Pat – August 20, 2019 – Glacier Point Spectrum Fountain

I have two cats who are in early stage renal failure and my vet advised getting a water fountain to increase their water consumption. I was looking for a fountain that was not plastic and discovered the Spectrum fountain doing a Google search. The Spectrum fountain is made of lead free clay and glaze. It is so easy to clean, including the pump which you don’t have to take apart — just put it in a vinegar/water solution and let it run. I did elect to replace the silver tubing with aquarium tubing, and I cannot stress enough how helpful Trisha was in answering all my questions prior to purchase. The large curved cover that houses the pump basically creates two sections for drinking from the bowl. Because the water was flowing from the T-section into each side of the bowl, one of my cats was dubious. By turning the t-section sideways, so water flows over the center section, my cat was an instant convert. I found the pump makes more noise when the water level drops, so I keep the bowl filled to the top, and it is virtually silent. I wash the bowl and cover every day and supply fresh water twice a day. I rinse the sponge filter daily and boil it twice a week — it certainly works for keeping cat hair from floating on the surface of the water. My other cat, who lost an eye and is half blind, has difficulty with even a standard water bowl, so my vet did not advise taking away his water bowl. I hope he will make the transition in time.