J. Barlow – August 10, 2012 – Glacier Point Basic Fountain

I received the fountain the following Tuesday, just as you said. It arrived in perfect condition. I’m sorry I haven’t gotten back to you sooner, but I wanted to wait long enough to see how my ‘Girls’ would take to their new ‘water dish,’ & observe any changes to- in them. The verdict is in…! Mr. Barry Ferris, I have to say, this is the Best purchase I have ever made for any of my ‘kids,’ in all of my 66 years! I’m not kidding by a long shot!!! Here’s what your invention has done for my ‘Girls:’

At first my youngest, Ms. Kali, would have nothing to do with it, slinking around it, & would bat at it whenever she went near it! We all had great laughs over that. Then she saw that Ms. Shadoe took right to it the first day! We watched & waited… Finally, after only 2 days, Kali started ignoring the bowl of water, & drinking out of the fountain! I removed the water bowl. Now, after a bit of experimenting, I’ve turned the ‘faucet’ slightly to the side so Shadoe drinks out of it, & Kali drinks out of the dish!

The benefits we’ve seen are: Shadoe & Kali are both drinking much more water than before. Shadoe (the oldest, thinnest one) is eating more & so, is gaining weight! She’s also much more active & playful. We’re talking about a cat of maybe between 6 to 8 years old, & did not play, per say, with anyone or anything! And, (here’s the miracle part!!!) she’s even playing much more with Kali, which wasn’t happening before they starting drinking this clean, fresh, colder water!!!!! The urine & feces smell from their kitty litter box is all but completely non-existent! Kali isn’t having as much constipation as she was before using your fountain. And I predict she will have even less, if not any, the more of this ‘better’ water she drinks. Their coats are getting shinier, softer, & they’re not shedding as before this ‘miracle’ fountain! Speaking of their coats, they are not depositing fur balls around much anymore! (Oh, those are so nasty to step on bare foot, in the dark…! lol).

Barry, you have created a truly ‘miracle’ product that I am so proud to own, that I want to do all I possibly can to promote your product to the world. I’m really excited about this & want to tell everyone! Please let me know how I might do this without people complaining that it’s ‘spam.’

Would you mind if I advertise your product & website on my Facebook page?
I’m so glad I made that order that night. It’s changed the lives of not only 2 adult kitties, but the adult humans who live with them also.

Thank You, Sir, for the best invention, & investment for my ‘kids’ I’ve ever, ever made! I will never use anything else for my ‘kids.’ (Still thinking of getting the large one for the outdoor ‘kids.’ Just need to find a way to keep Ms. Kayla from chewing it up!!! lol).

Thank You, very much, again, Mr. Barry Ferris. Have a Great Day (We are now!)