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Brandee – Glacier Point Basic Pet Fountain

I can’t recommend these fountains enough!!! When our kitty, Toki, had an allergic reaction to our $25 plastic pet fountain and his cheap plastic food bowl, our vet told us to look for a non-plastic pet fountain or provide multiple stainless steel water bowls. So, I went into research mode. Even the $200+ pet fountains I found had non-hospital grade plastic in the build. I was really frustrated until I found Glacier Point’s website. Now, this was over 2 years ago, and I bet your site is much easier to find now. We saved up and purchased the small fountain as soon as we could. We absolutely love it! It’s so funny. When we finished setting up the fountain, the first thing our kitty did was put his paw into the fountain. Like all the way in and touched the bottom. Then he licked his paw and arm while watching the fountain. We gave him some space and tried to ignore him and a few minutes later he started drinking from it and has been a big fan ever since. His coat is shinier, he’s more active, he’s lost weight (in a good way) and even his gums are healthier. He had some dental issues a few years back. So it’s been a big hit with our kitty!

On another note, I can’t say enough about the spectacular customer service we’ve had with Barry. In two years, I’ve only contacted him twice. Once about how to better attach the motor to the bottom of the fountain with the suction cups and then today because we were a little late replacing the charcoal filter and the fountain was running very slow. The first time I called him he answered and I was caught off guard that he answered the phone himself, but was delighted to chat with him and troubleshoot. Today, I left him a voice message and he called me back within an hour. Just like the last time, he was kind, patient, and very helpful. In this day and age of call centers, text messaging, and emailing, some people might be a little weirded out by having direct contact with the maker of a product, but I can’t express how reassuring and helpful it is to know I can just call Barry whenever I have a question or issue.

So, if you have any reservations about ordering one of these fountains, dismiss them and go ahead and get one! They are easy to maintain, nice looking, quiet, and have greatly improved the health quality of life of our now 8 year old tabby cat. Also, please note that I am not great with mechanical things and even I had no issues putting it together and working with my spouse to maintain it. Barry provides great video tutorials and resources online to help you get started and maintain it. Also, like I said before, you can just email him or call him if you have any questions. The fountains and Barry are 100% A+ awesome!!!

Mary – Glacier Point Basic Pet Fountain

I have had this fountain for 4 years. I use to buy the plastic ones in the pet store but after maybe a year, they would break. So I went online and searched for a better product and boy did I find one! This fountain is spectacular! I love that it keeps your water cold and the extra bottles you can put on top to make sure you never run out of waster. If I had a question, I pick up the phone and Barry always is so pleasant and extremely resourceful and knows his product. Honestly, if you are looking for a quality product for your pets to drink from, look no further; this is that product. I love love my pets and they deserve the best. This is the best!!!!!

Ron – Glacier Point Basic Pet Fountain

I just wanted to thank-you for creating this water fountain for pets, it has worked great and seems to have solved some problems we were having with our two Ragdoll Cats. Bandit is a male Ragdoll about 6.5 years old he is large(about 20lbs) we’ve had problems with him throwing up and pooping outside of the box. These problems intensified the last couple of months and we tried a lot of different things which did not work. In the past the Vet said Bandit has problems being constipated but they offered no long term solutions. I read online that having flowing water helps cats drink more and can help with the issues we were experiencing. We had a couple of cheap water fountains(China Made) in the past they did not keep the water clean and actually formed mold and algae. I read somewhere online a recommendation of your fountains and I liked the idea of being made in the USA. I thought the price was high for a pet fountain but figured if it worked it work be worth many times the price. It has been a couple of weeks now and Bandit loves the flowing water and is drinking more water and it seems his issues have been resolved. He has not pooped outside of the box since we’ve had the fountain and he has only thrown up a couple times. Our other Ragdoll Bella is a female about 12 pounds and 6 years old. The only issue we’ve had with Bella is she would throw up once in a while and she has not done this since we’ve used the Glacier Point Pet Fountain.

Thanks again, this has really made a difference in our house and the health of our Ragdolls.

Morreene – Glacier Point Perfect Pet Fountain

Thank you very much for designing and developing the Perfect Pet Fountain. Prior to discovering Glacier Point pet fountains, we had tried two different fountains. Our cats did not consume more water, and one of the fountains supposedly had been made in the USA when purchased. Upon receipt, the sticker said China. Totally disgusted.

Angry and motivated, finally discovered Glacier Point fountains. Your excellent, informative videos convinced us to purchase the Perfect Pet Fountain. Our cats began using it within two hours after investigating it when it was put down the first time. The dramatic increase in our cats water consumption shocked us. The proof was provided by needing to refill the glass bottle, and the generous deposits in the litter box. Their veterinarian has been very impressed with the positive impact your fountain has had on our cats’ health. Thank you very much for providing a beautifully designed pet fountain that is made in the USA.

Bob – Glacier Point Perfect Pet Fountain

I have the product for about three years now and it’s still going strong it’s really a well constructed product. My cats love it from the first time they tried it they just sat there like little kid and kept licking it up. Even today after three years they are still as excited about that Glacier Point as I am. I have the one with three bottles for my two boys (Rag Dolls). The thing I like the most about it is when I go on vacation there’s always enough fresh running water for the boys to have something to drink. I’d also like to comment that Berry the owner is always easy to get a hold of and talk to, support is so important.
Great product.

Cheryl – Glacier Point Perfect Pet Fountain

I just talked to Barry.  You may see older reviews that say he answers his phone and I’m here to confirm that he still does.  Not only is he nice to talk to and, he does not try to up-sell you.  On my own, I could have easily spent $50-60 (or more)  trying to remedy my issue (water wasn’t flowing).  After a minute he diagnosed my problem and told me how to check it.  The solution is simple and cheap (for me, the charcoal in the blue tube was clogged – check by taking off the blue tube and submersing the remainder of pump and gray pipe in a bowl of water to see if it works).

I bought my Perfect Pet Fountain based on reviews and Barry’s videos.   It’s a great design, all three of my cats took to it quickly.  It’s easier to clean than other fountains and requires less overall maintenance.   It may not be as streamlined-looking as other fountains, but I actually like the look and versatility and my cats certainly don’t complain. ?

Bottom line…this is a great product with over-the-top customer service and support.

Terry – Glacier Point High Capacity Fountain with Chiller

The easiest way to do this is for me to add the link below to the post I just completed.

The unit is “Outstanding” and is very quiet in operation.

I “Highly” recommend the unit, it’s definitely worth the extra expense folks.

Therese & Glenn – Glacier Point Basic Fountain

I purchased the Basic Fountain about 2 months ago. I called first to ask questions and had lots of help deciding which to order and details I needed to know before deciding to invest. I have 4 Cats 2 recent rescue’s from outside after feeding for a year, and 2 Senior Cats one with Hyperthyroid issues. I have been bombarded with vet bills since this started, $400 every time for tests to get her medication regulated not to mention other issues, Dental surgery etc. Not much left available on my credit card, so this was tuff to decide to spend this much on a fountain! After reading and watching all the videos I could see this is a well made product with longstanding VALUE.

Watching Barry in the videos, he reminds me of my Dad who had passion for the things he believed in and got deeply involved until it was done right, and cared most about how well a product is made, PRETTY DOESN’T MATTER ! Just like my Dad how it works is what matters. A science experiment it does “kinda” look like, but that’s o.k. it is a nice safe ceramic dish and the bottles are easy to find since it is a common thread. I had to chuckle at the one explaining how to change the charcoal and filters in the blue tube, “ya know its like how you load a rifle” LOL I got the point but Barry most of us women have never loaded a rifle, don’t change that video though, loved it! Barry didn’t find the Cheapest way to make it so he could profit more, he made it so it worked safely for our pets and our peace of mind.

I accepted 2 strays from outside, they all get along for the most part but cats can sense when one is sick and pick on that one a bit so when I’m not home or at bedtime I keep my senior hyperthyroid cat in the bedroom with us. So a QUIET fountain is a big issue. I started with the Hagan Cat It, well even with using distilled water after three weeks it stunk like lake water and was slimy when I cleaned it. I felt safer giving her water from the bowl but needed to encourage her to drink! So I then bought the Drinkwell Pagoda, I tried to attach video but don’t know how, anyway it was nice looking but LOUD, to give you an example you’d have to turn your TV up to compete with the noise plus I found out there are serious dangers with ceramics made in China which it is. Returned it and decided to go for the Glacier Point Basic Fountain knowing I could upgrade it to the Chiller and order replacement parts.

THIS IS A FOREVER FOUNTAIN, considering I’d have replaced fountains every 2 years and spend a fortune of filters and still not feeling the water is safe in the end I believe this is saving me Money the Value is lasting.

I received it all the way out here in Canada within 10 days. I read the instructions and watched the set up video on you tube. It was easy peasy. I made sure my cats were watching me set it up and my Nellie girl started drinking from it within 5 minutes. One of the others drinks from it occasionally but they have their water bowls still on the main floor. Once my Nellie passes on they all will drink from it. It is important she drinks lots of water no doubt heading into renal kidney failure next. That fountain is helping her keep her kidneys flushed.

The first time I cleaned this fountain, (after three weeks running) I watched the video and did it and there was very very little slime, just a tiny bit against the pump and it was so easy. The water did not stink I think I could have drank it!
Some people like me, wait until our cats get ill to buy a fountain, when in fact and especially if you give your cats dry food which I no longer do, your animals end up dehydrated, they do not drink extra water to make up for the water loss, this in turn causes inflammation that starts a whole host of other problems. Start now and avoid this problem and save yourself some vet bills.

I really appreciate that Barry decided to put his passion for animals and desire to have a properly working “no fuss” product on the market, we wish you success and hope more and more people find out that there is a reliable product out there that they can count on.

Joanne – Glacier Point Basic Fountain

I purchased a pet water fountain for my 2 cats about 5 months ago and it’s the best investment ever. I have had other pet water fountains and yours is definitely superior. My cheaper plastic one used to get very slimy. Yours does not!!

What I love most is that it is so easy to clean. I wash the ceramic base weekly with soap and water and also rinse out the foam surrounding the motor. About once a month I soak the foam and the motor in vinegar. It does not get much easier that this.

My cats love it too!! They started drinking from it right away.

Gary – Glacier Point Perfect Fountain

I very recently bought one of the Perfect Pet Fountains; and I am very, very pleased. Like all your other customers, I think I bought almost every other brand of fountain on the market and eventually got rid of them all.

I am absolutely amazed at how much water my cat drinks now. I’m so happy since this will help so much in keeping her healthy.

I thought she would be afraid of the fan, but she was actually trying very hard to find out what was inside of the housing!

Thank you for devoting so much to this high quality product; it is much appreciated. I also very much appreciate the note from you that was in the box stating you had built, packaged and shipped the fountain yourself. Such awesome customer service.

