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Welcome to our new Pet Water Fountains website. We have listened to you, our loyal fans and customers, and tried to incorporate your various suggestions over the last few years. We now offer free domestic shipping on all purchases with no minimum purchase.

Thank you for your loyalty and the wonderful reviews you have given us. We are committed to creating the highest quality product and providing the very best customer service and care. It is our ultimate goal to keep our customers satisfied and to provide a supply of clean healthy water for their pets with our line of handmade, ceramic water fountains that are 100% food-safe, easy to clean and keep clean. You are our best advertisers and we look forward to continuing to provide you with the best cat fountains in the world. Please feel free to send us your thoughts and comments.

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The Glacier Point Perfect Pet Fountain™ – The most effective way to encourage your pet to drink more water and prevent disease.

Your pet is a part of the family. You’re visiting this website because you want what’s best for your pet. It’s important for you to provide everything that helps nurture your pet, just like you would for any other member of your family. One of the most important components to your pet’s health is drinking enough circulated, oxygen-rich water. In fact, adequate hydration is an absolute necessity for a healthy pet; just like it is for humans.

The problem is, your pet isn’t enticed to drink enough water to maintain optimal health when it’s sitting stagnant in a bowl. Stagnant water simply does not provide the same temptation or nutrition for household pets to drink.

After years of intensive research, The Glacier Point Perfect Pet Fountain™ by Sierra Bioscience has developed what is now the closest version of drinking water for household animals other than the flowing streams of nature.

Glacier Point Pet Water Fountains


Pet Water Fountains

The Spectrum Fountain
The Best Fountain for a little over $100

  • Made in American quality, without any toxic materials and at an affordable price.
  • Easy to clean and keep clean.
  • Best pet water fountain for the new cat parent.




Cat Water fountains

The Basic Fountain™
Kidney Disease Prevention Fountain

  • The Basic Fountain can help to prevent kidney disease because cold water enhances water consumption and absorption.
  • Every state-of-the-art improvement is used with the Basic Fountain.
  • Upgrade to Perfect Fountain available.



Pet drinking fountains

The Perfect Cat Fountain™
High Tec Therapeutic Hydration

  • The Perfect Fountain treats cats with kidney disease with automatically chilled water that increases consumption and absorption.
  • The Perfect Fountain provides all the advantages of the Basic Fountain plus an electronic chiller system.


All fountains are made in America with American designed parts, non-porous high fired toxin free ceramic bowls, certified water safe antimicrobial fittings, automatic glass refill system and grounded electrical plugs.


The Glacier Point Perfect Pet Fountain™ literally mimics the water of nature’s bounty.

Flowing water captures your pets attention. The Perfect Pet Fountain sirens the subtle sounds of flowing water, triggering the innate instinct of your family companion to intake more nourishing fluids.

The Glacier Point Perfect Pet Fountain™ creates a readily available source of well-circulated, chilled, clean water for your cherished furry friend. Our Perfect Pet Fountain uses an inline charcoal filter that actually works to virtually eliminate harmful toxins from your pet’s water. The Glacier Point Perfect Pet Fountain is also the only watering station that chills the circulated water. Your pet enjoys delicious, cold water just as much as you.

Click here to learn more about the health benefits of chilled, oxygen-rich water.


Here’s an overview about the benefits your household companion receives when you own a Glacier Point Perfect Pet Fountain™:

  • Chilled, circulated water that mimics what animals are used to in nature
  • Your pet will drink more water
  • The inline charcoal filter removes chlorine and other harmful toxins
  • The Glacier Point Perfect Pet Fountain™ assists you in preventing painful and costly urinary tract or kidney infections.
  • The Lead Free Ceramic basin is easily cleaned and sterilized.
  • A benefit for you is a pet fountain that “automatically refills the basin” and continuously sanitizes the cat fountain.

Click here to learn more about the Glacier Point Perfect Pet Fountain™ and why it’s more effective than other pet fountains.

*Recommended and used by more feline veterinarians.

If you already own a fountain, you may want to know:

Why is the Glacier Point the best cat fountain?
Don’t take our word, read the reviews from owners who have tried all available fountains.

Why is a glass refill bottle the best?
Glass doesn’t leak toxins into the water, can be heat sterilized, can be chilled in a refrigerator and can be replaced for about $4.

How easy is it to clean a Glacier Point?
Our fountains have no sharp or hidden corners which means that the entire basin can be cleaned in 2 minutes!

Why is cold water healthier?
Cold water is better absorbed and more water is consumed when the water is around 60° F. The Glacier Point Perfect Pet Fountain provides refrigerated water created with the chiller unit. We recommend that you use refill bottles from your refrigerator for the Basic Fountain which will provide refrigerated water for your pets to drink.