Pet Fountain Replacement Filters

Basic and Perfect Fountains

Foam Filter

The Basic and Perfect Fountains include a square foam pre-filter (FF90) that is excellent for preventing cat hair and other debris such as cat food particles from getting into the fountain pump, thus protecting the pump from damage and reducing the frequency of pump cleanings. (The cat fountain itself still needs cleaning once a week). The filters are made of aquarium grade foam and are made specifically to fit the V90 pumps used in the Basic and Perfect Fountains. The foam filter simply fits over the pump and is easy to remove for cleaning. Every time you clean your cat fountain, give the filter a thorough rinsing with hot water, then cold water. Once in a while you can add a little vinegar to a bowl of hot water and let it soak for a bit, then rinse very thoroughly. You can even put it in the dishwasher (top rack) for absolute elimination of unwanted elements. The foam filter should last at least 6 months (until you feel that it is no longer getting clean), but it is a good idea to have an extra filter on hand.

A healthy water source is one of the most important elements for keeping healthy, happy cats and there is nothing better than a high-fired, non-porous, ceramic, food safe cat fountain with proper filtration that is handmade in America.

Inline Charcoal Filter

The Basic and Perfect Fountains include an in-line charcoal filter, the C290 Charcoal Filter, which removes and traps undesirable substances both in solution and suspension, such as saliva, food particles, chlorine and pesticides. The pores in the activated granular charcoal inside the filter absorb these impurities, removing elements which cause unpleasant odors and tastes. Because the water is constantly circulating in the fountain, all the water is continuously coming into contact with the filter and being cleansed. The charcoal will need to be replaced or recharged periodically when the pores in the charcoal become filled with trapped crud. A significant reduction in flow indicates that the charcoal filter is doing its job. Similar to a vacuum cleaner bag, when the charcoal gets clogged, it needs to be changed and if not changed, the effectiveness or the water flow will stop. How often this will happen depends on your unique circumstances, including, for example, how many cats are drinking, the cat’s age and health (which affects the amount of saliva being deposited into the water, older cats and cats with health issues generally having higher saliva levels), how often you clean the fountain and change the water (which can help to extend the filter’s life), the water quality in your locale, etc. A general estimate is 6-8 weeks between changes but this can vary greatly. The charcoal filter does not prevent cat hair or debris from entering the pump. The foam pump filter serves that function.

There are two options available for changing the C290 Charcoal Filter. The easiest option is to buy a new C290 Charcoal Filter. It takes about a minute to remove the old filter and replace it with a new one since there are no tools involved. All you have to do is pull the old one off and push the new one on. The most economical option is to buy a Charcoal Refill Kit (C2KIT). The kit contains NSF-certified water safe charcoal and 12 foam plugs which allow you to refill the C290 Charcoal Filter 12 times. A short Quick Start Demo video can be found in the Videos section of this website.

High Capacity Fountain

The High Capacity Fountain also includes two filters. The FF4H Foam Pump Filter protects the 4H pump from being fouled by substances that fall into the water. Our experience is that a FF4H Foam Pump Filter will last at least six months. As washing the FF4H is difficult and often disgusting, it is suggested to replace rather than clean it. If the FF4H Foam Pump Filter is carefully cleaned and sterilized, they have been known to last years.

The 4H-C2TD Charcoal Filter is a large 4” long antimicrobial tube that is filled with a large quantity of NSF water safe granular activated charcoal. The 4H-C2TD Charcoal Filter should last at least 6 months and cannot be refilled due to the stainless steel fasteners that are used in its construction.

The 4H-C2TD Charcoal Filter can be purchased individually. The FF4H Foam Pump Filter can be purchased in packages of 2 or 6. Both filters can be purchased as a combo package (4HFKit-C2TD) that includes six FF4H Foam Pump Filters and one 4H-C2TD Charcoal Filter.

Spectrum Fountain

The Spectrum Fountain uses the same V90 pump and FF90 Foam Pump Filter that is used in the Basic and Perfect Fountains. It does not include a Charcoal Filter. Many of our customers use bottled or filtered water in their cat fountains and change the water often and therefore do not require a charcoal filter. The FF90 Foam Pump Filter functions to prevent cat hair and debris from entering the pump and enables the Spectrum Fountain to be marketed as a high-quality introductory level fountain to hydrate pets.