Diana W. – April 12, 2011 – Glacier Point Pet Fountain

A few weeks of tweaking – me and my 5 kitties – they’ve stopped playing with the water – i thought i might need a larger one – they were splashing the water on the floor – but as with all new things there’s just time to get used to this one –

and what a truly great thing it is – i dont have to keep track of faucets that ive left dripping for someone – sounds pleasant all day and night – quiet – peaceful sound – they love it – no splashing anymore – ive learned how to clean and adjust it – ive got it up on 2 bricks (side by side) i think this helps to keep it at drinking fountain level for my troop rather than a pond – the optional outlet device is great if you choose to turn it off and on –

i also love how it looks – like a little science project – hip, sheek, high/low tech, rube goldberg, zen, above timberline mountain sort of appeal !!! a feast for the eyes ears and brain and soul !!!

it has a learning curve but well worth the little effort on my part – the best thing by far that ive seen and ive been looking for over a year – i realize that the fact that the whole thing isnt glued together or inacessible makes it very cleanable and repairable – a good honest device –

thanks so much for this true labor of love –