Laraine P. – Glacier Point Pet Fountain

Before purchasing the Glacier Point Fountain, I was a long time owner of an Original Drinkwell Fountain. I cleaned the Drinkwell daily but still couldn’t resolve the problems with the constant mold build up, the warm temperature and slimy feel of the water or the noisy weak motor. When I finally had only one of my five cats even willing to sip out of the Drinkwell, I decided to purchase a new fountain but only one with a ceramic reservoir.

The Glacier Point Fountain was the only ceramic one that met my high standards. I wanted a ceramic fountain made in the U.S.A. not China. I needed a fountain which would provide enough water capacity for five cats. Also it had to have a spout with water flow that mimicked the water coming from a faucet. The Glacier Point Fountain met all my needs plus offered the added features of a grounded electrical cord and two filters.

Though the Glacier Point Fountain was more expensive than any other ceramic fountain, it was well worth the price. I now only do a easy weekly cleaning and a monthly one. There are absolutely no mold issues, no warm water, and no noisy motor. All five of my senior cats love this fountain and so do I.

Laraine P. – Clayton, NJ