Joann – May 16, 2013 – Glacier Point Basic Perfect Pet Fountain

I recently purchased two of the chilled water fountains for my house. I have had several pet fountains in the past and have always been very disappointed in how quickly they get nasty. The filters were expensive and really didn’t make that much of a difference. After doing some research I came across the Glacier Point for cats and read the testimonials and customer reviews. I ordered two for my 25 older indoor cats. They took to them immediately and I was amazed at how clean they stay. For the first two weeks all I did was keep the bottles full and once a week I rinsed everything out and that was it. No slime – very easy to keep up. With the others you had to take so much apart and they were never clean after the first week and eventually I just bought another one because they were disgusting. With the glacier point there is an initial investment but the filters are not expensive and very easy to change. Since then I have purchased two of the regular cat fountains and donated to a shelter for cats that I am very involved in. Just like in my house, the cats took to it immediately and within a couple of days I am filling two of the refill bottles on each one daily. It is so important for cats to drink water and have access to fresh clean water and the glacier point fountains do just that. I hope to purchase two more for my house and two more for the shelter within the next 6 months so that there is plenty of access for everyone. This is the best water fountain I have ever found both from the cats point of having clean water and from my point of the easy aspect of keeping them clean. I have been recommending them to everyone who comes to the shelter.

follow-up review from Joann:

I also wanted to say that dealing with Barry was more that I ever expected. Before I placed my first order I e-mailed him with several questions and got an immediate response. Also with my second order I did not receive the GFCIs with my order. I called Barry on Saturday afternoon, he answered the phone and Monday when I came home from work the package was there. You don’t see that kind of customer service too often any more. Thanks Barry