Does it actually work?

“Hi Barry, I just received my fountain today! I was so excited to open it and it exceeded my expectations! It is really lovely! One of the two cats (Mitzi) who own me drank out of it in less than 5 minutes . The other cat is napping so she hasn’t seen it yet.” -Ellen

“Thank you very much for designing and developing the Perfect Pet Fountain. Prior to discovering Glacier Point pet fountains, we had tried two different fountains. Our cats did not consume more water, and one of the fountains supposedly had been made in the USA when purchased. Upon receipt, the sticker said China. Totally disgusted. Angry and motivated, finally discovered Glacier Point fountains. Your excellent, informative videos convinced us to purchase the Perfect Pet Fountain. Our cats began using it within two hours after investigating it when it was put down the first time. The dramatic increase in our cats water consumption shocked us. The proof was provided by needing to refill the glass bottle, and the generous deposits in the litter box. Their veterinarian has been very impressed with the positive impact your fountain has had on our cats’ health. Thank you very much for providing a beautifully designed pet fountain that is made in the USA.” -Morreene