Deborah E. – May 26, 2011 – Glacier Point Perfect Pet Fountain

I was one of Barry Farris’s first customers, purchasing my first of two Perfect Pet Fountains back in January 2010. Barry provides outstanding customer service, going out of his way to fully provide complete and thorough instructions for setting up/maintaining these exceptional water fountains. My cats, especially my senior cats, immediately took to using these fountains, in particular my senior Siamese seems entranced by the flowing chilled water. I know their water consumption has increased substantially over that of their previous water bowls, an important consideration for geriatric cats who tend to be prone to kidney disease and urinary tract problems.

The fountains are very simple to clean weekly and monthly – in my case our first fountain’s charcoal filter lasted a little over year before needing replacement. I decided to purchase a second Perfect Pet Fountain earlier this year – a new feline family member who needed to be sequestered at night (to prevent her eating the other cats’ food – she has no concept that she is not entitled to all the cat food in our house or that her adopted “siblings” are entitled to their cat food) deserved to have a water fountain of her own (during the day all the cats have access to both fountains).

I have told all the cat people I know about these fountains – Barry is right, they do indeed solve all the problems posed by all the other water fountains currently available in the marketplace. The Perfect Pet Fountain was the only one without these issues. Barry keeps improving the fountains, which I did not think was possible!