Janet P. – Glacier Point Pet Fountain

I have had a Drinkwell plastic fountain for about 5 years. I started having reservations about it because it was somewhat hard to clean and I wasn’t convinced that it wasn’t harboring germs in the plastic even after I cleaned it. I also didn’t see how the filters were helping since the water in the fountain went over the top of them and wasn’t forced to pass through them. After I lost my second cat in a row to kidney disease (actually the second one had severe kidney disease and then got cancer in her mouth and died last November), I felt more strongly that I wanted to look into something better for my cats’ water supply, both for their sake and for mine. I had seen a ceramic one in a catalog and that’s how I found out that such things existed. I decided to look into ceramic ones that would give me a way to clean them more thoroughly and more easily (close to sterilizing it if possible) and came across your fountains in my Internet search. I was pleased that yours had the characteristics I was looking for, and after learning more about how it worked and what the pros and cons might be, I decided to order one. I am glad that I did.