Glacier Point Perfect Pet Fountain Benefits

The more water moves, the more oxygenating properties it has to positively affect the health of your pet. It’s easier for water to soak up oxygen from the air if it is moving (aeration), which is one reason why the Glacier Point Perfect Pet Fountain maintains continuous circulation. Oxygenation is an essential process in the body to distribute fresh blood and nutrition into the deepest tissues. If your pet is drinking stagnant water, he or she is not receiving adequate oxygenation.

Pets get kidney and urinary tract infections because they don’t drink enough water. When your adored pet drinks circulated, chilled water, it can quite literally save you a potential fortune in veterinary bills. The more fresh, chilled, circulated water your pet drinks, the healthier your companion will be. Your pet’s quality of life increases exponentially when your family cat or dog drinks water from the Perfect Pet Fountain. The Glacier Point Perfect Pet Fountain actually has the possibility to reduce diabetes and cancers due to viruses because it chills the water. Just as a refrigerator slows down mold growth, chilled water slows the growth of viruses.

Should your companion manifest urinary or kidney problems, it’s important to acknowledge that the average pet owner will spend between $1,000 – $3,000 on Veterinarian Bills. Drinking enough water is the most effective preventative measure you can take to ensure that you and your pet will never have go through this emotionally and financially draining process. Every veterinary education publication starts with “water intake is the cornerstone of kidney therapies.”

How can you not afford to own a Glacier Point Perfect Pet Fountain™?

The Glacier Point Perfect Pet Fountain™ not only unitizes the aeration benefits of circulated water, but it’s the only animal watering station to use the patent-pending electronic chilling technology which creates refrigerated water. The Glacier Point Perfect Pet Fountain’s chilled water process doesn’t just make the water more appealing to drink, it also increases the amount of oxygen your pet ingests, while decreasing the growth of bacteria in the basin. Much like a refrigerator, the cold water process unique to the Glacier Point Perfect Pet Fountain keeps the water from “spoiling” or becoming stagnant. This one simple innovation assists your pet in not only drinking more water, but helping your companion assimilate nutrition more effectively; potentially averting having to ever watch your adored furry friend go through the pain and discomfort of urinary, bladder, or kidney imbalances.

In contrast, other pet fountains on the market overheat the water without offsetting this adverse process, making it a breeding ground for bacteria, virus, and other pathogens to fester. In many ways, other pet fountains can actually do more harm than good in the absence of cooling the water. Other pet fountains also use cheap, toxic, unsanitary, porous plastic materials that can both seep chemicals into the water and harbor toxins.

We’re proud to help you raise healthier pets. The Glacier Point Perfect Pet Fountain achieves so much for your family member that helps him or her have the tools to build a strong, healthy body. And hey, your pet enjoys a serving of refrigerated, oxygenated, good tasting water just as much as you do.