Brandee – December 6, 2017 – Glacier Point Basic Pet Fountain

I can’t recommend these fountains enough!!! When our kitty, Toki, had an allergic reaction to our $25 plastic pet fountain and his cheap plastic food bowl, our vet told us to look for a non-plastic pet fountain or provide multiple stainless steel water bowls. So, I went into research mode. Even the $200+ pet fountains I found had non-hospital grade plastic in the build. I was really frustrated until I found Glacier Point’s website. Now, this was over 2 years ago, and I bet your site is much easier to find now. We saved up and purchased the small fountain as soon as we could. We absolutely love it! It’s so funny. When we finished setting up the fountain, the first thing our kitty did was put his paw into the fountain. Like all the way in and touched the bottom. Then he licked his paw and arm while watching the fountain. We gave him some space and tried to ignore him and a few minutes later he started drinking from it and has been a big fan ever since. His coat is shinier, he’s more active, he’s lost weight (in a good way) and even his gums are healthier. He had some dental issues a few years back. So it’s been a big hit with our kitty!

On another note, I can’t say enough about the spectacular customer service we’ve had with Barry. In two years, I’ve only contacted him twice. Once about how to better attach the motor to the bottom of the fountain with the suction cups and then today because we were a little late replacing the charcoal filter and the fountain was running very slow. The first time I called him he answered and I was caught off guard that he answered the phone himself, but was delighted to chat with him and troubleshoot. Today, I left him a voice message and he called me back within an hour. Just like the last time, he was kind, patient, and very helpful. In this day and age of call centers, text messaging, and emailing, some people might be a little weirded out by having direct contact with the maker of a product, but I can’t express how reassuring and helpful it is to know I can just call Barry whenever I have a question or issue.

So, if you have any reservations about ordering one of these fountains, dismiss them and go ahead and get one! They are easy to maintain, nice looking, quiet, and have greatly improved the health quality of life of our now 8 year old tabby cat. Also, please note that I am not great with mechanical things and even I had no issues putting it together and working with my spouse to maintain it. Barry provides great video tutorials and resources online to help you get started and maintain it. Also, like I said before, you can just email him or call him if you have any questions. The fountains and Barry are 100% A+ awesome!!!

Mary – August 14, 2017 – Glacier Point Basic Pet Fountain

I have had this fountain for 4 years. I use to buy the plastic ones in the pet store but after maybe a year, they would break. So I went online and searched for a better product and boy did I find one! This fountain is spectacular! I love that it keeps your water cold and the extra bottles you can put on top to make sure you never run out of waster. If I had a question, I pick up the phone and Barry always is so pleasant and extremely resourceful and knows his product. Honestly, if you are looking for a quality product for your pets to drink from, look no further; this is that product. I love love my pets and they deserve the best. This is the best!!!!!

Ron – January 12, 2017 – Glacier Point Basic Pet Fountain

I just wanted to thank-you for creating this water fountain for pets, it has worked great and seems to have solved some problems we were having with our two Ragdoll Cats. Bandit is a male Ragdoll about 6.5 years old he is large(about 20lbs) we’ve had problems with him throwing up and pooping outside of the box. These problems intensified the last couple of months and we tried a lot of different things which did not work. In the past the Vet said Bandit has problems being constipated but they offered no long term solutions. I read online that having flowing water helps cats drink more and can help with the issues we were experiencing. We had a couple of cheap water fountains(China Made) in the past they did not keep the water clean and actually formed mold and algae. I read somewhere online a recommendation of your fountains and I liked the idea of being made in the USA. I thought the price was high for a pet fountain but figured if it worked it work be worth many times the price. It has been a couple of weeks now and Bandit loves the flowing water and is drinking more water and it seems his issues have been resolved. He has not pooped outside of the box since we’ve had the fountain and he has only thrown up a couple times. Our other Ragdoll Bella is a female about 12 pounds and 6 years old. The only issue we’ve had with Bella is she would throw up once in a while and she has not done this since we’ve used the Glacier Point Pet Fountain.

Thanks again, this has really made a difference in our house and the health of our Ragdolls.

Morreene – December 27, 2016 – Glacier Point Perfect Pet Fountain

Thank you very much for designing and developing the Perfect Pet Fountain. Prior to discovering Glacier Point pet fountains, we had tried two different fountains. Our cats did not consume more water, and one of the fountains supposedly had been made in the USA when purchased. Upon receipt, the sticker said China. Totally disgusted.

Angry and motivated, finally discovered Glacier Point fountains. Your excellent, informative videos convinced us to purchase the Perfect Pet Fountain. Our cats began using it within two hours after investigating it when it was put down the first time. The dramatic increase in our cats water consumption shocked us. The proof was provided by needing to refill the glass bottle, and the generous deposits in the litter box. Their veterinarian has been very impressed with the positive impact your fountain has had on our cats’ health. Thank you very much for providing a beautifully designed pet fountain that is made in the USA.

Bob – October 21, 2016 – Glacier Point Perfect Pet Fountain

I have the product for about three years now and it’s still going strong it’s really a well constructed product. My cats love it from the first time they tried it they just sat there like little kid and kept licking it up. Even today after three years they are still as excited about that Glacier Point as I am. I have the one with three bottles for my two boys (Rag Dolls). The thing I like the most about it is when I go on vacation there’s always enough fresh running water for the boys to have something to drink. I’d also like to comment that Berry the owner is always easy to get a hold of and talk to, support is so important.
Great product.

