Donna L. – March 12, 2012 – Glacier Point Pet Fountain

In November, 2011, I purchased your fountain. The main reason for getting the fountain was that my cat has had a medical condition since she was a kitten (she is now 9 years old), and one of the problems is that she becomes dehydrated which makes everything worse.

In 2011 alone, before getting your fountain, we made at least six plus trips to the vets so that she could be given subcutaneous fluids (a minimum of 100-115 cc each time). This was not only expensive, but tough on my cat Sophie, as trips to the vet are stressful for her. Even in working with my holistic vet who is super and will exhaust all methods to see what will work, and in feeding only wet/canned food (adding water), my cat would still become dehydrated.

It was very frustrating, until I purchased the Glacier Point Fountain and started using this as her water source. I have seen her using the fountain, but more importantly, the bottle tells me how much water has been used. Since November, Sophie has not had any more problems with dehydration. She has not had to have any subcutaneous fluids administered. It is wonderful.
Her gums are glistening, her coat is soft, fluffy and there are no mats. What a difference it has made for us. For me it is simple to run, easy to maintain and clean.

Water is so important to the health of our cats, and Sophie is much happier and healthier since getting your fountain.

Thank you so much for such a great product.