Rachel – December 29, 2010 – Glacier Point Basic Fountain

My cat didn’t drink much water. She frequently had urinary infections that resulted in my couch being used as a cat pan. I was at my wits end and considering trying to find a home for her on a farm where she couldn’t urinate on a couch. My vet suggested a fountain to encourage her [to] drink more.

Knowing what I know about plastics, I did not want to have my cat drinking out of plastic fountains. Ceramic was the only option for me.  I love that extra water can be held in glass containers. I have not seen another ceramic fountain that offers this choice.
I purchased a ceramic fountain from another company first. It was constantly filthy because all of the water was held in a very wide bowl with no cover to protect it and no container for extra water. It made it a pain to keep up with the cleaning. I returned it and began an internet search for a better product.

I called Barry. He answered my questions and he has an excellent return policy. I purchased the basic fountain knowing I could upgrade it if I wanted. My cat is drinking more water and has not had an infection since.  I recently called him with a question. He provided information and good service after the purchase too. You can’t beat that!