Julie S. – Nov. 22, 2011 – Glacier Point Basic Fountain

WOW… love this fountain.. and so do my 20 rescued kitties! (actually w/ so many cats, I happily purchased TWO Basic Fountains, and probably will get one more).

After using those plastic things from the PetStores, it is a pleasure to use something w/such a simple design, SO easy to clean: WOW, no slimy cat saliva in all those nooks and crannies.. (so I dont have to buy a ‘special cleaning kit’ w/tiny brushes that didnt really clean well anyway!) just a lovely ceramic bowl, (very easy to clean) and the filter must be far superior, because I’m not even finding “saliva-slime” in the basin– amazing with so many kitties using it!

I have observed that since I got Barry’s fountain, more of the cats are using it, as opposed to only a few of them using the other two products I’d had in the past. AND they are drinking MORE water. (a real blessing: I’ve had to deal w/kitty kidney and bladder problems, so I know water consumption is crucial).

AND I love that the Glacier Point Fountain is NOT plastic.
For years I had used those ‘other’ pet water fountains, and always wished my cats did not have to drink from plastic. (I have never fed or watered cats from plastic dishes, even the four ferals near my workplace I’ve TNR’d and still feed/water daily– feline acne is REAL (and yukky!), and I believe plastic dishes can and do cause it).

ALSO, Barry’s fountain is so quiet, except for the trickle of the water (if we choose to adjust it that way). The motors on the two other brands I’d used would often rattle to the point I’d just unplug them.
Well, I wont continue to go ‘on and on’ (tho’ I could!)…

Just to say THANKS, Barry, for loving cats and designing a product that proves it!
Went online looking for something better.. and thankfully, I found it!

PS: EXCELLENT Service! Barry has always been available to me for my ‘weird questions’, and the shipping was very prompt.