Kerry & Jon B. – Glacier Point Pet Fountain

Hi Barry,

we received our fountain today, and the set up was a breeze. the little blue tube was leaking slightly at both ends, but it stopped leaking after everything settled in. within a minute of putting the fountain on the floor, minou (my senior cat ~ i think i told you he had to have all his teeth pulled because of a gum disease) walked over to the fountain and started drinking. he layed by it for a half hour and went back at least 3 times! everyone seems very impressed with it..i’ve picked up the old water dish. guess i’ll sell it in a garage sale, lol.

i had a spare 16oz vinegar bottle that fits nicely and is standing by in the refrigerator for a backup. minou like ice cubes in the basin, so that really peaked his interest.

thanks for all your help…i guess i’ll be ordering some filters soon.
BTW – i have shop here in lewisville. if you would like to send some flyers, i’d be happy to put them in my shop.

Tyne – Glacier Point Pet Fountain

Hi Barry,

I bought a Glacier Point because of its quality build construction, ability to make the water colder, and because its filtration unit is outstanding. Also, my cat has allergies and plastic was not a good option versus your ceramic unit. Your unit is 100% different than the Drinkwell, which I owned prior to purchasing yours.

Nancy R. – Glacier Point Pet Fountain

Hi Barry!

I decided to purchase your fountain for a number of reasons, which I will detail below.

1. I hate plastic! I think it is about the worst invention human beings have evercome up with.
2. I had purchased and used the plastic Drinkwell fountain, because at the time, I did not realize I had any other options.
3. One of my cats had developed hair loss and acne on one side of her mouth. My vet advised me to switch.
4. As is typical with cheap plastic, the top piece of my Drinkwell fountain has not been useable for weeks, because the piece it clips on to has several little prong-like things that have broken off. As a result, the cap will not stay on.
5. After research on the internet, I have come to the conclusion that plastic is every bit as bad, if not worse, than I thought it was. The effect of plastic on cats is all over the internet.

Laraine P. – Glacier Point Pet Fountain

Before purchasing the Glacier Point Fountain, I was a long time owner of an Original Drinkwell Fountain. I cleaned the Drinkwell daily but still couldn’t resolve the problems with the constant mold build up, the warm temperature and slimy feel of the water or the noisy weak motor. When I finally had only one of my five cats even willing to sip out of the Drinkwell, I decided to purchase a new fountain but only one with a ceramic reservoir.

The Glacier Point Fountain was the only ceramic one that met my high standards. I wanted a ceramic fountain made in the U.S.A. not China. I needed a fountain which would provide enough water capacity for five cats. Also it had to have a spout with water flow that mimicked the water coming from a faucet. The Glacier Point Fountain met all my needs plus offered the added features of a grounded electrical cord and two filters.

Though the Glacier Point Fountain was more expensive than any other ceramic fountain, it was well worth the price. I now only do a easy weekly cleaning and a monthly one. There are absolutely no mold issues, no warm water, and no noisy motor. All five of my senior cats love this fountain and so do I.

Laraine P. – Clayton, NJ

Janet P. – Glacier Point Pet Fountain

I have had a Drinkwell plastic fountain for about 5 years. I started having reservations about it because it was somewhat hard to clean and I wasn’t convinced that it wasn’t harboring germs in the plastic even after I cleaned it. I also didn’t see how the filters were helping since the water in the fountain went over the top of them and wasn’t forced to pass through them. After I lost my second cat in a row to kidney disease (actually the second one had severe kidney disease and then got cancer in her mouth and died last November), I felt more strongly that I wanted to look into something better for my cats’ water supply, both for their sake and for mine. I had seen a ceramic one in a catalog and that’s how I found out that such things existed. I decided to look into ceramic ones that would give me a way to clean them more thoroughly and more easily (close to sterilizing it if possible) and came across your fountains in my Internet search. I was pleased that yours had the characteristics I was looking for, and after learning more about how it worked and what the pros and cons might be, I decided to order one. I am glad that I did.

Brooke B. – Glacier Point Pet Fountain

I actually owned two Drinkwell Plastic Fountains prior to owning the Glacier Point. Not only is the Drinkwell Fountain hard to clean, but it also holds less water, and doesn’t keep the water at a temperature suitable for my cats. I own two Hairless Sphinx and with the Drinkwell Fountain I had to continuously add ice to the water in order for them to drink the amount of water they should be drinking (which is more than a haired cat drinks). My two cats now will empty the bottle in a day and a half with the Glacier Point, where the Drinkwell it would be three days. The cats love the water, I love how easy it is to clean, the lack of growing bacteria (that you get from using plastic), and that I don’t have to add ice to the water to encourage them to drink more. I have recommended the Glacier Point fountains to everyone I know that has cats that they care about..

Brooke B . – Proud owner of a Glacier Point Fountain

Adam St. P – Glacier Point Pet Fountain

In early 2010 one of our cats was diagnosed with FUS (Feline Urologic Syndrome) Among the recommendations given to us by our veterinarian was to purchase a pet water fountain. The same day we began shopping for a fountain.  We ended up purchasing three fountains locally, the “Drinkwell 360″ the “Petmate Deluxe fresh flow” and the “Hagen CatIt Fresh & Clear”. This began a very frustrating few weeks. Both of our cats refused to drink from any of them. Our vet suggested it may be the smell of our water, so we tried; soft water, hard water, refrigerated soft water, refrigerated hard water, warm bottled water, refrigerated bottled water, warm filtered hard water, cold filtered hard water, warm filtered soft water, and cold filtered soft water. Our cats scoffed at all of these waters in all three fountains.

During this time we cleaned the fountains as suggested by the manufacturers which became tiresome with the Drinkwell, it was very difficult to clean.  We then purchased the Glacier Point fountain. Within one day both cats were drinking from it with any water we used, and has been a joy to clean.

Thank you for selling a product that was not available from any other company including Veterinary Ventures Inc.

Sincerely, Adam St. P

Chris Z. – Glacier Point Pet Fountain

I had a Drinkwell before the Glacier Point fountain. I bought a Glacier Point for the following reasons:

1. It reviewed quite well on the Amazon website
2. Its cooling system actually cools the water as opposed to just moving it
3. The build quality of the materials and the fountain are better than anything else out there I could find
3. The Drinkwell fountain was very difficult to clean
4. The Drinkwell fountain stopped working (the pump broke) after approximately 9 months

Regards, Chris Z.

Megan W. – Glacier Point Pet Fountain

My name is Megan Wilson and I recently purchased a Glacier Point Fountain from you. I did have a plastic fountain before purchasing the Glacier one and it caused me no end of trouble.  I was always spending money to replace the carbon filter, the wimpy pump that was IN the water was always getting clogged and it quit working twice. Not knowing any better after the first pump quit working I went out and purchased a 2nd plastic fountain thinking the 1st was fluke. Of course after all the same headaches the 2nd one quit working as well.

At this point I put my husband in charge of finding us a better water system for our 2 cats. He did extensive research and your product won hands down. I was hesitant at first due to the price but I have never been happier! Not only is your product quieter then the plastic ones, it has a bigger reservoir (doesn’t run empty half as often as the plastic ones do) and I am convinced that I can continue to use this fountain through the life of my pets and probably much longer.

Dawn C. – Glacier Point Pet Fountain

I had a couple of different plastic fountains several years ago but due to not being able to sanitize them safely and the issues with plastics (BPAs etc) I threw them out and used glass/ceramic bowls. It wasn’t until I found your product that I felt safe and happy to get a fountain again.