Cindy – Glacier Point Basic Fountain

My three cats have used The Glacier Point Fountain for years. Previous to that purchase, I wasted significant amounts of money on various other fountains, all of which ended up in the trash. My cats definitely drink more water from the GP Fountain and good hydration contributes greatly to healthier, happier cats. Thanks Glacier Point for such a great product.

Lyn – Glacier Point Basic Fountain

My Cats LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this Water Fountain and so do I.

I bought mine last year and now I am buying a second one for upstairs because my cats are so spoiled they won’t use our old fountains. They will wake me up to open the door so they can go downstairs to get a drink. The kids are up later than I playing videos games, so leaving the door open is not an option until the middle of the night.

This Water Fountain is not cheap, but you get what you pay for, and I want to tell you I think it’s worth every penny. As I learned from the videos on this site, having Clean Cold Water that entices my cats to want to drink more helps them live a longer healthier life, and the cat box does not smell as much. The videos taught me the same as humans when the cats are dehydrated it makes their urine and waste stronger, which smell much worst, and can lead to infections and all kinds of other health problems that rob our beloved pet’s life span and ends up costing us a fortune in veterinarian bills.

I want to thank Barry, the inventor of this design, it has changed my life I am no longer a slave to cleaning my cat’s water fountains I use to have to take apart the water pumps for a thorough cleaning every single week, but with the Glacier Point special carbon sponge and filtering system, and the auto fill water bottles, the water bowl stays completely clean for at least 2 weeks, it just needs a quick rinse out with hot water and its ready for a fresh water refill. Now I am only doing a full filter cleaning about once a month or two. FYI there is no slime what so ever inside the water dish, not even after a month or two. The level of maintenance to clean this water fountain is so much less than all the other plastic and/or stainless steel water fountains I have purchased in the past.

Ellen – Glacier Point Perfect Pet Fountain

I purchased the perfect pet fountain on the recommendation of my vet.  My cats made the transition easily.  Over the years I have tried every cat fountain on the market but they were difficult to care for and didn’t last very long, and none chilled the water.  The perfect pet fountain is absolutely worth its price. The water is filtered and chilled, the unit is very easy to maintain, it is quiet, and most of all my furry family loves it.  Obviously it is the creation of someone who knows and loves cats. Thanks so much.

Karen – Glacier Point Perfect Pet Fountain

I ordered this fountain back in May 2015. I have been using it for a while now and it is working great! I find it very easy to clean and maintain and like that I can make my own filters. I love that the bowl is ceramic and is large enough so that it does not need to be refilled often. I also like the ability to add the bottles on top so that the level of water stays full in the bowl. I had a fountain before this one so the cats had no trouble adjusting to this one. Love how it is very quiet so that we can hear the TV even though the fountain is in the same room. Great design ?

Sharon – Spectrum Fountain

I have been looking for some time for a water fountain made in USA . . . Believe me, this was hard to find. I have purchase the Spectrum Fountain for my dog who is on a lot of meds and she really needs to drink more water since these meds are drying out her skin. Well, received the other day in the mail, wash all parts and started the fountain and it was not long before someone came to see what I was doing. She really likes the fountain. She is taking in more water now and the pee’s are bigger and not yellow. I know it is designed for a cat, but it is also good for small dogs. I do believe I would recommend one of the larger bowl type for a medium to large dog. The shape of the bowl is just right for a cat, which this will be happening here come spring. You can keep the bowl always full so the kitty can get water without her whiskers touching the sides. What a awesome fountain and I think everyone should have one for there four legged kids. Keep up the good work. Thanks for my awesome water fountain.

Audrey – Glacier Point Basic Fountain

I purchased a fountain three weeks ago, and our cats adore the water fountain. I followed your instructions to acclimate the cats to the fountain, and they immediately adjusted to it.  Water from any other source will no longer do!  They even drink more now, which is great for their kidneys.

Thank you for such an amazing product!

Danielle – Glacier Point Basic Fountain

Pump arrived yesterday and was set up and running within minutes. No adjustment time needed for my cat either – she took right to it! Pump is absolutely silent and while it does look sort of space-agey, seems like it’ll be totally worth it. Capacity is large and allows for up to four different backup bottles of water to be loaded. Happy with my purchase!

Karen – Glacier Point Pet Fountain

It’s been a year (March 2014) since I purchased the Glacier Point Fountain for our cat, Hobbes. After years of using other not-to-be-named fountains, I was looking for a fountain that was easy to clean and a more healthy alternative for our aging buddy. I stumbled upon your fountain in my search, and have never regretted the purchase. It is by far the best fountain around. Thank you for inventing such a high-quality product that is easy to clean, easy to set up, and inviting for Hobbes to drink from. When my grand kittens visit, they love drinking out of the fountain as well…much to Hobbes’ dismay.

I have to share a little fun I have with Hobbes when I clean the fountain. After I fill the basin with water, I usually run the pump without the tubes for a few seconds which causes water to shoot up about 2 inches. Hobbes thinks that is just GREAT fun!

Thanks, again! Best fountain ever!

Satisfied customers,
Karen and Hobbes

Tom D. – Glacier Point Perfect Pet Fountain

I purchased the V90 Perfect Cat Fountain for my 6 yr old cat four years ago. He took to it immediately & drinks from it frequently. I bought it due to its unique features and its potential for promoting my car’s health. Before finding this fountain my cat suffered from an intestinal parasite similar (but far worse) than giardia. Treatment required me to administer a capsule of suspended pigeon poison every day for a week. By day 4 the drug had stopped the digestive problems, but caused days of seizures after I stopped it. As a result of the convulsions, the vet doubted he would reach full size or live a full life.

To flush his system and aid recovery, I shopped for a mechanized water filtration system with a chiller. I found exactly what I wanted in Mr. Farris’ brilliant invention. It is truly without peer on the pet fountain market.

After four years of use I couldn’t be more satisfied. My cat loves it, and I attribute his excellent health and growth to normal size to its use.

The relatively high cost of the product is offset by its utility, reliability and inexpensive replacement parts such as filters and tubes. The expenditure of 20-30 minutes a week of my time for cleaning it are all well worth the healthfulness and happiness of the smallest member of my family.

I highly recommend this product.

Kathleen – Glacier Point IMS Fountain

My younger cat will only drink from fresh running water and will refuse to drink from a regular bowl. In fact during Hurricane Sandy when we had no electricity for 10 days to power the motor she found the one faucet that dripped and drank from that. I have had this fountain for a couple of years now and I can’t say enough good things about it. Previously I had gone through numerous fountains which I ended up throwing away because of the mold and icky stuff that I couldn’t reach to clean off no matter what brushes I used, not to mention how time consuming it was. Now, I just run the basin through the dishwasher and cleaning or sterilizing the pump just takes a few minutes.

Besides the easy maintenance, my cats love drinking from this fountain and I recommend it above any others.

Patricia –  Glacier Point Basic Fountain

After much experience with various brands of cat fountains–and a lot of headache!–I took a chance with the Glacier cat fountain. What a difference!! It is so easy to keep clean, it’s so much healthier for my cats, and, best of all, my cats love their two fountains. I have six happy cats. The customer service is also superb.

Thank you, Mr. Barry!

Dalton – Glacier Point Basic Fountain

We received our basic fountain in March of 2014. Our cat started drinking from it immediately and we really appreciate it because he now drinks a lot more water. In July we were cleaning the fountain and pump. The pump wouldn’t restart. We performed all the suggested checks to no avail. At 4:00pm Central time we called Glacier Point expecting a run around. We spoke with Patricia. She sounded very concerned and sent a new pump priority mail FREE that SAME day. We received the pump immediately. We installed the pump and it is working great. We were going to send the old pump back for their research of the failure but we first tried it again and to our great surprise the pump now operates.

We were willing to pay for the new pump since the old pump now works but Barry said as we were honest about the situation we could just keep both pumps.

Imagine that type of Customer Service in this day and time.

Audrey – Glacier Point Basic Fountain

I bought the fountain for my dachshunds. It is easy to keep clean and change filters. I like that the ceramic basin is made in USA. I have had my fountain now for almost 3 yrs with no problems.

Kristine – Glacier Point Perfect Pet Fountain

Wow! I literally just received the fountain about a half hour ago.

I unpacked it (very safe packing almost to the point of overkill), filled it up, and put it on the floor and waited. Did not wait long at all. As soon as I stepped back one of my cats was there, sniffing around and doing the things that cats do with new things. Then, she sat down and immediately started drinking. And hasn’t stopped!

Granted, it’s only been here an extremely short time but I am very impressed. I’ll give it a couple weeks to see how the filtering does–as well as how cool the water stays. I live in Arizona, so the coolness is very important.

Chris – Glacier Point Pet Fountain

Great product. I have really enjoyed my fountain. So much better and easier to clean than the store one I used to have.
Thanks for designing a great product. I also appreciate the fact that you tell people to just use empty vinegar bottles (and designed it that way) and that you sell recharge kits for the filter. Both show a consideration besides just making money… Refreshing.


Laura – Glacier Point Basic Fountain

My cats love their Glacier Point Fountain! We had tried other fountains only to have them clog and burn out, usually right after the 30 day warranty expired. My cats are snobs who only drink moving water so the typical bowl set up wasn’t cutting it. I decided to spring for the Glacier Point after my 2nd cat was diagnosed with CRF. I knew it wasn’t going to reverse her condition, but maybe it would help the rest of our cats avoid the same fate. Set up was extremely easy, and the videos make it almost stupid proof. We were up and running 3 minutes out of the box and the cats were using it within 5 minutes of setup. We haven’t had any problems with sediment or clogging regardless of how many catnip mice my cats dunk. Thank You Barry, you make a great product that truly is good for our pets.

Lee K. – Glacier Point Basic Fountain

Let’s see Barry says about three minutes to set up. — Yep took me three minutes from box to water.

Barry said cats should have no issues drinking from the fountain. — All four cats started drinking from the new fountain by the time I finished cleaning the old fountain. No need for break in time.

Glacier Point Pet Fountain is everything Barry says it is. Good old USA product with clear instructions and our Cats love the fountain

Judy S. – Glacier Point Perfect Pet Fountain

I have purchased many water fountains for my 3 cats @ the pet stores only to return them for many faulty reasons. I made the investment into Barry’s pet fountain! Words cannot explain the awesomeness! The bowl is always clean, no residue, NO NOISE.. Quiet.. unbelievable.. How its done IDK? but so appreciate it!! My cats are always drinking out of it.. The blue pipe collects a lot of debris. If you are thinking of a purchase and going back and forth with the money part of it, like I did… OH, MY, Buy it.. It is so worth the money, #1 for the product value, #2 the healthy water the pet will be able to drink knowing all the debris is out and not inside your pet, #3 your pet will drink water… and Enjoy it and #4 when I called a normal person picked up the phone and talked to me like my best friend prior to my purchase, so that was reassuring, answering all my questions and was helpful, SO hurry, get your drinking fountain so your pet can enjoy it right now! Thanks for my Fountain… FROM my 3 cats, TT, Sissy, & Sassy

Rhiana D. – Glacier Point Perfect Pet Fountain

hmmm lets see here. THIS IS MY 3RD FOUNTAIN for my Ragdoll cat, Sophie, and soon I will be acquiring kitty #2.

