Brandee – December 6, 2017 – Glacier Point Basic Pet Fountain

I can’t recommend these fountains enough!!! When our kitty, Toki, had an allergic reaction to our $25 plastic pet fountain and his cheap plastic food bowl, our vet told us to look for a non-plastic pet fountain or provide multiple stainless steel water bowls. So, I went into research mode. Even the $200+ pet fountains I found had non-hospital grade plastic in the build. I was really frustrated until I found Glacier Point’s website. Now, this was over 2 years ago, and I bet your site is much easier to find now. We saved up and purchased the small fountain as soon as we could. We absolutely love it! It’s so funny. When we finished setting up the fountain, the first thing our kitty did was put his paw into the fountain. Like all the way in and touched the bottom. Then he licked his paw and arm while watching the fountain. We gave him some space and tried to ignore him and a few minutes later he started drinking from it and has been a big fan ever since. His coat is shinier, he’s more active, he’s lost weight (in a good way) and even his gums are healthier. He had some dental issues a few years back. So it’s been a big hit with our kitty!

On another note, I can’t say enough about the spectacular customer service we’ve had with Barry. In two years, I’ve only contacted him twice. Once about how to better attach the motor to the bottom of the fountain with the suction cups and then today because we were a little late replacing the charcoal filter and the fountain was running very slow. The first time I called him he answered and I was caught off guard that he answered the phone himself, but was delighted to chat with him and troubleshoot. Today, I left him a voice message and he called me back within an hour. Just like the last time, he was kind, patient, and very helpful. In this day and age of call centers, text messaging, and emailing, some people might be a little weirded out by having direct contact with the maker of a product, but I can’t express how reassuring and helpful it is to know I can just call Barry whenever I have a question or issue.

So, if you have any reservations about ordering one of these fountains, dismiss them and go ahead and get one! They are easy to maintain, nice looking, quiet, and have greatly improved the health quality of life of our now 8 year old tabby cat. Also, please note that I am not great with mechanical things and even I had no issues putting it together and working with my spouse to maintain it. Barry provides great video tutorials and resources online to help you get started and maintain it. Also, like I said before, you can just email him or call him if you have any questions. The fountains and Barry are 100% A+ awesome!!!