Jean and Lois – February 8, 2012 – The Perfect Pet Fountain

This is simply the best available cat fountain.

It provides our cats with cool, filtered water, and requires less care and maintenance than other pet fountains we have owned.

Our cats’ Perfect Pet fountain is made from food grade and FDA approved components, unlike other available pet fountains.

We are confident that this is the best and safest fountain we can provide for our cats.

The ordering process was a snap and we received our fountain within a week of our order, even though it to shipped to Canada.

This is not the first pet fountain we have owned. However, several years ago we gave up using fountains, after deciding we could provide better quality water using water bowls.

Recently, after our cats’ vet recommended we get a fountain for our senior cat, we did much research on cat fountains. It was very discouraging. The reviews revealed the following issues with plastic pet fountains:

  1. They are hard to clean
  2. They get slimy quickly
  3. Their pumps are noisy
  4. Their pumps fail quickly.

In general these issues meant that the fountains needed to be cleaned almost daily and replaced frequently.

We had experienced these issues previously, during our ownership of several different makes and models of plastic pet fountains.

However, our cats’ vet had recommended we get a cat fountain for our senior cat.

We hoped that the new ceramic and stainless steel versions of the previous fountains we had owned might be suitable. But research indicated that they suffered the same issues as plastic fountains and one very serious additional issue.

None of the major manufacturers guarantee that their fountains use food grade ceramic glaze or stainless steel.

Glacier Point for Cats does guarantee it uses food grade ceramic glaze for the fountains they manufacture. As well the other components of the fountain are food grade and or FDA approved.

Given the previous pet food scandal originating from China, and the fact that most of these pet fountains are made in China, this is a serious issue.

Use of non food grade ceramic glaze can cause heavy metal poisoning. We don’t want to use a fountain that poisons our cats.

Therefore, after researching the Glacier Point for Cats fountains, the only difficult decision was which Glacier Point for Cats fountain to buy.

We decided on the Perfect Pet fountain. Who doesn’t appreciate a chilled glass of water on a hot day. We wanted to provide the best drinking experience for our cats.

The Glacier Point for Cats fountain we bought is more expensive than other pet fountains, but the extra features it has make it worth the cost.

Benefits of the Glacier Point for Cats Perfect Pet fountain 1. Safe for our cats to use 2. Chilled filtered water 3. Easier to maintain than other fountains 4. Lasts longer than other fountains (with proper maintenance) 5. Made in North America

In the long run we know it will be cheaper.