Amy S. – Nov. 30, 2011 – for Glacier Point Basic Fountain

I have been absolutely delighted with my Glacier Point fountain! It’s just what I’ve been looking for after realizing that I would never be able to get my plastic Drinkwell fountains clean, no matter what I did to them. The water stays clean, even after a week of kitty drool! The ceramic is a snap to clean.

I noticed soon after I got my first Glacier Point fountain that my cats pretty much stopped drinking from their bowls and instead are drinking from the fountain. They clearly had stopped using the Drinkwells (probably because they were never really clean after the first week), but they LOVE the Glacier Point. In fact, as soon as I realized how much they loved the first one, I ordered a second one to replace my upstairs Drinkwell.

The fountains are absolutely silent, unless you want to turn the outflow to make more noise. Barry was wonderful about the bad pump I got with my first fountain and replaced it immediately.

I cannot recommend these fountains highly enough. Especially if your cats are on a dry-food diet, they need to drink a lot of water, and a Glacier Point will encourage them to do just that. (I’d suggest that you try to add wet food to their diet, but that’s a whole other discussion!)

Thank you, Barry, for creating the product I’d been looking for for years!