Cinnamon S. – April 23, 2012 – Glacier Point Basic Fountain

After going through two plastic fountains and finding that my poor kitty was throwing up a lot, had chin acne (black bumps that build up under their chins), and a stuffed up nose, I decided to try the Glacier Point Basic Fountain. And I’m so glad I did. Not only is it incredibly easy to clean and maintain, but her symptoms (probably of an allergy to plastic and/or mold build-up) have all disappeared and we both love our new fountain! It did take her a minute to adjust, especially because I didn’t follow Barry’s website instructions to leave the old fountain running and place the new one somewhat nearby for the first week or so. Instead, I got rid of the old one completely and Lucia, my kitty, proceeded to freak out, jumping up on the kitchen sink all the time and yowling in the bathtub. I was about to give up, return the Glacier Point fountain, and resume using her old plastic one, but I called Barry and he gave me a pep talk and encouraged me–for the sake of Lucia’s health–to keep trying. So I followed his original advice, plugged in her old one nearby and allowed her to get comfortable with the Glacier Point and within about a week, she’d stopped using the plastic one altogether. I’ve since had one problem with a V90 filter that got clogged and a bunch of water ended up on the floor overnight (the pump kept going and is still working fine, even after sitting in virtually no water for an hour or two, so it’s obviously very sturdy), but I again spoke to Barry over the phone and he explained that they clog up faster sometimes according to what’s in the water and how much cat saliva is involved. He also recommended I buy the Carbon Recharge Kit, which is good for 12 recharges and is much more cost effective than buying that many filters. And he recommended buying 32 oz. bottles of vinegar, pouring out and saving the vinegar (it can be used to clean the fountain), washing the bottles, and using them for additional Refill Bottles instead of purchasing them via his site. Obviously, he cares more about the best interests of his customers and their kitties than the bottom line, which I really appreciate. And I truly believe the Glacier Point to be the best product on the market for the health and happiness of cats and humans alike.