Kelly – April 8, 2013 – Glacier Point Basic Perfect Pet Fountain

I adopted a shelter cat in November of 2012. I bought him a beautiful looking raindrop style fountain from Within 2 weeks I was dealing with slimy water and green mold on the motor housing. And I’m convinced the ‘filter’ did nothing. It just sat in the water next to the motor. I did not adopt a cat to feed him slime and mold. I quickly replaced it with your Basic Fountain as that was all I could afford. He took to it right away. No more slimy, moldy water. A few months later when I had a bit more money, I bought your Chiller, and upgraded his Basic fountain to a Perfect model. Wow – what a difference! I know he is drinking more water now, as I’m changing the refill bottle more. And he’s spending more time at the fountain each trip too. This morning I actually saw him RUN to the fountain! The tap water here is horrible, so now I fill his fountain with purified bottled water (the big gallon jugs from the grocery store). This makes the filter last longer, too. Once a week I clean the fountain, and once a month I sterilize it per the instructions that came with it. I don’t dare pick up the ceramic bowl when full, as I know I’ll drop it. So I use a measuring cup to scoop out the water into a mixing bowl. Then I take the empty ceramic fountain dish to the dishwasher to clean. The Glacier Point Perfect Pet Fountain looks like a kids science experiment. And yet it really is perfect! Thank you for putting the health of cats first!