Jennifer C. – June 30, 2011 – Glacier Point Basic Fountain

I have been using the basic blue fountain since March of 2010 and we love it! It is very easy to maintain and clean. I have had no problems with the pump in all this time and I have 2 very messy cats who not only drink from it but like to play with the water in it and put toys in it and all that wonderful stuff that cats do! We also have 2 chihuahuas who use the fountain. I just noticed that there is a high capacity bowl available and we are going to take advantage of that since we are having to fill up the bowl every day! Barry, we can’t thank you enough for such a great product!
In from Tim Johnson … June 25, 2011 … for Glacier Point Basic Fountain
Our Basic Fountain arrived early this week. It replaces an original model Drinkwell. The Glacier came in perfect condition, well packed, and assembly was as simple as advertised. Our two male cats, 19 and 5 years old, give it the sniff test before I added water. I let water sit in it for part of the day before turning on the pump so they wouldn’t get spooked. I needn’t have bothered. They were quite happy to drink from it. I’ve just ordered replacement filters and a couple of filter recharge kits. This promises to be a wonderful product.

I should add that Barry was quick to respond to my e-mail questions, and with clear, concise answers.