Pet Fountain Safety

1. Plastic bowls that are not certified water safe by the National Sanitary Foundation must be assumed to be dangerous. Without this certification it is highly likely that the plastic was made in a foreign country and will leak toxins into your pet’s water within weeks. A toxin released from a plastic usually takes more than 20 years to be proven dangerous. Remember that it took more than 20 years to discover that plastic baby bottles are dangerous.

2. Does your fountain have a grounded electrical plug? Ungrounded Plugs used with water containing products are just asking for a terrible accident.

3. Ceramic bowls made in foreign countries almost always are intentionally contaminated with lead because adding lead intensifies colors and reduces the cost of manufacture. Only high-fired, non-porous ceramic basins made in the USA and certified to be lead free and complying with ASTM C-1023 and D-4236 are safe to use for watering your pet.

4. Does your fountain have a large refill capacity? Is the design made of glass which can be cleaned? Have you read the product reviews for the flooding potential with plastic refills?

Fountains from Glacier Point for Cats meet all these certifications and pet fountain safety features.

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