Lyn – January 20, 2016 – Glacier Point Basic Fountain

My Cats LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this Water Fountain and so do I.

I bought mine last year and now I am buying a second one for upstairs because my cats are so spoiled they won’t use our old fountains. They will wake me up to open the door so they can go downstairs to get a drink. The kids are up later than I playing videos games, so leaving the door open is not an option until the middle of the night.

This Water Fountain is not cheap, but you get what you pay for, and I want to tell you I think it’s worth every penny. As I learned from the videos on this site, having Clean Cold Water that entices my cats to want to drink more helps them live a longer healthier life, and the cat box does not smell as much. The videos taught me the same as humans when the cats are dehydrated it makes their urine and waste stronger, which smell much worst, and can lead to infections and all kinds of other health problems that rob our beloved pet’s life span and ends up costing us a fortune in veterinarian bills.

I want to thank Barry, the inventor of this design, it has changed my life I am no longer a slave to cleaning my cat’s water fountains I use to have to take apart the water pumps for a thorough cleaning every single week, but with the Glacier Point special carbon sponge and filtering system, and the auto fill water bottles, the water bowl stays completely clean for at least 2 weeks, it just needs a quick rinse out with hot water and its ready for a fresh water refill. Now I am only doing a full filter cleaning about once a month or two. FYI there is no slime what so ever inside the water dish, not even after a month or two. The level of maintenance to clean this water fountain is so much less than all the other plastic and/or stainless steel water fountains I have purchased in the past.