About Sierra Bioscience

Welcome to our new Pet Water Fountains website. We have listened to you, our loyal fans and customers, and tried to incorporate your various suggestions over the last few years. We now offer free domestic shipping on all purchases with no minimum purchase.

Thank you for your loyalty and the wonderful reviews you have given us. We are committed to creating the highest quality product and providing the very best customer service and care. It is our ultimate goal to keep our customers satisfied and to provide a supply of clean healthy water for their pets with our line of handmade, ceramic water fountains that are 100% food-safe, easy to clean and keep clean. You are our best advertisers and we look forward to continuing to provide you with the best cat fountains in the world. Please feel free to send us your thoughts and comments.

All Our Best, Barry and Tricia

The Story Behind Sierra BioScience

Sierra BioScience is a family owned business located on the Northern California border, close to Oregon. The product was designed by an award winning medical device inventor with more than 20 issued and published patents. Our products are made in America only from recycled, renewable and USFDA water-use approved American components whenever possible.

Barry Farris – inventor The founder of Sierra BioScience is Barry Farris. He has had dogs and cats as part of his family since he was at least ten years old.

After graduating from San Jose State in 1972, Barry started his career in medical devices and pharmaceuticals with The Upjohn Company in San Jose, California.

In 1986 Barry began to successfully design and patent medical products. With more than a dozen patents issued since then, millions of Barry’s products have been sold world wide. Barry has a gift for seeing problems that need creative solutions. While Barry intended to retire in 2004, the world had other plans.

In 2006 Barry needed to re-invent himself. While he found many problems that needed a solution he didn’t have the passion to invest his resources simply to make money until he met a veterinarian who was knowledgeable about the causes of common and life shortening diseases of cats and dogs. Barry often said,” these pets come into your life, crawl deeply into your heart and then painfully leave, before their time”. The passion to extend the quality and length of the lives of pets ignited Barry’s imagination resulting in him returning to his time-tested methods of medical research and award winning product design habits.

About Our Pumps

Recirculating pumps such as those used in our cat fountains are essential to maintain high quality, life sustaining water. This is especially true when the water passes through both a mechanical filter, such as the foam filter that surrounds the pump, as well as an inline charcoal filter. The foam pump filter prevents physical particles from entering the pump and the inline charcoal filter removes toxins and impurities from the water which can cause unpleasant odors and tastes. Our Basic, Perfect and High Capacity Fountains are equipped with both a foam pump filter and an inline charcoal filter. The Spectrum Fountain includes a foam pump filter only. The pump itself aerates the water, adding to its quality which is critical for the health and life of our pets.

Some plastics contain BPA, a chemical proven to cause health problems in animals and humans. Plastics are also believed to cause chin acne in cats. The fountain pump used in our cat water fountains contains no BPA. (Other parts of various commercial fountains may contain BPA, particularly if there are a number of parts.)

We tested many pumps and manufacturers in our search for a high quality, well made pump that is quiet and designed to last many years, not just for the warranty period. We found such a pump in the Danner SP-70 Submersible Inline Pump (referred to as our “V90 pump”) used in our Basic, Perfect and Spectrum Fountains, and the Rio 4H pump used in our High Capacity Fountain. Occasionally we come across a defective pump, in which case we replace it at our expense if within the warranty period. With regular maintenance, both of these pumps should run quietly for many years.