Adam St. P – Glacier Point Pet Fountain

In early 2010 one of our cats was diagnosed with FUS (Feline Urologic Syndrome) Among the recommendations given to us by our veterinarian was to purchase a pet water fountain. The same day we began shopping for a fountain.  We ended up purchasing three fountains locally, the “Drinkwell 360″ the “Petmate Deluxe fresh flow” and the “Hagen CatIt Fresh & Clear”. This began a very frustrating few weeks. Both of our cats refused to drink from any of them. Our vet suggested it may be the smell of our water, so we tried; soft water, hard water, refrigerated soft water, refrigerated hard water, warm bottled water, refrigerated bottled water, warm filtered hard water, cold filtered hard water, warm filtered soft water, and cold filtered soft water. Our cats scoffed at all of these waters in all three fountains.

During this time we cleaned the fountains as suggested by the manufacturers which became tiresome with the Drinkwell, it was very difficult to clean.  We then purchased the Glacier Point fountain. Within one day both cats were drinking from it with any water we used, and has been a joy to clean.

Thank you for selling a product that was not available from any other company including Veterinary Ventures Inc.

Sincerely, Adam St. P