After having tried the basic Drinkwell plastic fountain and the stainless steel Pioneer Pet fountains, I was ready to give up on fountains all
together. Both Drinkwell and Pioneer Pet were difficult to clean and made of cheap materials that corroded quickly (within a couple months). I had to have a good fountain as Sophie, along with many kitties, has struggled with urinary tract issues in the past.

The Glacier Point Perfect Pet Fountain is really pretty cool. I don’t mind the fact that it looks like a science experiment because it receives 1st place! Easy to clean, made of safe materials, keeps the water ice cold with the chiller and ceramic basin, and most importantly I am AMAZED by the amount of water my cat is drinking! I kept her old water bowl nearby for a few days like Barry suggested, but within hours, all she wanted to do was drink water from the Perfect Pet Fountain. If you have a heart in your chest, and you care about your animals, do the right thing and make a one time investment in this quality product and quit wasting your money on Drinkwell, Pioneer Pet, and other brands of subpar fountains. You will not be disappointed!

Tim J. – Glacier Point Basic Fountain

This is a follow-up review. In June, 2011 we purchased the basic fountain. We were replacing a plastic Drinkwell fountain mostly because they are so hard to clean. The Glacier Point fountain has operated flawlessly ever since. The ceramic basin looks just like new because it is so easy to clean. I clean the system once a week. I replace the charcoal in the supply pipe every 2-3 weeks depending on when the water flow rate gets too low. We now have three male cats ages 7, 1 and 1. Each has his own way of drinking, and each likes the fountain, so they stay hydrated. Love it that its made in the USA, too.

Jessica M. – Glacier Point Basic Fountain

I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed reading your start up instructions, and I’m glad I came across your product. In particular, I’m glad you recognized the problem that traditional pet water fountains present. I see that you are an animal lover, and I am glad that you were able to use your ingenuity to find a solution.

We just started using the fountain this evening and everything seems fine. Watching my three girls inspect it (I have three black female cats) was the entertainment of the night. They quickly passed the suspicion stage and started drinking from it.

Annette –  Glacier Point Pet Fountain

My cat never used a fountain and went right to it and started drinking. She lays next to it like she wants to be sure it doesn’t get away. I had a cat who died from kidney complications and wanted the best for my new baby. This is wonderful. Thank you.

Rodney O. – Glacier Point Pet Fountain 

Just set up the fountain…exactly what we needed! The cats loved it immediately. We bought this to help with constipation (which happens in middle aged male cats). It is much quieter than I thought it would be. My background is in Electrical Engineering, so I appreciate the effort put in to develop such a simple design using high quality components. We did have a fountain previously, but it was hard to clean and very loud. After researching your product, it definitely meets and exceeded my expectations. Well done!

Beth Ann H. – Glacier Point Perfect Pet Fountain

I am the mom of 23 rescued kitties and a pug dog! We have a busy thirsty household and I have been through literally 6 different fountains trying to find the right one for this crazy household. Finally! This fountain puts all others to shame! I can literally go a week to 10 days between cleanings and filter changes with 24 animals using this fountain!!! All the other stuff was DAILY cleaning and filter changes! My kids are drinking at least twice what they were drinking which is so much healthier! They love this fountain! They love the chilled water and they love the fountain running… it is a lifesaver for me.. saves time and is worth every penny. I thought long and hard before spending that money.. but I’m glad I did. And I appreciate getting my filters with free shipping too. All in all I recommend this to anyone, especially multipet households! Healthy, cool fresh water all the time for my kids… they deserve the very best! Thank you!

Tiffany Peterson – Glacier Point Basic Fountain

Purchased the basic fountain in july 2013 because i had not tried any other fountains before. I wanted to avoid trying the cheaper plastic fountains as i have two cats with allergies. I have three indoor cats ages 1.5 years to 9 years. It was my younger cat’s interest in drinking from a water faucet that sparked my researching ceramic drinking fountains. This Google search led me to your website. I am so thrilled with my basic fountain and very impressed with the ingenuity of the product. All 3 of my cats drink from the fountain which makes me happy. I also wanted to tell you how proud i am to have purchased an American-made product! The fact that you thought of repurposing the vinegar bottle also impressed me. Thank you so much!

Christopher B. – Glacier Point High Capacity Basic Fountain

After finally getting a cat, I wanted to review the use of the High Capacity Basic fountain. We have an 11 pound Maine Coon that we rescued from a shelter, there was no adjustment time for him to use the fountain, he’s not at all bothered by the bottle bubbling when it refills or the splashing from the outlet of the filter. Since bringing him home, he has been drinking on average 12 to 15 ounces of water per day. He’s small for a Maine Coon so I’m glad we got the HC fountain for when our other Maine Coons arrive. I am very happy with this fountain and have been telling everyone with animals about it. It’s more expensive than the plastic filters, but it’s advantages outweigh the slight cost increase. Thank you Barry for making such a great product.!

Jim – Glacier Point Perfect Pet Fountains

I have just ordered my second Perfect fountain from Glacier Point.

These things are incredible. My orange tabby and Maine Coon cat are drinking an amazing amount of water compared to before. In fact I was noticing their consumption had almost stopped just prior to the arrival of my first Glacier Point fountain.

Now that I have two new cats I wanted to add the second fountain upstairs to help the new arrivals rehydrate and be as healthy as they can be.

If you are thinking of getting a fountain I recommend the Perfect fountain which has the water chiller. Worth the extra cost because the cats love colder water.

Also call and talk to Barry. He loves to hear from customers and has provided wonderful advice and fun anecdotes every time we have spoken.

Neil C. – Glacier Point Perfect Pet Fountain

My 2 cats are probably the most hydrated cats on the west coast!!!! My wife bought the pet fountain around 4 months ago, upon receiving the pet fountain, I was initially dubious about the design as it looked rather technical! However, after reading the manual, it was super easy to put together and once running made complete sense. I introduced both my cats to it and after a bit of pointing the cats curiosity took over and they were both drinking freely within minutes. The only thing they were slightly perturbed by was the air coming from the fan whilst drinking, however they soon got over this and now pay no attention to it. Before buying the pet fountain, both my cats had a worm infection, which can be brought on by drinking stale water, after a dose of meds and using the pet fountain both cats are now clear of infection. I wouldn’t let my cats drink from anything else! Excellent product!!!

Suellen – Glacier Point Fountain

I am loving it already! Oh, the cats love it too – all 16 of them. Easy to set up and the water is fresh, cold and a constant supply. This is wonderful compared to the lousy plastic awful fountains I usually purchase. So for the cost of just a few of the “cheap” fountains you can purchase this one wonderful last you pretty much forever fountain! Thanks!

Joann – Glacier Point Basic Perfect Pet Fountain

I recently purchased two of the chilled water fountains for my house. I have had several pet fountains in the past and have always been very disappointed in how quickly they get nasty. The filters were expensive and really didn’t make that much of a difference. After doing some research I came across the Glacier Point for cats and read the testimonials and customer reviews. I ordered two for my 25 older indoor cats. They took to them immediately and I was amazed at how clean they stay. For the first two weeks all I did was keep the bottles full and once a week I rinsed everything out and that was it. No slime – very easy to keep up. With the others you had to take so much apart and they were never clean after the first week and eventually I just bought another one because they were disgusting. With the glacier point there is an initial investment but the filters are not expensive and very easy to change. Since then I have purchased two of the regular cat fountains and donated to a shelter for cats that I am very involved in. Just like in my house, the cats took to it immediately and within a couple of days I am filling two of the refill bottles on each one daily. It is so important for cats to drink water and have access to fresh clean water and the glacier point fountains do just that. I hope to purchase two more for my house and two more for the shelter within the next 6 months so that there is plenty of access for everyone. This is the best water fountain I have ever found both from the cats point of having clean water and from my point of the easy aspect of keeping them clean. I have been recommending them to everyone who comes to the shelter.

follow-up review from Joann:

I also wanted to say that dealing with Barry was more that I ever expected. Before I placed my first order I e-mailed him with several questions and got an immediate response. Also with my second order I did not receive the GFCIs with my order. I called Barry on Saturday afternoon, he answered the phone and Monday when I came home from work the package was there. You don’t see that kind of customer service too often any more. Thanks Barry

Sue C. – Glacier Point Basic Perfect Pet Fountain

My cats absolutely love this fountain, and so do I. This a high quality product, and best of all an American product. You can tell how great it is when you first use it. It is so nice to know my cats are having a great drink of water and a healthy one, at that! And, Barry is so easy to do business with. I can’t say enough good things about this product. Best purchase I’ve ever made for my pets!

Kelly – Glacier Point Basic Perfect Pet Fountain

I adopted a shelter cat in November of 2012. I bought him a beautiful looking raindrop style fountain from Within 2 weeks I was dealing with slimy water and green mold on the motor housing. And I’m convinced the ‘filter’ did nothing. It just sat in the water next to the motor. I did not adopt a cat to feed him slime and mold. I quickly replaced it with your Basic Fountain as that was all I could afford. He took to it right away. No more slimy, moldy water. A few months later when I had a bit more money, I bought your Chiller, and upgraded his Basic fountain to a Perfect model. Wow – what a difference! I know he is drinking more water now, as I’m changing the refill bottle more. And he’s spending more time at the fountain each trip too. This morning I actually saw him RUN to the fountain! The tap water here is horrible, so now I fill his fountain with purified bottled water (the big gallon jugs from the grocery store). This makes the filter last longer, too. Once a week I clean the fountain, and once a month I sterilize it per the instructions that came with it. I don’t dare pick up the ceramic bowl when full, as I know I’ll drop it. So I use a measuring cup to scoop out the water into a mixing bowl. Then I take the empty ceramic fountain dish to the dishwasher to clean. The Glacier Point Perfect Pet Fountain looks like a kids science experiment. And yet it really is perfect! Thank you for putting the health of cats first!

Red C. – Glacier Point Pet Fountain

I have four cats and two of them only want to drink from the faucet. We have had an ongoing ‘battle’ over this. I came across your web page recently and purchased a water fountain. It arrived in perfect condition, great packaging, and I jumped right in to the instructions. It was so very easy. I introduced it to my cats, the way you explained, and now my ‘life has been saved’!!! The cats love (and so do I) the little water fall and now they don’t bug me for the faucet anymore. Plus, I know they are getting an adequate water supply. Thanks for saving the day!!

