Why do I need a pet fountain?

The problem is, your pet isn’t enticed to drink enough water to maintain optimal health when it’s sitting stagnant in a bowl. Stagnant water simply does not provide the same temptation or nutrition for household pets to drink. However, flowing water captures your pets attention. The Perfect Pet Fountain sirens the subtle sounds of flowing water, triggering the innate instinct of your family companion to intake more nourishing fluids.

The Glacier Point Perfect Pet Fountain™ creates a readily available source of well-circulated, chilled, clean water for your cherished furry friend. Our Perfect Pet Fountain uses an inline charcoal filter that actually works to virtually eliminate harmful toxins from your pet’s water. The Glacier Point Perfect Pet Fountain is also the only watering station that chills the circulated water. Your pet enjoys delicious, cold water just as much as you.In fact, cats love cold water so much that extensive testing has shown that cats will consume 3x more water if the water is clean and cold.

All fountains are made in America with American designed parts, non-porous high fired toxin free ceramic bowls, certified water safe antimicrobial fittings, automatic glass refill system and grounded electrical plugs.

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