Rachel – December 29, 2010 – Glacier Point Basic Fountain

My cat didn’t drink much water. She frequently had urinary infections that resulted in my couch being used as a cat pan. I was at my wits end and considering trying to find a home for her on a farm where she couldn’t urinate on a couch. My vet suggested a fountain to encourage her [to] drink more.

Knowing what I know about plastics, I did not want to have my cat drinking out of plastic fountains. Ceramic was the only option for me.  I love that extra water can be held in glass containers. I have not seen another ceramic fountain that offers this choice.
I purchased a ceramic fountain from another company first. It was constantly filthy because all of the water was held in a very wide bowl with no cover to protect it and no container for extra water. It made it a pain to keep up with the cleaning. I returned it and began an internet search for a better product.

I called Barry. He answered my questions and he has an excellent return policy. I purchased the basic fountain knowing I could upgrade it if I wanted. My cat is drinking more water and has not had an infection since.  I recently called him with a question. He provided information and good service after the purchase too. You can’t beat that!

Kristin – December 21, 2010 – Glacier Point Perfect Pet Fountain

The fountain didn’t end up being the right thing for me and my cats, but Barry was wonderful to work with and stands behind his product 100%

Mindy – October 2, 2010 – Glacier Point IMS™ (Immune Support)

I wanted to write and tell you how wonderful the fountain is. I greatly appreciate all your patience and hard work that went into building it for me. I now have peace of mind that I am taking better care of my cat by getting rid of the Drinkwell and using your brilliantly designed fountain as my cat’s water source. Thank you for helping me become a more responsible pet owner.

Diane B. – August 6, 2010 – Glacier Point Perfect Pet Fountain

The Glacier Point Perfect Pet Fountain has been an answer to our prayers! Its ceramic and glass construction is ideal for keeping the unit clean and sanitary and affords ease for what little maintenance is required. The refrigerated filtration system is quiet and efficient and provides our dog and cat with a constant supply of cool, fresh water. Both of them took to their new fountain immediately.

Any concerns and questions we had prior to purchase were entertained courteously and professionally, both by email and telephone. Thanks to Barry for developing such a quality product that our “fur kids” love and eagerly use every day!

Antonia D. – July 7, 2010 – Glacier Point Basic Fountain

This fountain is the best! The water stays fresh and clean longer, and the fountain is extremely easy to clean. Before buying the Sierra basic fountain, I tried 3 other fountains from competitors. I no longer use them. The plastic fountains were impossible to keep clean. Scrubbing off the slimy coating on all the plastic parts took forever– there are so many little nooks and crannies where slime, bacteria etc. can hide and build up. And what is the point of filtering the water if it flows over slimy plastic on the way to the drinking spout?

The Sierra fountain keeps the water cleaner, and it is a snap to clean. The adjustable arm works perfectly to control the flow and sound level. My cats love it. I like the cheerful sound of flowing water too.

TIP: Since one of my youngsters likes to play with the water, I put the fountain on a small plastic tray to catch the splashes. Now he can play and the floor stays dry.

Regina J. – June 7, 2010 – Glacier Point Basic Fountain

Finally, a cat fountain I can dismantle and fully clean! Bonus points for how much water it holds. It almost didn’t work out because one of my cats has to mess with everything and pushed the water spout so that it was spilling out on to the floor. I solved this problem by using a couple zip ties basically tether the spout to the wooden carriage through two of the holes. Just a tip for those of you with nosy cats. Overall a great fountain, well worth the money, especially because you can come to this site and replace any of the parts if the need arises.

Julie P. – March 30, 2010 – Glacier Point Basic Fountain

It is very easy to use. The noise is a louder humming, but not annoying. I mistakenly ordered the basic fountain because my older cat really likes his water colder. So I ordered a full Glacier fountain another one for the main one in the kitchen. I should have ordered the two full Glacier the first time but was nervous to see how it would work. My cats love it though.

Kerry & Jon B. – Glacier Point Pet Fountain

Hi Barry,

we received our fountain today, and the set up was a breeze. the little blue tube was leaking slightly at both ends, but it stopped leaking after everything settled in. within a minute of putting the fountain on the floor, minou (my senior cat ~ i think i told you he had to have all his teeth pulled because of a gum disease) walked over to the fountain and started drinking. he layed by it for a half hour and went back at least 3 times! everyone seems very impressed with it..i’ve picked up the old water dish. guess i’ll sell it in a garage sale, lol.

i had a spare 16oz vinegar bottle that fits nicely and is standing by in the refrigerator for a backup. minou like ice cubes in the basin, so that really peaked his interest.

thanks for all your help…i guess i’ll be ordering some filters soon.
BTW – i have shop here in lewisville. if you would like to send some flyers, i’d be happy to put them in my shop.

Tyne – Glacier Point Pet Fountain

Hi Barry,

I bought a Glacier Point because of its quality build construction, ability to make the water colder, and because its filtration unit is outstanding. Also, my cat has allergies and plastic was not a good option versus your ceramic unit. Your unit is 100% different than the Drinkwell, which I owned prior to purchasing yours.

Nancy R. – Glacier Point Pet Fountain

Hi Barry!

I decided to purchase your fountain for a number of reasons, which I will detail below.

1. I hate plastic! I think it is about the worst invention human beings have evercome up with.
2. I had purchased and used the plastic Drinkwell fountain, because at the time, I did not realize I had any other options.
3. One of my cats had developed hair loss and acne on one side of her mouth. My vet advised me to switch.
4. As is typical with cheap plastic, the top piece of my Drinkwell fountain has not been useable for weeks, because the piece it clips on to has several little prong-like things that have broken off. As a result, the cap will not stay on.
5. After research on the internet, I have come to the conclusion that plastic is every bit as bad, if not worse, than I thought it was. The effect of plastic on cats is all over the internet.