Katheline – Glacier Point Basic Perfect Pet Fountain

My cat can’t stop drinking! How awesome is that? I just received my Perfect Pet Fountain that chills the water and I had a few questions before set up -so I called the contact number and spoke with the inventor himself, Barry. How unusual it is in today’s world to actually 1) reach a human voice 2) speak to the actual inventor or the product, and 3)have such a pleasant and knowledgeable voice on the other end. I am so amazed at the level of service, but more amazed at my cat’s immediate LOVE of the fountain. I have had every fountain known to the cat world, and this one is BAR NONE the ABSOLUTE BEST. I waited over a year to buy this, studying, thinking, buying other fountains, and I finally decided it was time to give this a try. I am so happy I did….my cat is so happy and I can tell he appreciates what I have done for him. Thank you!!!

David & Melissa O. – The Perfect Pet Fountain

Recently our male cat was diagnosed with bladder issues.We had to ensure that he drink as much water as possible to help with his condition. We found the Perfect Pet Fountain, and after speaking with Barry on the phone with a few questions, we ordered it. We are absolutely loving it. This fountain chills and filters the water and all of our cats love it. We are so pleased, it’s quiet, and very easy to assemble and to clean. We have called Barry himself a couple of times, and he was right there both times, ready to speak with us. We highly recommend Glacier Point products, and we will never be without one. Thank you Barry!

Very satisfied customers

Jeanne – Glacier Point Basic Pet Fountain

I was looking for a cat fountain that was easy to clean as we have hard water. The ceramic bowl was attractive too, as it would be hard to tip over. The fountain is very quiet, but I appreciated the excellent advice coming with the fountain on how to get my cat comfortable with his new water source. Finally! My sink is cleaner without hard water stains. My cat is healthier because he has a constant water stream, rather than rely on the sporadic times I remembered to turn the water on. Excellent purchase,
quality is high, and shipping was prompt.

Xavier from Switzerland – Glacier Point Perfect Pet Fountain

An happy customer that will make a review in french !

J’utilise depuis des annèes différents systèmes de fontaines avec une gamelle en plastique sans réelle succès et je dois dire que cette fois je suis bluffé ! C’est la 1ère fontaine qui rafraîchit l’eau !!! En plus le filtre est de qualité professionnel et pour finir la pompe est une véritable pompe avec un excellent débit d’eau. En plus comme la gamelle est en céramique elle est totalement lavable et reste donc comme neuve …

C’est la Roll’s des fontaines !!

Je précise aussi qu’en cas de pépin, le service après-vente de Barry est très réactif et qu’une réponse appropriée et dans votre boîte email en moins de 24 heures.

Pour finir je précise encore que Barry livre en Europe pour un coût plus que correcte tout en sachant que c’est du matériel de qualité qui aura une très longue durée de vie. Je dirais encore que Barry, à ce niveau de qualité, n’a pas de concurrence.

La santé de mes 2 chats n’a pas de prix.

Longue vie à Barry et son équipe !!

Robert K. – Glacier Point Perfect Pet Fountain

I bought two of the Perfect Pet Fountains for the dozen cats we care for. Our third Drinkwell “Big Dog” Fountain once again leaked at the pump gasket creating a nice flood on the room below ruining a about four ceiling tiles. We have also owned at least a half dozen other recirculating cat fountains including the original Drinkwell, the 360 (worst one yet) and Platinum and some other brands. Fed up with fountains made in China and that needed replacement nearly annually. I made a search of the web for “best” cat fountains. That search brought me to Glacier Point. While initially I balked at the price, but after doing the math of all the previous fountains we had purchased it actually turns out that the Glacier Point fountains are a bargain. Additionally, Glacier Point has two distinct features over all prior purchases – made in America and the refrigeration aspect. After receiving two of the fountains it was quite apparent that these surpassed any of the other competitors. The base is solid and all the unit sits inside which eliminates any chance of leaking. They are also very quiet and provide the option of having the water discharging above the water level or simply recirculating more like a traditional bowl of water.

The motor housing and filter are all contained as a single removable unit. Cleaning no longer involves separating numerous parts and trying to remove the crust that would form on the cheap plastic dish from the cats saliva/water mix.

Barry was great to work with and all of the cats accepted the fountains either immediately or within a day or two.

I consider myself a bit of a self-professed expert on circulating cat fountains (since I’ve owned nearly all that have been made) this fountain stands head and shoulders above the rest.

Keep up the great work Barry – wish you much success!

Terry F. – Glacier Point Basic Fountain

After being grossed out while cleaning 2 plastic fountains that kept getting more grimey, I gave up and threw them out. Now, 6 months after getting my Basic Fountain, I’m glad to say I don’t mind washing it, and my 3 cats loved it from the moment I turned it on. No water fountain is totally maintenance free, but this one is the best.

Marilyn M. – The Basic Pet Fountain

I bought the Basic Fountain about a month ago. My cats (who were used to a fountain) took to it right away. This product is so much better than anything you can buy at a pet store. There is no grime build up on the basin and cleaning it is so much easier. I had a question (on a Saturday) about my fountain and Barry got back to me within minutes! Unbelievable!! You can’t go wrong with this fountain and I agree with others who have said… get what you pay for!!

Very Happy Customer

Laura W. – Glacier Point Basic Fountain

I own two Basic fountains. Before ordering the first unit, I was hesitant to make that type of investment (what if the cats hated it)? However, my experience with the “impossible-to-keep clean” plastic Drinkwell fountains and mounting concern about using anything with stainless steel around my furkids led me to “make the leap.” Even my pickiest cat LOVED the fountain. They were all drinking from it and juggling for positions within two days. In fact, they used it so much that I ordered a second unit to help with the fountain “traffic” and keep them happy. The units are quiet, super easy to clean and definitely more attractive in person. So glad that I took the leap. My cat kids deserve the best and we both love their Glacier Point fountains. Thanks so much, Barry, for the exceptional product, shipping and customer service. It’s a great feeling to know that my cats are drinking more and healthier water from the best fountains that I can buy!

Christopher B. – The Basic Pet Fountain & The High Capacity Fountain

I own both the Basic and the High Capacity fountains. Both are of extremely well built, simple, and easy to clean. I originally found Glacier Point while searching for a safe, clean water fountain for our not so distant future Maine Coon kittens. Personally, I’ve never owned a “cheaper” fountain, which is against Barry’s recommendations; I don’t like wasting money on inferior products. The reviews and the low build quality of other fountains is quite apparent to me. The lack of filtration on other units is
easy to see. You wouldn’t put a water filter under your sink for your household that just allows water to flow over the top of the filter; forced filtration is the only way to go. The plastics used on others collects grime and bacteria, compared to the USA made ceramic basin that has a smooth, easily disinfected surface.

I purchased the Basic fountain for my mom’s small dog because I felt he should have one.  After a short time, he easily adjusted to this fountain.  I’ve never seen him drink as much water as he does from the Glacier Point. I opted for the High Capacity for my future Maine Coons due to their size. Unfortunately I do not yet have my kittens so I can’t give a review on their
use of the product, but I have no doubts about them loving the fountain.

If anyone is put off by the cost of this fountain, just remember the saying “you hope you get what you pay for”. I can honestly say you get what you pay for with GP.

Another reason I chose to deal with Barry is his great customer service. I have sent him several emails to clarify one thing or another, since my inquiries are not high priority, I typically expect a 48 hour response time.

With Barry, sometimes I get a response in minutes. I applaud your customer service, one of the many reasons I will continue to deal with and recommend GP; and I have recommended these fountains to several people.

I also look forward to seeing the other products mentioned in the newsletter.

J. Barlow –  Glacier Point Basic Fountain

I received the fountain the following Tuesday, just as you said. It arrived in perfect condition. I’m sorry I haven’t gotten back to you sooner, but I wanted to wait long enough to see how my ‘Girls’ would take to their new ‘water dish,’ & observe any changes to- in them. The verdict is in…! Mr. Barry Ferris, I have to say, this is the Best purchase I have ever made for any of my ‘kids,’ in all of my 66 years! I’m not kidding by a long shot!!! Here’s what your invention has done for my ‘Girls:’

At first my youngest, Ms. Kali, would have nothing to do with it, slinking around it, & would bat at it whenever she went near it! We all had great laughs over that. Then she saw that Ms. Shadoe took right to it the first day! We watched & waited… Finally, after only 2 days, Kali started ignoring the bowl of water, & drinking out of the fountain! I removed the water bowl. Now, after a bit of experimenting, I’ve turned the ‘faucet’ slightly to the side so Shadoe drinks out of it, & Kali drinks out of the dish!

The benefits we’ve seen are: Shadoe & Kali are both drinking much more water than before. Shadoe (the oldest, thinnest one) is eating more & so, is gaining weight! She’s also much more active & playful. We’re talking about a cat of maybe between 6 to 8 years old, & did not play, per say, with anyone or anything! And, (here’s the miracle part!!!) she’s even playing much more with Kali, which wasn’t happening before they starting drinking this clean, fresh, colder water!!!!! The urine & feces smell from their kitty litter box is all but completely non-existent! Kali isn’t having as much constipation as she was before using your fountain. And I predict she will have even less, if not any, the more of this ‘better’ water she drinks. Their coats are getting shinier, softer, & they’re not shedding as before this ‘miracle’ fountain! Speaking of their coats, they are not depositing fur balls around much anymore! (Oh, those are so nasty to step on bare foot, in the dark…! lol).

Barry, you have created a truly ‘miracle’ product that I am so proud to own, that I want to do all I possibly can to promote your product to the world. I’m really excited about this & want to tell everyone! Please let me know how I might do this without people complaining that it’s ‘spam.’

Would you mind if I advertise your product & website on my Facebook page?
I’m so glad I made that order that night. It’s changed the lives of not only 2 adult kitties, but the adult humans who live with them also.

Thank You, Sir, for the best invention, & investment for my ‘kids’ I’ve ever, ever made! I will never use anything else for my ‘kids.’ (Still thinking of getting the large one for the outdoor ‘kids.’ Just need to find a way to keep Ms. Kayla from chewing it up!!! lol).

Thank You, very much, again, Mr. Barry Ferris. Have a Great Day (We are now!)

ceg604 – Glacier Point Perfect Pet Fountain

I am sure you won’t be posting this review as I do not see any negatives which I find odd! I used my fountain for about 1 year and have not seen my cats drink any more from it. It is expensive for parts and shipping. It takes up alot of room. Half of it is motor. I just use the ceramic dish now. Sorry Barry, not happy!

Barry’s response: I am always available 7 days a week to solve any problem. After using her fountain for eleven months, Ms. Goldberg refuses to change the filters even though the cost to maintain the filters is about one dollar/month so I guess I cannot solve every problem and therefore this is my first negative review. I emailed her to see how I could help with no response from her.

Barbara N. – Barry Farris was most helpful and took as much time as I needed in the explanation of his products. He also went one step further in assisting me when I ran into a shipping issue. My scheduled shipment was a gift and needed to be delayed–which, of course, incurred an additional fee. Mr. Farris did not hesitate and absorbed that charge even though it was my error; thank you for your personalized service. The gist of this testimonial is he not only has great products, but also has excellent customer service too.

