Leslie – Glacier Point Pet Fountain

Yes, I did buy Drinkwell’s fountains, Drinkwell Platinum pet fountain and 360 pet fountain and even Cat IT product. Currently, those products are sitting in my garage. My 2nd Drinkwell Platinum pet water fountain is still unopened. I bought the 2nd Drinkwell Platinum pet water fountain almost one year ago.

I really was not satisfied by those pricey, cheap plastic and hard to clean products; oh, probably, made in China. And, I knew that cats would often get allergy by plastic products. Therefore, I have looked around from the Internet and found a few ceramic pet water fountains. Most of them are made in China. Well, products that are made in China always have quality concerns. Finally, I found a pet fountain that made in the U.S.A., Glacier Point. Even though the price of Glacier Point was higher than those massed productions, I was willing to pay more to get safe product.

Lynn D. – Glacier Point Pet Fountain

Hi, Barry.

First, I’ve been meaning to write to let you know how wonderful your product is! My four guys love and and drink readily from it. The three bottles are better than two as far as keeping the flow going.

I don’t remember which brand of drinking fountain we bought before yours but we returned it to the store because we couldn’t get it working. We called the company first and followed their instructions. It worked only momentarily, and then stopped again. Husband refused to even consider an exchange. Off to the Internet I went in search for one he would consider trying…eventually, finding yours.

The inferior product put this customer back in the market for a suitable fountain. Your fountain, with the ceramic bowl (which is far superior to plastic) and the excellent filtration system was all we needed to see in order to choose your product. If I could have afforded the upgrade, I would have chosen the one with the chiller. My guys like cool water. Since two of them have had surgery for urinary tract issues, fresh water is critical. Plain and simple, your product is better!

Susan W. – Glacier Point Pet Fountain

Hello Barry,

Although I did not buy a plastic fountain first, I found yours specifying ceramic as opposed to plastic fountains for my cats and dogs. I have long thought that there was good enough science that showed we show not use plastic to drink out of for ourselves, that I certainly would not use them for my beloved animals to drink out of. Also I have had my vet confirm this and he felt there was correlation with feline acne. We had two cats with repetitive problems with that. When I used my search engine I specified anything BUT a plastic waterier. Also I was concerned with the quality of Drinkwell fountains and ruled them out in the process of my searching people’s opinions on various fountains. I did not find your company by accident. I found you by process of elimination. Drinkwell was eliminated from the first.  If your company had not been in existence I would not have bought anything if Drinkwell had been the ONLY choice.

Regina J. – Glacier Point Pet Fountain

I had a Drinkwell fountain first, the Drinkwell Original Pet Fountain. I chose to get a Glacier Point fountain afterward for the following reasons:
• It was impossible to really clean the plastic on the outside of the Drinkwell fountain. I could scrub as much as I wanted but it still looked grungy and gross.
• The filter on the Drinkwell fountain I had was a joke. It wasn’t water tight; it looked like the water could easily flow over or around the filter insert.
• It was impossible to really clean the inside of the Drinkwell fountain without specialized tools; it clearly wasn’t made with ease of thorough cleaning in mind.
• There’s a flow level control knob over the intake of the Drinkwell fountain that would always get clogged with pet hair, it was hard to remove to clean and put back on.

Douglas L. – Glacier Point Pet Fountain

I previously had a Drinkwell and one other brand, both of which were made of plastic. After much research I realized that the plastics used in these other fountains contained potentially harmful BPA so I went looking for a pet waterer that used glass or ceramic. All I could find from the big name producers were more cheap plastics ones. The couple I located that were not made of plastic had terrible customer reviews and were clearly not well made. I almost gave up but decided first to look into some products made by smaller producers and found the Glacier Point.

I opted for the Glacier Point fountain because it was made of ceramic. Even the reservoir bottle is made of glass, not plastic. I had a question which I e-mailed to Mr. Farris and he got back to me in short order which gave me even more reason to go with the Glacier Point. The final selling point was the grounded pump used in its construction that prevents the possibility of my pets being shocked and injured or killed while drinking from it. None of the big name, plastic fountains I’ve previously owned had grounded connections.

The decision to go with the Glacier Point was a no-brainer. I will also say it was considerably more expensive than the plastic fountains but for the health and safety of my pets it was well worth the additional cost. If I needed another pet fountain I’d get another Glacier Point, no question.

After purchasing the Glacier Point it was obvious my 3 cats liked it better than the old plastic fountains. My guess is that the water tastes better and does not absorb any unpleasant tastes from plastic materials. It also turned out to be much simpler and quicker to clean than the plastic fountains, and with the filtered intake tube the pump doesn’t end up getting clogged with cat hair like some of the previous fountains did. It’s so much better than other fountains I’ve owned there’s just no comparison.

Eric T. – Glacier Point Pet Fountain

Prior to purchasing a Glacier Point fountain, I owned a Drinkwell 360 Pet Fountain. After a year of regular use and maintenance, the plastic components had become fragile and very difficult to clean, and then the pump failed.
I understand that inexpensive, imported products like the Drinkwell 360 have a short duty cycle. I’ve now chosen to invest in high-quality, longer-lasting products to reduce waste and conserve resources. I chose the Glacier Point fountain for the following features:
• Heavy-duty pump
• Ceramic basin
• Built in USA

To my knowledge, no Drinkwell product offers any of these features. It’s like comparing a plastic hammer to one made of wood and steel: you can swing each of them, but only one is tool, not a toy.

Sincerely, Eric T

Arlene M. – Glacier Point Pet Fountain

Oh boy!  I have 3 different plastic fountains sitting in my garage. I hope you are stealing customers from them because your fountain is so much better and more sanitary. The ceramic also keeps the water cooler than the plastic. I believe if given a choice of a plastic dish or a ceramic the cats would choose the ceramic because it doesn’t hold funny smells.

Since your fountain is pricier than the plastic units maybe people will still buy the plastic ones first and later switch to yours when they realize how much better for the animals it is.

Jennifer C. – Glacier Point Pet Fountain

Hi, I have had MANY plastic drinking fountains and they all broke in some form or another. The one I had before I bought my Glacier Point was a Drinkwell Platinum. Aside from a major flaw in their design that does not allow a thorough cleaning, especially in the tube that leads up from the pump to the filter, the seal on the plastic tub leaked and the adapter quit working. I ordered another adapter at my own expense and Drinkwell sent me another tub. The new tub also leaked right off the bat. Right then and there I began scouring the internet for a better alternative. I don’t understand how your FAR SUPERIOR and far more expensive product can possibly be competing with “…………..” mediocre product. Most people would not spend over a hundred dollars or close to two hundred unless they wasted countless dollars on cheap pet fountains that break down.