Christopher B. – August 30, 2012 – The Basic Pet Fountain & The High Capacity Fountain

I own both the Basic and the High Capacity fountains. Both are of extremely well built, simple, and easy to clean. I originally found Glacier Point while searching for a safe, clean water fountain for our not so distant future Maine Coon kittens. Personally, I’ve never owned a “cheaper” fountain, which is against Barry’s recommendations; I don’t like wasting money on inferior products. The reviews and the low build quality of other fountains is quite apparent to me. The lack of filtration on other units is easy to see. You wouldn’t put a water filter under your sink for your household that just allows water to flow over the top of the filter; forced filtration is the only way to go. The plastics used on others collects grime and bacteria, compared to the USA made ceramic basin that has a smooth, easily disinfected surface.

I purchased the Basic fountain for my mom’s small dog because I felt he should have one.  After a short time, he easily adjusted to this fountain.  I’ve never seen him drink as much water as he does from the Glacier Point. I opted for the High Capacity for my future Maine Coons due to their size. Unfortunately I do not yet have my kittens so I can’t give a review on their use of the product, but I have no doubts about them loving the fountain.

If anyone is put off by the cost of this fountain, just remember the saying “you hope you get what you pay for”. I can honestly say you get what you pay for with GP.

Another reason I chose to deal with Barry is his great customer service. I have sent him several emails to clarify one thing or another, since my inquiries are not high priority, I typically expect a 48 hour response time.

With Barry, sometimes I get a response in minutes. I applaud your customer service, one of the many reasons I will continue to deal with and recommend GP; and I have recommended these fountains to several people.

I also look forward to seeing the other products mentioned in the newsletter.