J. Weinstein – Glacier Point Perfect Pet Fountain

This is a WONDERFUL product. At first, I was a little bit put off by the cost, but it is well worth it. My 3 cats love it! Can you imagine if your only beverage choice was water at room temperature? This fountain just works well and is much easier to clean than those plastic fountains. Every cat and dog should have one of these.

Cinnamon S. –  Glacier Point Basic Fountain

After going through two plastic fountains and finding that my poor kitty was throwing up a lot, had chin acne (black bumps that build up under their chins), and a stuffed up nose, I decided to try the Glacier Point Basic Fountain. And I’m so glad I did. Not only is it incredibly easy to clean and maintain, but her symptoms (probably of an allergy to plastic and/or mold build-up) have all disappeared and we both love our new fountain! It did take her a minute to adjust, especially because I didn’t follow Barry’s website instructions to leave the old fountain running and place the new one somewhat nearby for the first week or so. Instead, I got rid of the old one completely and Lucia, my kitty, proceeded to freak out, jumping up on the kitchen sink all the time and yowling in the bathtub. I was about to give up, return the Glacier Point fountain, and resume using her old plastic one, but I called Barry and he gave me a pep talk and encouraged me–for the sake of Lucia’s health–to keep trying. So I followed his original advice, plugged in her old one nearby and allowed her to get comfortable with the Glacier Point and within about a week, she’d stopped using the plastic one altogether. I’ve since had one problem with a V90 filter that got clogged and a bunch of water ended up on the floor overnight (the pump kept going and is still working fine, even after sitting in virtually no water for an hour or two, so it’s obviously very sturdy), but I again spoke to Barry over the phone and he explained that they clog up faster sometimes according to what’s in the water and how much cat saliva is involved. He also recommended I buy the Carbon Recharge Kit, which is good for 12 recharges and is much more cost effective than buying that many filters. And he recommended buying 32 oz. bottles of vinegar, pouring out and saving the vinegar (it can be used to clean the fountain), washing the bottles, and using them for additional Refill Bottles instead of purchasing them via his site. Obviously, he cares more about the best interests of his customers and their kitties than the bottom line, which I really appreciate. And I truly believe the Glacier Point to be the best product on the market for the health and happiness of cats and humans alike.

Michael G. – Glacier Point Basic Fountain

All I know is that my cat, Winston, goes to Barry’s fountain FIRST, and to the other one only if I have Barry’s out of commission for cleaning or such. Yes, I have a VERY smart cat.

Donna L. – Glacier Point Pet Fountain

In November, 2011, I purchased your fountain. The main reason for getting the fountain was that my cat has had a medical condition since she was a kitten (she is now 9 years old), and one of the problems is that she becomes dehydrated which makes everything worse.

In 2011 alone, before getting your fountain, we made at least six plus trips to the vets so that she could be given subcutaneous fluids (a minimum of 100-115 cc each time). This was not only expensive, but tough on my cat Sophie, as trips to the vet are stressful for her. Even in working with my holistic vet who is super and will exhaust all methods to see what will work, and in feeding only wet/canned food (adding water), my cat would still become dehydrated.

It was very frustrating, until I purchased the Glacier Point Fountain and started using this as her water source. I have seen her using the fountain, but more importantly, the bottle tells me how much water has been used. Since November, Sophie has not had any more problems with dehydration. She has not had to have any subcutaneous fluids administered. It is wonderful.
Her gums are glistening, her coat is soft, fluffy and there are no mats. What a difference it has made for us. For me it is simple to run, easy to maintain and clean.

Water is so important to the health of our cats, and Sophie is much happier and healthier since getting your fountain.

Thank you so much for such a great product.

Ann A. –  Glacier Point Basic Fountain

I have 3 Siamese cats, two of whom only eat dry food. (Try as I might to switch them to wet, they insist on dry.) So they need more water in their diet. I have tried two plastic cat fountains prior to the Glacier Point, and, while the cats used one of them, it was the biggest PITA to clean you can imagine. And they had to be cleaned frequently because of the slime that developed quickly. The slime was hard to remove. I would run bleach through the machine for 30 minutes prior to starting the clean up routine with soap, and then followed up the scrubbing with vinegar to really clean them. The Glacier Point is about 1000 times easier to clean. In fact, you can’t even MAKE it hard to clean. First, it doesn’t get slimy. Second, a normal sponge soaked with a little vinegar and soap cleans all surfaces in under two minutes (vs 30 minutes or more with the plastic fountain). Most importantly, the cats use it. So its a twofer – they love it and it’s EASY AS PIE to clean. BRAVO BARRY!!!!

Heather – Glacier Point Perfect Pet Fountain

Still the best fountain I have ever got for my two cats. Barry is fantastic with customer service, and my kitties could not be happier.

Highly recommend this over any other fountain you can find.
In from M. David … Feb. 12, 2012 … for Glacier Point Basic Fountain
We have had the fountain for a wekk and our two cats have been drinking from it non-stop! While it may not have the “fancy look” of the commercial store bought fountains – it performs its objective flawlessly! This really is the best fountain out there. Quiet, effective, and very easy to clean. Well done Barry!

Jean and Lois – The Perfect Pet Fountain

This is simply the best available cat fountain.

It provides our cats with cool, filtered water, and requires less care and maintenance than other pet fountains we have owned.

Our cats’ Perfect Pet fountain is made from food grade and FDA approved components, unlike other available pet fountains.

We are confident that this is the best and safest fountain we can provide for our cats.

The ordering process was a snap and we received our fountain within a week of our order, even though it to shipped to Canada.

This is not the first pet fountain we have owned. However, several years ago we gave up using fountains, after deciding we could provide better quality water using water bowls.

Recently, after our cats’ vet recommended we get a fountain for our senior cat, we did much research on cat fountains. It was very discouraging. The reviews revealed the following issues with plastic pet fountains:

  1. They are hard to clean
  2. They get slimy quickly
  3. Their pumps are noisy
  4. Their pumps fail quickly.

In general these issues meant that the fountains needed to be cleaned almost daily and replaced frequently.

We had experienced these issues previously, during our ownership of several different makes and models of plastic pet fountains.

However, our cats’ vet had recommended we get a cat fountain for our senior cat.

We hoped that the new ceramic and stainless steel versions of the previous fountains we had owned might be suitable. But research indicated that they suffered the same issues as plastic fountains and one very serious additional issue.

None of the major manufacturers guarantee that their fountains use food grade ceramic glaze or stainless steel.

Glacier Point for Cats does guarantee it uses food grade ceramic glaze for the fountains they manufacture. As well the other components of the fountain are food grade and or FDA approved.

Given the previous pet food scandal originating from China, and the fact that most of these pet fountains are made in China, this is a serious issue.

Use of non food grade ceramic glaze can cause heavy metal poisoning. We don’t want to use a fountain that poisons our cats.

Therefore, after researching the Glacier Point for Cats fountains, the only difficult decision was which Glacier Point for Cats fountain to buy.

We decided on the Perfect Pet fountain. Who doesn’t appreciate a chilled glass of water on a hot day. We wanted to provide the best drinking experience for our cats.

The Glacier Point for Cats fountain we bought is more expensive than other pet fountains, but the extra features it has make it worth the cost.

Benefits of the Glacier Point for Cats Perfect Pet fountain 1. Safe for our cats to use 2. Chilled filtered water 3. Easier to maintain than other fountains 4. Lasts longer than other fountains (with proper maintenance) 5. Made in North America

In the long run we know it will be cheaper.

Diane K. –  The Perfect Pet Fountain

I bought the Perfect Pet fountain 6 months ago. It is a hit with all my dogs. I have a 65 lb. Australian Shepard, 45 lb. Chow/Akita mix and 2 schnauzers. I live in Florida and keep the fountain on my covered back porch. With all the heat and humidity, the water still stays ice cold. I go through 3 16 oz. bottles a day – they love the water!!! The unit is very easy to take care of and I have zero issues with it. If it ever does expire I will not hesitate getting another one.

Thanks for designing it – I have been looking for ever for one.

Barry F. –  Glacier Point Basic Fountain

My cats always enjoyed fountains but we were never able to control the mold growth on the plastic models. Glacier Point to the rescue! It took a few days for them to get over their kitty suspicions but I’m seeing the refill bottle empty more quickly every few days. My male cat drinks openly and my females are sneaking drinks when they think we’re not looking.

I also appreciate the simplicity and quality of the fountain design. It’s easy to see that Barry is an engineer. No fluff and nonsense.

Amy S. – Glacier Point Basic Fountain

I have been absolutely delighted with my Glacier Point fountain! It’s just what I’ve been looking for after realizing that I would never be able to get my plastic Drinkwell fountains clean, no matter what I did to them. The water stays clean, even after a week of kitty drool! The ceramic is a snap to clean.

I noticed soon after I got my first Glacier Point fountain that my cats pretty much stopped drinking from their bowls and instead are drinking from the fountain. They clearly had stopped using the Drinkwells (probably because they were never really clean after the first week), but they LOVE the Glacier Point. In fact, as soon as I realized how much they loved the first one, I ordered a second one to replace my upstairs Drinkwell.

The fountains are absolutely silent, unless you want to turn the outflow to make more noise. Barry was wonderful about the bad pump I got with my first fountain and replaced it immediately.

I cannot recommend these fountains highly enough. Especially if your cats are on a dry-food diet, they need to drink a lot of water, and a Glacier Point will encourage them to do just that. (I’d suggest that you try to add wet food to their diet, but that’s a whole other discussion!)

Thank you, Barry, for creating the product I’d been looking for for years!

Gladys T. – The Basic Pet Fountain

I have recently purchased the Basic Fountain and I have to admit that this is the easiest to clean fountain that I have ever owned. All of the other fountains that I have owned have had to be thrown out after only a year. Despite the fact that I cleaned them weekly, the mold was depositing into the crevices and the scratches of the plastic basins. The last one I owned prior to purchasing GlacierPoint was a Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain. Anyone who has owned this type knows that these reservoirs were shaped in such a way that even a small woman’s hand could not get in there to scrub those crevices — I have owned two over the last two years and they each went in the trash. Glass and ceramic is the best way to prevent mold. If you care about your pet’s health, you too, would invest in this simple but very effective and very low maintenance product. By the way, for all those who have seen the website photos for the GlacierPoint fountains, and are looking for an aesthetically pleasing product — please note that the fountain looks much better in real life than it appears in photos. This is the nicest gift you can buy your pets. Your pets will thank you.

Gladys, NYC native

Julie S. – Glacier Point Basic Fountain

WOW… love this fountain.. and so do my 20 rescued kitties! (actually w/ so many cats, I happily purchased TWO Basic Fountains, and probably will get one more).

After using those plastic things from the PetStores, it is a pleasure to use something w/such a simple design, SO easy to clean: WOW, no slimy cat saliva in all those nooks and crannies.. (so I dont have to buy a ‘special cleaning kit’ w/tiny brushes that didnt really clean well anyway!) just a lovely ceramic bowl, (very easy to clean) and the filter must be far superior, because I’m not even finding “saliva-slime” in the basin– amazing with so many kitties using it!

