A J – August 7, 2011- The Basic Pet Fountain

I first saw the Glacier Point Basic Fountain on ModernCat. A blog that talks about cool and, well, good products for people who really love their cats. When they posted about the fountains again, I had to get one. I haven’t seen another product where the owner of the company (and the inventer of the product) not only stands behind his product, but does not hesitate to talk directly tot eh customer (or potential customer). All that being said, lets get down to the product. We picked up the Glacier Point Basic Fountain. The price point puts it around what some local pet stores are selling other fountains for. And the ones in the store are usually plastic or made from vastly inferior materials. The Glacier is all Made in the USA, and quite frankly, very very good. After getting the Glacier in the mail I watched the YouTube video of the quick set up, and within minuets the water was flowing. After some last second re-arranging of the water tube, we were all set to go. Our little female was the first to explore..and drink. At first she would only drink from the “non-flowing” part, but within a day, she was happily drinking from
the flowing water coming right out of the water tube. Our big male, notoriously skittish and shy, took a little longer to actually drink out of it. But, within 3 days he was happily drinking from it as well. Some fears I had, namely the water sound or the pump being too loud were quickly dispelled when we plugged it in as they both make great background noise. Don’t get me wrong, they aren’t silent. But they are way quieter than I had expected. One thing we did worry about was keeping it full, especially when both cats started drinking from it. But a quick trip to the grocery and a through cleaning later we were fully stocked with extra Heinz Vinegar bottles to keep it full.

Now, if, like me, you read these testimonials before you pulled the trigger I can tell you this. I don’t mind spending money on my cats. But I DO mind spending money on a product that isn’t worth it. This product IS worth it. And, I can honestly say that I had no problems spending this money on this product. So, if you are considering buying one of the Glacier fountains, DO IT.

Also, my little female get acne from normal ceramic bowls. This one she does not. Made in the USA ceramics make all the difference.

Thanks for the fountain. Our kitties love it and we really appreciate the simplicity of the design.