Glacier Point VS. Pet Store Plastic Stuff

The basic fountain is the most economical fountain that also provides a long lasting and safe water supply for your pet. When comparing our basic fountain with the cheap plastic pet store bowls that are made in China, there are some major differences to consider. To see instructions on easily setting up your Basic Fountain, please see the Owner’s Manual (found under the Use and Care tab) or see our Videos for a short Quick Start Demo Video. We also recommend using refrigerated water in your refill bottles to get some benefits inherent in the more expensive Glacier Point Perfect Pet Fountain™.

Glacier Point Basic Fountain™

1. ONLY fountain that can be kept MOLD FREE
2. Made with USA NSF certified water safe parts
3. Will remove chlorine and other toxins
4. Pump is protected with effective filter
5. Made in USA ceramic basin LEAD FREE
6. Holds over 1.50 gallons with all refill bottles
7. Can use any tap water
8. Will never leak
9. Only fountain with cleanable glass refill bottles

Pet Store Plastic Stuff

1. Cannot be cleaned to control mold
2. Materials are untested and from unknown foreign sources
3. Incapable of removing anything as “filter” does not capture water flow
4. Unprotected pump will fail quickly
5. Does not help Americans
6. Holds less than half as much water
7. Hard water usually voids warranty
8. Read online reviews such as at Amazon®