I have observed that since I got Barry’s fountain, more of the cats are using it, as opposed to only a few of them using the other two products I’d had in the past. AND they are drinking MORE water. (a real blessing: I’ve had to deal w/kitty kidney and bladder problems, so I know water consumption is crucial).

AND I love that the Glacier Point Fountain is NOT plastic.
For years I had used those ‘other’ pet water fountains, and always wished my cats did not have to drink from plastic. (I have never fed or watered cats from plastic dishes, even the four ferals near my workplace I’ve TNR’d and still feed/water daily– feline acne is REAL (and yukky!), and I believe plastic dishes can and do cause it).

ALSO, Barry’s fountain is so quiet, except for the trickle of the water (if we choose to adjust it that way). The motors on the two other brands I’d used would often rattle to the point I’d just unplug them.
Well, I wont continue to go ‘on and on’ (tho’ I could!)…

Just to say THANKS, Barry, for loving cats and designing a product that proves it!
Went online looking for something better.. and thankfully, I found it!

PS: EXCELLENT Service! Barry has always been available to me for my ‘weird questions’, and the shipping was very prompt.

Stephan & Julie K. – (a review from our very first customer!!) – Glacier Point Pet Fountain


I just want to let everyone know that this is the single best and longest lasting pet watering product on the market today. After 6 plus years of 24/7 operation, parts are just now starting to wear out. These bowls take minimal upkeep, my cats love them, and they are VERY QUIET. Julie and I still use the original unit you brought us and I think it is, if you’ll pardon the expression, “The Cat’s Meow.”

Great, Great Product

Best regards,
Stephen and Julie

Sandy – Glacier Point Pet Fountain

Hi Barry,

Can you send me the instructions to sanitize the fountain? It’s working great and the cats love it. I was worried about the noise but it’s actually quieter than the Drinkwell that I replaced.

Donna –  The Basic Pet Fountain & The High Capacity Pet Fountain

Thanks Barry for an explemplary fountain and customer service! You are even replacing my basic fountain base after I put it in the microwave too long — note to readers do not put the fountain in for more than the instructions say– I liked the fountains so much I bought two of them– a High Capacity fountain and the smaller basic fountain to provide water for my 8 cats. They are easier to clean than my previous plastic fountain and lower maintenance. I wouldn’t buy any other fountain.

Chris V. –  Glacier Point Perfect Pet Fountain

I’ve tried various cat fountains over the years. My cats enjoy them, but the plastic ones quickly become impossible to keep clean. Porcelain water bowel? Yes, please!

I’ve had my v90 for a couple months now. My cats, being experienced in the way of fountains, drank from it the very first day. I’m sure that they’re drinking more now – they’ve always preferred cold water.

I would recommend these fountains to anyone. Extremely easy to clean, no crappy little plastic parts to break… cats love drinking from the fountain (I bought one for my girlfriend, so I’m speaking for 7 cats in total). Definitely the best fountain on the market!

Marty M. –  Glacier Point Perfect Pet Fountain

The Perfect Pet Fountain is superior to any other fountain on the market. Considering our kitties have a long lifespan, protecting them from kidney disease is of the utmost importance. The fresh cooled water makes this a terrific choice for happy healthy cats. I found the customer service to be fantastic. Mr Farris was kind to answerall of my questions and being the inventor and owner, I was assured that the answers were correct! Thank you for helping me choose the best product on the market.

A J –  The Basic Pet Fountain

I first saw the Glacier Point Basic Fountain on ModernCat. A blog that talks about cool and, well, good products for people who really love their cats. When they posted about the fountains again, I had to get one. I haven’t seen another product where the owner of the company (and the inventer of the product) not only stands behind his product, but does not hesitate to talk directly tot eh customer (or potential customer). All that being said, lets get down to the product. We picked up the Glacier Point Basic Fountain. The price point puts it around what some local pet stores are selling other fountains for. And the ones in the store are usually plastic or made from vastly inferior materials. The Glacier is all Made in the USA, and quite frankly, very very good. After getting the Glacier in the mail I watched the YouTube video of the quick set up, and within minuets the water was flowing. After some last second re-arranging of the water tube, we were all set to go. Our little female was the first to explore..and drink. At first she would only drink from the “non-flowing” part, but within a day, she was happily drinking from
the flowing water coming right out of the water tube. Our big male, notoriously skittish and shy, took a little longer to actually drink out of it. But, within 3 days he was happily drinking from it as well. Some fears I had, namely the water sound or the pump being too loud were quickly dispelled when we plugged it in as they both make great background noise. Don’t get me wrong, they aren’t silent. But they are way quieter than I had expected. One thing we did worry about was keeping it full, especially when both cats started drinking from it. But a quick trip to the grocery and a through cleaning later we were fully stocked with extra Heinz Vinegar bottles to keep it full.

Now, if, like me, you read these testimonials before you pulled the trigger I can tell you this. I don’t mind spending money on my cats. But I DO mind spending money on a product that isn’t worth it. This product IS worth it. And, I can honestly say that I had no problems spending this money on this product. So, if you are considering buying one of the Glacier fountains, DO IT.

Also, my little female get acne from normal ceramic bowls. This one she does not. Made in the USA ceramics make all the difference.

Thanks for the fountain. Our kitties love it and we really appreciate the simplicity of the design.

Jenn –  Glacier Point Pet Fountain

Thanks for the fountain. Our kitties love it and we really appreciate the simplicity of the design.

Kris L. –  for Glacier Point Basic Fountain

For months my cat would only drink out of my bathroom sink. I got tired of the mess and she would not drink out of the bowl so I started doing research. the glacierpoint fountain is the only fountain I found that has a non-lead basin and a spout from which my cat can drink. It is not enough that the water is moving, she likes to drink from the stream. It took two days for her to get completely used to the fountain. She now drinks lots more water, sometimes she even drinks before eating! Plus I like the gentle sound it makes.

M. R. – Glacier Point Pet Fountain

Hi Barry,

My two cats are greatly enjoying the Glacier Point Fountain!

Everything about your product and customer service are first-rate. Thank you for all your assistance and for designing such an intelligent device.

Kind regards

MR follow up review –  Glacier Point Pet Fountain

My two cats are greatly enjoying the Glacier Point Fountain! I’m especially pleased that it’s so quiet and unobtrusive. The small footprint and very low noise make a big difference in my tiny apartment.

It means a lot to have such a healthy product for my cats and one that’s backed up with bona fide customer service and legitimate guarantees. Thank you for all your assistance and for designing such an intelligent device: Glacier Point is first-class in every way.

Jennifer C. –  Glacier Point Basic Fountain

I have been using the basic blue fountain since March of 2010 and we love it! It is very easy to maintain and clean. I have had no problems with the pump in all this time and I have 2 very messy cats who not only drink from it but like to play with the water in it and put toys in it and all that wonderful stuff that cats do! We also have 2 chihuahuas who use the fountain. I just noticed that there is a high capacity bowl available and we are going to take advantage of that since we are having to fill up the bowl every day! Barry, we can’t thank you enough for such a great product!
In from Tim Johnson … June 25, 2011 … for Glacier Point Basic Fountain
Our Basic Fountain arrived early this week. It replaces an original model Drinkwell. The Glacier came in perfect condition, well packed, and assembly was as simple as advertised. Our two male cats, 19 and 5 years old, give it the sniff test before I added water. I let water sit in it for part of the day before turning on the pump so they wouldn’t get spooked. I needn’t have bothered. They were quite happy to drink from it. I’ve just ordered replacement filters and a couple of filter recharge kits. This promises to be a wonderful product.

I should add that Barry was quick to respond to my e-mail questions, and with clear, concise answers.

Michael R. –  Glacier Point Basic Fountain

WOW, this is one heck of a good fountain. Well made for cat (and Dog) owners who know that those cheap plastic fountains just won’t cut it.  Not only is it perfect for my cats its perfect for me, less hassle as u can keep extras bottles in the fridge (keeping cool water for ur cats is key during hot summers). I have no complaints, only wish i had thought of something this great. My 4 little buddies love it.

Polly –  Glacier Point Basic Fountain – People like you get all the brains. I just get to say thank you for the answer.

Deborah E. –  Glacier Point Perfect Pet Fountain

I was one of Barry Farris’s first customers, purchasing my first of two Perfect Pet Fountains back in January 2010. Barry provides outstanding customer service, going out of his way to fully provide complete and thorough instructions for setting up/maintaining these exceptional water fountains. My cats, especially my senior cats, immediately took to using these fountains, in particular my senior Siamese seems entranced by the flowing chilled water. I know their water consumption has increased substantially over that of their previous water bowls, an important consideration for geriatric cats who tend to be prone to kidney disease and urinary tract problems.

The fountains are very simple to clean weekly and monthly – in my case our first fountain’s charcoal filter lasted a little over year before needing replacement. I decided to purchase a second Perfect Pet Fountain earlier this year – a new feline family member who needed to be sequestered at night (to prevent her eating the other cats’ food – she has no concept that she is not entitled to all the cat food in our house or that her adopted “siblings” are entitled to their cat food) deserved to have a water fountain of her own (during the day all the cats have access to both fountains).

I have told all the cat people I know about these fountains – Barry is right, they do indeed solve all the problems posed by all the other water fountains currently available in the marketplace. The Perfect Pet Fountain was the only one without these issues. Barry keeps improving the fountains, which I did not think was possible!

Robbin S. –  Glacier Point Perfect Pet Fountain

When I received my new fountain, it was a cinch to put together after watching Barry’s video. It worked perfectly for my cat who loved drinking right from the spout! ? After a while, the flow slowed to a trickle so I called Barry. I thought I would get a recording in the evening, but Barry answered. He was thorough in advising me to either purchase a carbon refill kit or a foam pump filter (which is slightly expensive) I decided to clean it myself and Barry is emailing a video. He reminds me of my dad who could build anything and believed in fixing things. I love that I can buy parts for my fountain!!

Diana W. – Glacier Point Pet Fountain

a few weeks of tweaking – me and my 5 kitties – theyve stopped playing with the water – i thought i might need a larger one – they were splashing the water on the floor – but as with all new things theres just time to get used to this one –

and what a truly great thing it is – i dont have to keep track of faucets that ive left dripping for someone – sounds pleasant all day and night – quiet – peaceful sound – they love it – no splashing anymore – ive learned how to clean and adjust it – ive got it up on 2 bricks (side by side) i think this helps to keep it at drinking fountain level for my troop rather than a pond – the optional outlet device is great if you choose to turn it off and on –

i also love how it looks – like a little science project – hip, sheek, high/low tech, rube goldberg, zen, above timberline mountain sort of appeal !!! a feast for the eyes ears and brain and soul !!!

it has a learning curve but well worth the little effort on my part – the best thing by far that ive seen and ive been looking for over a year – i realize that the fact that the whole thing isnt glued together or inacessible makes it very cleanable and repairable – a good honest device –

thanks so much for this true labor of love –

Mary Ann D. (Sylvester, Boo boos, Fritz, Jezebel, and Cattie-Brie) –  Glacier Point Pet Fountain

The fountain in amazing!!! I have 5 cats and I have gone through many fountains. I was so happy when I came across your website. Because of financial difficulties in the past I was not able to afford one. I am so happy to now be an owner of one of these amazing pet friendly fountains. We all thank you!!!!

