discouraging. The reviews revealed the following issues with plastic pet fountains:

  1. They are hard to clean
  2. They get slimy quickly
  3. Their pumps are noisy
  4. Their pumps fail quickly.

In general these issues meant that the fountains needed to be cleaned almost daily and replaced frequently.

We had experienced these issues previously, during our ownership of several different makes and models of plastic pet fountains.

However, our cats' vet had recommended we get a cat fountain for our senior cat.

We hoped that the new ceramic and stainless steel versions of the previous fountains we had owned might be suitable. But research indicated that they suffered the same issues as plastic fountains and one very serious additional issue.

None of the major manufacturers guarantee that their fountains use food grade ceramic glaze or stainless steel.

Glacier Point for Cats does guarantee it uses food grade ceramic glaze for the fountains they manufacture. As well the other components of the fountain are food grade and or FDA approved.

Given the previous pet food scandal originating from China, and the fact that most of these pet fountains are made in China, this is a serious issue.

Use of non food grade ceramic glaze can cause heavy metal poisoning. We don't want to use a fountain that poisons our cats.

Therefore, after researching the Glacier Point for Cats fountains, the only difficult decision was which Glacier Point for Cats fountain to buy.

We decided on the Perfect Pet fountain. Who doesn't appreciate a chilled glass of water on a hot day. We wanted to provide the best drinking experience for our cats.

The Glacier Point for Cats fountain we bought is more expensive than other pet fountains, but the extra features it has make it worth the cost.

Benefits of the Glacier Point for Cats Perfect Pet fountain 1. Safe for our cats to use 2. Chilled filtered water 3. Easier to maintain than other fountains 4. Lasts longer than other fountains (with proper maintenance) 5. Made in North America

In the long run we know it will be cheaper.


Testimonial from Diane K.. sent in February 8, 2012.. Subject: Perfect pet fountain for four dogs

I bought the Perfect Pet fountain 6 months ago. It is a hit with all my dogs. I have a 65 lb. Australian Shepard, 45 lb. Chow/Akita mix and 2 schnauzers. I live in Florida and keep the fountain on my covered back porch. With all the heat and humidity, the water still stays ice cold. I go through 3 16 oz. bottles a day - they love the water!!! The unit is very easy to take care of and I have zero issues with it. If it ever does expire I will not hesitate getting another one.

Thanks for designing it - I have been looking for ever for one.



Testimonial from A J .. sent in August 7, 2011 .. Subject: Great Product

I first saw the Glacier Point Basic Fountain on ModernCat. A blog
that talks about cool and, well, good products for people who really
love their cats. When they posted about the fountains again, I had to
get one. I haven't seen another product where the owner of the
company (and the inventer of the product) not only stands behind his
product, but does not hesitate to talk directly tot eh customer (or
potential customer). All that being said, lets get down to the
product. We picked up the Glacier Point Basic Fountain. The price
point puts it around what some local pet stores are selling other
fountains for. And the ones in the store are usually plastic or made
from vastly inferior materials. The Glacier is all Made in the USA,
and quite frankly, very very good. After getting the Glacier in the
mail I watched the YouTube video of the quick set up, and within
minuets the water was flowing. After some last second re-arranging
of the water tube, we were all set to go. Our little female was the
first to explore..and drink. At first she would only drink from the
"non-flowing" part, but within a day, she was happily drinking from
the flowing water coming right out of the water tube. Our big male,
notoriously skittish and shy, took a little longer to actually drink
out of it. But, within 3 days he was happily drinking from it as
well. Some fears I had, namely the water sound or the pump being too
loud were quickly dispelled when we plugged it in as they both make
great background noise. Don't get me wrong, they aren't silent. But
they are way quieter than I had expected. One thing we did worry
about was keeping it full, especially when both cats started drinking
from it. But a quick trip to the grocery and a through cleaning later
we were fully stocked with extra Heinz Vinegar bottles to keep it

Now, if, like me, you read these testimonials before you pulled the
trigger I can tell you this. I don't mind spending money on my cats.
But I DO mind spending money on a product that isn't worth it. This
product IS worth it. And, I can honestly say that I had no problems
spending this money on this product. So, if you are considering
buying one of the Glacier fountains, DO IT.

Also, my little female get acne from normal ceramic bowls. This one
she does not. Made in the USA ceramics make all the difference.



Thanks for the fountain. Our kitties love it and we really appreciate the simplicity of the design.

August 2, 2011


Hi Barry,

My two cats are greatly enjoying the Glacier Point Fountain!

Everything about your product and customer service are first-rate. Thank you for all your assistance and for designing such an intelligent device.

Kind regards,

... M.R.
July 27, 2011


a few weeks of tweaking - me and my 5 kitties - theyve stopped playing with the water - i thought i might need a larger one - they were splashing the water on the floor - but as with all new things theres just time to get used to this one -

and what a truly great thing it is - i dont have to keep track of faucets that ive left dripping for someone - sounds pleasant all day and night - quiet - peaceful sound - they love it - no splashing anymore - ive learned how to clean and adjust it - ive got it up on 2 bricks (side by side) i think this helps to keep it at drinking fountain level for my troop rather than a pond - the optional outlet device is great if you choose to turn it off and on -

i also love how it looks - like a little science project - hip, sheek, high/low tech, rube goldberg, zen, above timberline mountain sort of appeal !!! a feast for the eyes ears and brain and soul !!!

it has a learning curve but well worth the little effort on my part - the best thing by far that ive seen and ive been looking for over a year - i realize that the fact that the whole thing isnt glued together or inacessible makes it very cleanable and repairable - a good honest device -

thanks so much for this true labor of love -

diana worthington
April 12, 2011


The fountain in amazing!!! I have 5 cats and I have gone through many fountains. I was so happy when I came across your website. Because of financial difficulties in the past I was not able to afford one. I am so happy to now be an owner of one of these amazing pet friendly fountains. We all thank you!!!!

Best regards,
Mary Ann Delahunt
Sylvester, Boo boos, Fritz, Jezebel, and Cattie-Brie
April 2, 2011


Great product and service!!! Barry is friendly and very prompt to answer
all my questions. I have 4 little doggies, 1 Pekinese, and 3 Shih Tzu's and
they are drinkers. It is nice to know when I leave the home they will
always have nice fresh cool water. It is so much healthier for my pets and
well worth the money! Saves me lots of time too! Thanks Barry.....

...Tonya Gratzer
January 10, 2011






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