Cheryl – September 7, 2016 – Glacier Point Perfect Pet Fountain

I just talked to Barry.  You may see older reviews that say he answers his phone and I’m here to confirm that he still does.  Not only is he nice to talk to and, he does not try to up-sell you.  On my own, I could have easily spent $50-60 (or more)  trying to remedy my issue (water wasn’t flowing).  After a minute he diagnosed my problem and told me how to check it.  The solution is simple and cheap (for me, the charcoal in the blue tube was clogged – check by taking off the blue tube and submersing the remainder of pump and gray pipe in a bowl of water to see if it works).

I bought my Perfect Pet Fountain based on reviews and Barry’s videos.   It’s a great design, all three of my cats took to it quickly.  It’s easier to clean than other fountains and requires less overall maintenance.   It may not be as streamlined-looking as other fountains, but I actually like the look and versatility and my cats certainly don’t complain.

Bottom line…this is a great product with over-the-top customer service and support.

Terry – September 1, 2016 – Glacier Point High Capacity Fountain with Chiller

The easiest way to do this is for me to add the link below to the post I just completed.

The unit is “Outstanding” and is very quiet in operation.

I “Highly” recommend the unit, it’s definitely worth the extra expense folks.

Therese & Glenn – April 24, 2016 – Glacier Point Basic Fountain

I purchased the Basic Fountain about 2 months ago. I called first to ask questions and had lots of help deciding which to order and details I needed to know before deciding to invest. I have 4 Cats 2 recent rescue’s from outside after feeding for a year, and 2 Senior Cats one with Hyperthyroid issues. I have been bombarded with vet bills since this started, $400 every time for tests to get her medication regulated not to mention other issues, Dental surgery etc. Not much left available on my credit card, so this was tuff to decide to spend this much on a fountain! After reading and watching all the videos I could see this is a well made product with longstanding VALUE.

Watching Barry in the videos, he reminds me of my Dad who had passion for the things he believed in and got deeply involved until it was done right, and cared most about how well a product is made, PRETTY DOESN’T MATTER ! Just like my Dad how it works is what matters. A science experiment it does “kinda” look like, but that’s o.k. it is a nice safe ceramic dish and the bottles are easy to find since it is a common thread. I had to chuckle at the one explaining how to change the charcoal and filters in the blue tube, “ya know its like how you load a rifle” LOL I got the point but Barry most of us women have never loaded a rifle, don’t change that video though, loved it! Barry didn’t find the Cheapest way to make it so he could profit more, he made it so it worked safely for our pets and our peace of mind.

I accepted 2 strays from outside, they all get along for the most part but cats can sense when one is sick and pick on that one a bit so when I’m not home or at bedtime I keep my senior hyperthyroid cat in the bedroom with us. So a QUIET fountain is a big issue. I started with the Hagan Cat It, well even with using distilled water after three weeks it stunk like lake water and was slimy when I cleaned it. I felt safer giving her water from the bowl but needed to encourage her to drink! So I then bought the Drinkwell Pagoda, I tried to attach video but don’t know how, anyway it was nice looking but LOUD, to give you an example you’d have to turn your TV up to compete with the noise plus I found out there are serious dangers with ceramics made in China which it is. Returned it and decided to go for the Glacier Point Basic Fountain knowing I could upgrade it to the Chiller and order replacement parts.

THIS IS A FOREVER FOUNTAIN, considering I’d have replaced fountains every 2 years and spend a fortune of filters and still not feeling the water is safe in the end I believe this is saving me Money the Value is lasting.

I received it all the way out here in Canada within 10 days. I read the instructions and watched the set up video on you tube. It was easy peasy. I made sure my cats were watching me set it up and my Nellie girl started drinking from it within 5 minutes. One of the others drinks from it occasionally but they have their water bowls still on the main floor. Once my Nellie passes on they all will drink from it. It is important she drinks lots of water no doubt heading into renal kidney failure next. That fountain is helping her keep her kidneys flushed.

The first time I cleaned this fountain, (after three weeks running) I watched the video and did it and there was very very little slime, just a tiny bit against the pump and it was so easy. The water did not stink I think I could have drank it!
Some people like me, wait until our cats get ill to buy a fountain, when in fact and especially if you give your cats dry food which I no longer do, your animals end up dehydrated, they do not drink extra water to make up for the water loss, this in turn causes inflammation that starts a whole host of other problems. Start now and avoid this problem and save yourself some vet bills.

I really appreciate that Barry decided to put his passion for animals and desire to have a properly working “no fuss” product on the market, we wish you success and hope more and more people find out that there is a reliable product out there that they can count on.

Joanne – April 21, 2016 – Glacier Point Basic Fountain

I purchased a pet water fountain for my 2 cats about 5 months ago and it’s the best investment ever. I have had other pet water fountains and yours is definitely superior. My cheaper plastic one used to get very slimy. Yours does not!!

What I love most is that it is so easy to clean. I wash the ceramic base weekly with soap and water and also rinse out the foam surrounding the motor. About once a month I soak the foam and the motor in vinegar. It does not get much easier that this.

My cats love it too!! They started drinking from it right away.

Gary – February 20, 2016 – Glacier Point Perfect Fountain

I very recently bought one of the Perfect Pet Fountains; and I am very, very pleased. Like all your other customers, I think I bought almost every other brand of fountain on the market and eventually got rid of them all.

I am absolutely amazed at how much water my cat drinks now. I’m so happy since this will help so much in keeping her healthy.

I thought she would be afraid of the fan, but she was actually trying very hard to find out what was inside of the housing!

Thank you for devoting so much to this high quality product; it is much appreciated. I also very much appreciate the note from you that was in the box stating you had built, packaged and shipped the fountain yourself. Such awesome customer service.