Cheryl – September 7, 2016 – Glacier Point Perfect Pet Fountain

I just talked to Barry.  You may see older reviews that say he answers his phone and I’m here to confirm that he still does.  Not only is he nice to talk to and, he does not try to up-sell you.  On my own, I could have easily spent $50-60 (or more)  trying to remedy my issue (water wasn’t flowing).  After a minute he diagnosed my problem and told me how to check it.  The solution is simple and cheap (for me, the charcoal in the blue tube was clogged – check by taking off the blue tube and submersing the remainder of pump and gray pipe in a bowl of water to see if it works).

I bought my Perfect Pet Fountain based on reviews and Barry’s videos.   It’s a great design, all three of my cats took to it quickly.  It’s easier to clean than other fountains and requires less overall maintenance.   It may not be as streamlined-looking as other fountains, but I actually like the look and versatility and my cats certainly don’t complain.

Bottom line…this is a great product with over-the-top customer service and support.

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