Douglas L. – Glacier Point Pet Fountain

I previously had a Drinkwell and one other brand, both of which were made of plastic. After much research I realized that the plastics used in these other fountains contained potentially harmful BPA so I went looking for a pet waterer that used glass or ceramic. All I could find from the big name producers were more cheap plastics ones. The couple I located that were not made of plastic had terrible customer reviews and were clearly not well made. I almost gave up but decided first to look into some products made by smaller producers and found the Glacier Point.

I opted for the Glacier Point fountain because it was made of ceramic. Even the reservoir bottle is made of glass, not plastic. I had a question which I e-mailed to Mr. Farris and he got back to me in short order which gave me even more reason to go with the Glacier Point. The final selling point was the grounded pump used in its construction that prevents the possibility of my pets being shocked and injured or killed while drinking from it. None of the big name, plastic fountains I’ve previously owned had grounded connections.

The decision to go with the Glacier Point was a no-brainer. I will also say it was considerably more expensive than the plastic fountains but for the health and safety of my pets it was well worth the additional cost. If I needed another pet fountain I’d get another Glacier Point, no question.

After purchasing the Glacier Point it was obvious my 3 cats liked it better than the old plastic fountains. My guess is that the water tastes better and does not absorb any unpleasant tastes from plastic materials. It also turned out to be much simpler and quicker to clean than the plastic fountains, and with the filtered intake tube the pump doesn’t end up getting clogged with cat hair like some of the previous fountains did. It’s so much better than other fountains I’ve owned there’s just no comparison.