Best regards

Claudia S. – Glacier Point Perfect Pet Fountain

No more waiting for the cat to get out of the toilet. Since we got the Perfect Pet Fountain, our diabetic cat now spends his time drinking out of that instead of the toilet. Much healthier for everyone! It’s easy to clean and holds enough water for his needs — close to a quart a day. Tried a couple of others, but water tastes bad in plastic and if the parts don’t fit, it’s hard to use it! Glad we found this one. Great customer service too!

Catharine –  Glacier Point Basic Fountain

Thanks, Barry!

I bought the Basic Pet Fountain a couple of months ago for my 2 small Maltese dogs. I have had other pet fountains, and saw how much more water they would drink. But cleaning these other fountains was a nightmare with all the tiny brushes and parts that I had to dissemble and clean. And I never really could get them fully clean either. Your fountain is quick and simple to maintain. The water quality is so much better too. My dogs……and I love this fountain.

And thanks for all your helpful hints on the phone. I can’t believe you actually care enough to answer the phone yourself. Thanks for a great product and service.

Connie M. – Glacier Point Perfect Pet Fountain

Thank you so much for this wonderful product! Years ago we had a plastic fountain and one of our kitties developed feline acne along his jawline so we eliminated all plastic. When we were told our 3 cats have early indications of renal failure, we investigated ceramic fountains. After reading everything available online we contacted manufacturers for additional questions. Barry was the only person who gave us informative answers, and responded quickly when we left messages.

My husband and I are engineers and we appreciate the quality construction, ease of set-up and cleaning/sterilization.
We also feel good that this fountain and its parts are made in America – not China! Barry’s attention to detail and quality control ensures that there is no Lead in the glaze for the Ceramic basin. The fact he uses Medical/food grade parts is also very reassuring.

We enjoy the sound of the water and all 3 of our cats love drinking the chilled fresh water.  We are very satisfied with our Glacier Point ceramic fountain and Barry’s customer service.

Maureen – Glacier Point Perfect Pet Fountain

I have a 16 year old cat that has had trouble with frequent urinary tract infections. Needless to say it is very important that she has access to large amounts of fresh clean water. Before the Perfect Pet Fountain she would ignore the fresh water we put down for her preferring instead running water from the bathroom faucet. She was constantly at the bathroom sink “requesting” water. This required many a middle of the night “Mom I need a glass of water!” excursions. I was somewhat apprehensive when I purchased the Perfect Pet Fountain that she would ever completely give up her preference for drinking from a running faucet. I am happy to say from the first moment we turned it on she has NEVER wanted running water from the faucet again! She gets the water she needs (and likes) and I get to sleep! Thanks!

LaVila –  Glacier Point Perfect Pet Fountain

This is a fantastic fountain and I am just so thankful to have found it! It was a breeze to set up and my elderly cat took to it immediately! She is deaf so the noise of the fan didn’t bother her. No more meowing and waking me up in the middle of the night because she wants chilled water from the bathroom faucet. She has serious health issues and being able to access fresh water any time of the day or night is going to be a huge benefit to her. Thanks, Barry, for making this fabulous quality product available to us!

Tonya G. – Glacier Point Pet Fountain

Great product and service!!! Barry is friendly and very prompt to answer all my questions. I have 4 little doggies, 1 Pekinese, and 3 Shih Tzu’s and they are drinkers. It is nice to know when I leave the home they will always have nice fresh cool water. It is so much healthier for my pets and well worth the money! Saves me lots of time too! Thanks Barry…..

Rachel – Glacier Point Basic Fountain

My cat didn’t drink much water. She frequently had urinary infections that resulted in my couch being used as a cat pan. I was at my wits end and considering trying to find a home for her on a farm where she couldn’t urinate on a couch. My vet suggested a fountain to encourage her [to] drink more.

Knowing what I know about plastics, I did not want to have my cat drinking out of plastic fountains. Ceramic was the only option for me.  I love that extra water can be held in glass containers. I have not seen another ceramic fountain that offers this choice.
I purchased a ceramic fountain from another company first. It was constantly filthy because all of the water was held in a very wide bowl with no cover to protect it and no container for extra water. It made it a pain to keep up with the cleaning. I returned it and began an internet search for a better product.

I called Barry. He answered my questions and he has an excellent return policy. I purchased the basic fountain knowing I could upgrade it if I wanted. My cat is drinking more water and has not had an infection since.  I recently called him with a question. He provided information and good service after the purchase too. You can’t beat that!

Kristin – Glacier Point Perfect Pet Fountain

The fountain didn’t end up being the right thing for me and my cats, but Barry was wonderful to work with and stands behind his product 100%

Mindy – Glacier Point IMS™ (Immune Support)

I wanted to write and tell you how wonderful the fountain is. I greatly appreciate all your patience and hard work that went into building it for me. I now have peace of mind that I am taking better care of my cat by getting rid of the Drinkwell and using your brilliantly designed fountain as my cat’s water source. Thank you for helping me become a more responsible pet owner.

Diane B. – Glacier Point Perfect Pet Fountain

The Glacier Point Perfect Pet Fountain has been an answer to our prayers! Its ceramic and glass construction is ideal for keeping the unit clean and sanitary and affords ease for what little maintenance is required. The refrigerated filtration system is quiet and efficient and provides our dog and cat with a constant supply of cool, fresh water. Both of them took to their new fountain immediately.

Any concerns and questions we had prior to purchase were entertained courteously and professionally, both by email and telephone. Thanks to Barry for developing such a quality product that our “fur kids” love and eagerly use every day!

Antonia D. – Glacier Point Basic Fountain

This fountain is the best! The water stays fresh and clean longer, and the fountain is extremely easy to clean. Before buying the Sierra basic fountain, I tried 3 other fountains from competitors. I no longer use them. The plastic fountains were impossible to keep clean. Scrubbing off the slimy coating on all the plastic parts took forever– there are so many little nooks and crannies where slime, bacteria etc. can hide and build up. And what is the point of filtering the water if it flows over slimy plastic on the way to the drinking spout?

The Sierra fountain keeps the water cleaner, and it is a snap to clean. The adjustable arm works perfectly to control the flow and sound level. My cats love it. I like the cheerful sound of flowing water too.

TIP: Since one of my youngsters likes to play with the water, I put the fountain on a small plastic tray to catch the splashes. Now he can play and the floor stays dry.

Regina J. –  Glacier Point Basic Fountain

Finally, a cat fountain I can dismantle and fully clean! Bonus points for how much water it holds. It almost didn’t work out because one of my cats has to mess with everything and pushed the water spout so that it was spilling out on to the floor. I solved this problem by using a couple zip ties basically tether the spout to the wooden carriage through two of the holes. Just a tip for those of you with nosy cats. Overall a great fountain, well worth the money, especially because you can come to this site and replace any of the parts if the need arises.

Julie P. – Glacier Point Basic Fountain

It is very easy to use. The noise is a louder humming, but not annoying. I mistakenly orderd the basic fountain because my older cat really likes his water colder. So I ordered a full Glacier fountain another one for the main one in the kitchen. I should have ordered the two full Glacier the first time but was nervous to see how it would work. My cats love it though.

Kerry & Jon B. – Glacier Point Pet Fountain

Hi Barry,

we received our fountain today, and the set up was a breeze. the little blue tube was leaking slightly at both ends, but it stopped leaking after everything settled in. within a minute of putting the fountain on the floor, minou (my senior cat ~ i think i told you he had to have all his teeth pulled because of a gum disease) walked over to the fountain and started drinking. he layed by it for a half hour and went back at least 3 times! everyone seems very impressed with it..i’ve picked up the old water dish. guess i’ll sell it in a garage sale, lol.

i had a spare 16oz vinegar bottle that fits nicely and is standing by in the refrigerator for a backup. minou like ice cubes in the basin, so that really peaked his interest.

thanks for all your help…i guess i’ll be ordering some filters soon.
BTW – i have shop here in lewisville. if you would like to send some flyers, i’d be happy to put them in my shop.

Tyne – Glacier Point Pet Fountain

Hi Barry,

I bought a Glacier Point because of its quality build construction, ability to make the water colder, and because its filtration unit is outstanding. Also, my cat has allergies and plastic was not a good option versus your ceramic unit. Your unit is 100% different than the Drinkwell, which I owned prior to purchasing yours.

Nancy R. – Glacier Point Pet Fountain

Hi Barry!

I decided to purchase your fountain for a number of reasons, which I will detail below.

1. I hate plastic! I think it is about the worst invention human beings have evercome up with.
2. I had purchased and used the plastic Drinkwell fountain, because at the time, I did not realize I had any other options.
3. One of my cats had developed hair loss and acne on one side of her mouth. My vet advised me to switch.
4. As is typical with cheap plastic, the top piece of my Drinkwell fountain has not been useable for weeks, because the piece it clips on to has several little prong-like things that have broken off. As a result, the cap will not stay on.
5. After research on the internet, I have come to the conclusion that plastic is every bit as bad, if not worse, than I thought it was. The effect of plastic on cats is all over the internet.

Laraine P. – Glacier Point Pet Fountain

Before purchasing the Glacier Point Fountain, I was a long time owner of an Original Drinkwell Fountain. I cleaned the Drinkwell daily but still couldn’t resolve the problems with the constant mold build up, the warm temperature and slimy feel of the water or the noisy weak motor. When I finally had only one of my five cats even willing to sip out of the Drinkwell, I decided to purchase a new fountain but only one with a ceramic reservoir.

The Glacier Point Fountain was the only ceramic one that met my high standards. I wanted a ceramic fountain made in the U.S.A. not China. I needed a fountain which would provide enough water capacity for five cats. Also it had to have a spout with water flow that mimicked the water coming from a faucet. The Glacier Point Fountain met all my needs plus offered the added features of a grounded electrical cord and two filters.

Though the Glacier Point Fountain was more expensive than any other ceramic fountain, it was well worth the price. I now only do a easy weekly cleaning and a monthly one. There are absolutely no mold issues, no warm water, and no noisy motor. All five of my senior cats love this fountain and so do I.

Laraine P. – Clayton, NJ

Janet P. – Glacier Point Pet Fountain

I have had a Drinkwell plastic fountain for about 5 years. I started having reservations about it because it was somewhat hard to clean and I wasn’t convinced that it wasn’t harboring germs in the plastic even after I cleaned it. I also didn’t see how the filters were helping since the water in the fountain went over the top of them and wasn’t forced to pass through them. After I lost my second cat in a row to kidney disease (actually the second one had severe kidney disease and then got cancer in her mouth and died last November), I felt more strongly that I wanted to look into something better for my cats’ water supply, both for their sake and for mine. I had seen a ceramic one in a catalog and that’s how I found out that such things existed. I decided to look into ceramic ones that would give me a way to clean them more thoroughly and more easily (close to sterilizing it if possible) and came across your fountains in my Internet search. I was pleased that yours had the characteristics I was looking for, and after learning more about how it worked and what the pros and cons might be, I decided to order one. I am glad that I did.

Brooke B. – Glacier Point Pet Fountain

I actually owned two Drinkwell Plastic Fountains prior to owning the Glacier Point. Not only is the Drinkwell Fountain hard to clean, but it also holds less water, and doesn’t keep the water at a temperature suitable for my cats. I own two Hairless Sphinx and with the Drinkwell Fountain I had to continuously add ice to the water in order for them to drink the amount of water they should be drinking (which is more than a haired cat drinks). My two cats now will empty the bottle in a day and a half with the Glacier Point, where the Drinkwell it would be three days. The cats love the water, I love how easy it is to clean, the lack of growing bacteria (that you get from using plastic), and that I don’t have to add ice to the water to encourage them to drink more. I have recommended the Glacier Point fountains to everyone I know that has cats that they care about..

Brooke B . – Proud owner of a Glacier Point Fountain

Adam St. P – Glacier Point Pet Fountain

In early 2010 one of our cats was diagnosed with FUS (Feline Urologic Syndrome) Among the recommendations given to us by our veterinarian was to purchase a pet water fountain. The same day we began shopping for a fountain.  We ended up purchasing three fountains locally, the “Drinkwell 360″ the “Petmate Deluxe fresh flow” and the “Hagen CatIt Fresh & Clear”. This began a very frustrating few weeks. Both of our cats refused to drink from any of them. Our vet suggested it may be the smell of our water, so we tried; soft water, hard water, refrigerated soft water, refrigerated hard water, warm bottled water, refrigerated bottled water, warm filtered hard water, cold filtered hard water, warm filtered soft water, and cold filtered soft water. Our cats scoffed at all of these waters in all three fountains.

During this time we cleaned the fountains as suggested by the manufacturers which became tiresome with the Drinkwell, it was very difficult to clean.  We then purchased the Glacier Point fountain. Within one day both cats were drinking from it with any water we used, and has been a joy to clean.

Thank you for selling a product that was not available from any other company including Veterinary Ventures Inc.

Sincerely, Adam St. P

Chris Z. – Glacier Point Pet Fountain

I had a Drinkwell before the Glacier Point fountain. I bought a Glacier Point for the following reasons:

1. It reviewed quite well on the Amazon website
2. Its cooling system actually cools the water as opposed to just moving it
3. The build quality of the materials and the fountain are better than anything else out there I could find
3. The Drinkwell fountain was very difficult to clean
4. The Drinkwell fountain stopped working (the pump broke) after approximately 9 months

Regards, Chris Z.

Megan W. – Glacier Point Pet Fountain

My name is Megan Wilson and I recently purchased a Glacier Point Fountain from you. I did have a plastic fountain before purchasing the Glacier one and it caused me no end of trouble.  I was always spending money to replace the carbon filter, the wimpy pump that was IN the water was always getting clogged and it quit working twice. Not knowing any better after the first pump quit working I went out and purchased a 2nd plastic fountain thinking the 1st was fluke. Of course after all the same headaches the 2nd one quit working as well.

At this point I put my husband in charge of finding us a better water system for our 2 cats. He did extensive research and your product won hands down. I was hesitant at first due to the price but I have never been happier! Not only is your product quieter then the plastic ones, it has a bigger reservoir (doesn’t run empty half as often as the plastic ones do) and I am convinced that I can continue to use this fountain through the life of my pets and probably much longer.

Dawn C. – Glacier Point Pet Fountain

I had a couple of different plastic fountains several years ago but due to not being able to sanitize them safely and the issues with plastics (BPAs etc) I threw them out and used glass/ceramic bowls. It wasn’t until I found your product that I felt safe and happy to get a fountain again.

Dawn C. – Pendraig Siberian Cats

Leslie – Glacier Point Pet Fountain

Yes, I did buy Drinkwell’s fountains, Drinkwell Platinum pet fountain and 360 pet fountain and even Cat IT product. Currently, those products are sitting in my garage. My 2nd Drinkwell Platinum pet water fountain is still unopened. I bought the 2nd Drinkwell Platinum pet water fountain almost one year ago.

I really was not satisfied by those pricey, cheap plastic and hard to clean products; oh, probably, made in China. And, I knew that cats would often get allergy by plastic products. Therefore, I have looked around from the Internet and found a few ceramic pet water fountains. Most of them are made in China. Well, products that are made in China always have quality concerns. Finally, I found a pet fountain that made in the U.S.A., Glacier Point. Even though the price of Glacier Point was higher than those massed productions, I was willing to pay more to get safe product.

Lynn D. – Glacier Point Pet Fountain

Hi, Barry.

First, I’ve been meaning to write to let you know how wonderful your product is! My four guys love and and drink readily from it. The three bottles are better than two as far as keeping the flow going.

I don’t remember which brand of drinking fountain we bought before yours but we returned it to the store because we couldn’t get it working. We called the company first and followed their instructions. It worked only momentarily, and then stopped again. Husband refused to even consider an exchange. Off to the Internet I went in search for one he would consider trying…eventually, finding yours.

The inferior product put this customer back in the market for a suitable fountain. Your fountain, with the ceramic bowl (which is far superior to plastic) and the excellent filtration system was all we needed to see in order to choose your product. If I could have afforded the upgrade, I would have chosen the one with the chiller. My guys like cool water. Since two of them have had surgery for urinary tract issues, fresh water is critical. Plain and simple, your product is better!

Susan W. – Glacier Point Pet Fountain

Hello Barry,

Although I did not buy a plastic fountain first, I found yours specifying ceramic as opposed to plastic fountains for my cats and dogs. I have long thought that there was good enough science that showed we show not use plastic to drink out of for ourselves, that I certainly would not use them for my beloved animals to drink out of. Also I have had my vet confirm this and he felt there was correlation with feline acne. We had two cats with repetitive problems with that. When I used my search engine I specified anything BUT a plastic waterier. Also I was concerned with the quality of Drinkwell fountains and ruled them out in the process of my searching people’s opinions on various fountains. I did not find your company by accident. I found you by process of elimination. Drinkwell was eliminated from the first.  If your company had not been in existence I would not have bought anything if Drinkwell had been the ONLY choice.

Regina J. – Glacier Point Pet Fountain

I had a Drinkwell fountain first, the Drinkwell Original Pet Fountain. I chose to get a Glacier Point fountain afterward for the following reasons:
• It was impossible to really clean the plastic on the outside of the Drinkwell fountain. I could scrub as much as I wanted but it still looked grungy and gross.
• The filter on the Drinkwell fountain I had was a joke. It wasn’t water tight; it looked like the water could easily flow over or around the filter insert.
• It was impossible to really clean the inside of the Drinkwell fountain without specialized tools; it clearly wasn’t made with ease of thorough cleaning in mind.
• There’s a flow level control knob over the intake of the Drinkwell fountain that would always get clogged with pet hair, it was hard to remove to clean and put back on.

Douglas L. – Glacier Point Pet Fountain

I previously had a Drinkwell and one other brand, both of which were made of plastic. After much research I realized that the plastics used in these other fountains contained potentially harmful BPA so I went looking for a pet waterer that used glass or ceramic. All I could find from the big name producers were more cheap plastics ones. The couple I located that were not made of plastic had terrible customer reviews and were clearly not well made. I almost gave up but decided first to look into some products made by smaller producers and found the Glacier Point.

I opted for the Glacier Point fountain because it was made of ceramic. Even the reservoir bottle is made of glass, not plastic. I had a question which I e-mailed to Mr. Farris and he got back to me in short order which gave me even more reason to go with the Glacier Point. The final selling point was the grounded pump used in its construction that prevents the possibility of my pets being shocked and injured or killed while drinking from it. None of the big name, plastic fountains I’ve previously owned had grounded connections.

The decision to go with the Glacier Point was a no-brainer. I will also say it was considerably more expensive than the plastic fountains but for the health and safety of my pets it was well worth the additional cost. If I needed another pet fountain I’d get another Glacier Point, no question.

After purchasing the Glacier Point it was obvious my 3 cats liked it better than the old plastic fountains. My guess is that the water tastes better and does not absorb any unpleasant tastes from plastic materials. It also turned out to be much simpler and quicker to clean than the plastic fountains, and with the filtered intake tube the pump doesn’t end up getting clogged with cat hair like some of the previous fountains did. It’s so much better than other fountains I’ve owned there’s just no comparison.

Eric T. – Glacier Point Pet Fountain

Prior to purchasing a Glacier Point fountain, I owned a Drinkwell 360 Pet Fountain. After a year of regular use and maintenance, the plastic components had become fragile and very difficult to clean, and then the pump failed.
I understand that inexpensive, imported products like the Drinkwell 360 have a short duty cycle. I’ve now chosen to invest in high-quality, longer-lasting products to reduce waste and conserve resources. I chose the Glacier Point fountain for the following features:
• Heavy-duty pump
• Ceramic basin
• Built in USA

To my knowledge, no Drinkwell product offers any of these features. It’s like comparing a plastic hammer to one made of wood and steel: you can swing each of them, but only one is tool, not a toy.

Sincerely, Eric T

Arlene M. – Glacier Point Pet Fountain

Oh boy!  I have 3 different plastic fountains sitting in my garage. I hope you are stealing customers from them because your fountain is so much better and more sanitary. The ceramic also keeps the water cooler than the plastic. I believe if given a choice of a plastic dish or a ceramic the cats would choose the ceramic because it doesn’t hold funny smells.

Since your fountain is pricier than the plastic units maybe people will still buy the plastic ones first and later switch to yours when they realize how much better for the animals it is.

Jennifer C. – Glacier Point Pet Fountain


I have had MANY plastic drinking fountains and they all broke in some form or another. The one I had before I bought my Glacier Point was a Drinkwell Platinum. Aside from a major flaw in their design that does not allow a thorough cleaning, especially in the tube that leads up from the pump to the filter, the seal on the plastic tub leaked and the adapter quit working. I ordered another adapter at my own expense and Drinkwell sent me another tub. The new tub also leaked right off the bat. Right then and there I began scouring the internet for a better alternative. I don’t understand how your FAR SUPERIOR and far more expensive product can possibly be competing with “…………..” mediocre product. Most people would not spend over a hundred dollars or close to two hundred unless they wasted countless dollars on cheap pet fountains that break down.

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