Patricia – August 5, 2014 – Glacier Point Basic Fountain

After much experience with various brands of cat fountains–and a lot of headache!–I took a chance with the Glacier cat fountain. What a difference!! It is so easy to keep clean, it’s so much healthier for my cats, and, best of all, my cats love their two fountains. I have six happy cats. The customer service is also superb.

Thank you, Mr. Barry!

Dalton – July 20, 2014 – Glacier Point Basic Fountain

We received our basic fountain in March of 2014. Our cat started drinking from it immediately and we really appreciate it because he now drinks a lot more water. In July we were cleaning the fountain and pump. The pump wouldn’t restart. We performed all the suggested checks to no avail. At 4:00pm Central time we called Glacier Point expecting a run around. We spoke with Patricia. She sounded very concerned and sent a new pump priority mail FREE that SAME day. We received the pump immediately. We installed the pump and it is working great. We were going to send the old pump back for their research of the failure but we first tried it again and to our great surprise the pump now operates.

We were willing to pay for the new pump since the old pump now works but Barry said as we were honest about the situation we could just keep both pumps.

Imagine that type of Customer Service in this day and time.

Audrey – June 25, 2014 – Glacier Point Basic Fountain

I bought the fountain for my dachshunds. It is easy to keep clean and change filters. I like that the ceramic basin is made in USA. I have had my fountain now for almost 3 yrs with no problems.

Kristine – June 5, 2014 – Glacier Point Perfect Pet Fountain

Wow! I literally just received the fountain about a half hour ago.

I unpacked it (very safe packing almost to the point of overkill), filled it up, and put it on the floor and waited. Did not wait long at all. As soon as I stepped back one of my cats was there, sniffing around and doing the things that cats do with new things. Then, she sat down and immediately started drinking. And hasn’t stopped!

Granted, it’s only been here an extremely short time but I am very impressed. I’ll give it a couple weeks to see how the filtering does–as well as how cool the water stays. I live in Arizona, so the coolness is very important.

Chris – June 9, 2014 – Glacier Point Pet Fountain

Great product. I have really enjoyed my fountain. So much better and easier to clean than the store one I used to have.
Thanks for designing a great product. I also appreciate the fact that you tell people to just use empty vinegar bottles (and designed it that way) and that you sell recharge kits for the filter. Both show a consideration besides just making money… Refreshing.


Laura – March 8, 2014 – Glacier Point Basic Fountain

My cats love their Glacier Point Fountain! We had tried other fountains only to have them clog and burn out, usually right after the 30 day warranty expired. My cats are snobs who only drink moving water so the typical bowl set up wasn’t cutting it. I decided to spring for the Glacier Point after my 2nd cat was diagnosed with CRF. I knew it wasn’t going to reverse her condition, but maybe it would help the rest of our cats avoid the same fate. Set up was extremely easy, and the videos make it almost stupid proof. We were up and running 3 minutes out of the box and the cats were using it within 5 minutes of setup. We haven’t had any problems with sediment or clogging regardless of how many catnip mice my cats dunk. Thank You Barry, you make a great product that truly is good for our pets.

Lee K. – February 25, 2014 – Glacier Point Basic Fountain

Let’s see Barry says about three minutes to set up. — Yep took me three minutes from box to water.

Barry said cats should have no issues drinking from the fountain. — All four cats started drinking from the new fountain by the time I finished cleaning the old fountain. No need for break in time.

Glacier Point Pet Fountain is everything Barry says it is. Good old USA product with clear instructions and our Cats love the fountain

Judy S. – December 15, 2013 – Glacier Point Perfect Pet Fountain

I have purchased many water fountains for my 3 cats @ the pet stores only to return them for many faulty reasons. I made the investment into Barry’s pet fountain! Words cannot explain the awesomeness! The bowl is always clean, no residue, NO NOISE.. Quiet.. unbelievable.. How its done IDK? but so appreciate it!! My cats are always drinking out of it.. The blue pipe collects a lot of debris. If you are thinking of a purchase and going back and forth with the money part of it, like I did… OH, MY, Buy it.. It is so worth the money, #1 for the product value, #2 the healthy water the pet will be able to drink knowing all the debris is out and not inside your pet, #3 your pet will drink water… and Enjoy it and #4 when I called a normal person picked up the phone and talked to me like my best friend prior to my purchase, so that was reassuring, answering all my questions and was helpful, SO hurry, get your drinking fountain so your pet can enjoy it right now! Thanks for my Fountain… FROM my 3 cats, TT, Sissy, & Sassy

Rhiana D. – December 9, 2013 – Glacier Point Perfect Pet Fountain

hmmm lets see here. THIS IS MY 3RD FOUNTAIN for my Ragdoll cat, Sophie, and soon I will be acquiring kitty #2.

After having tried the basic Drinkwell plastic fountain and the stainless steel Pioneer Pet fountains, I was ready to give up on fountains all
together. Both Drinkwell and Pioneer Pet were difficult to clean and made of cheap materials that corroded quickly (within a couple months). I had to have a good fountain as Sophie, along with many kitties, has struggled with urinary tract issues in the past.

The Glacier Point Perfect Pet Fountain is really pretty cool. I don’t mind the fact that it looks like a science experiment because it receives 1st place! Easy to clean, made of safe materials, keeps the water ice cold with the chiller and ceramic basin, and most importantly I am AMAZED by the amount of water my cat is drinking! I kept her old water bowl nearby for a few days like Barry suggested, but within hours, all she wanted to do was drink water from the Perfect Pet Fountain. If you have a heart in your chest, and you care about your animals, do the right thing and make a one time investment in this quality product and quit wasting your money on Drinkwell, Pioneer Pet, and other brands of subpar fountains. You will not be disappointed!

Tim J. – November 9, 2013 – Glacier Point Basic Fountain

This is a follow-up review. In June, 2011 we purchased the basic fountain. We were replacing a plastic Drinkwell fountain mostly because they are so hard to clean. The Glacier Point fountain has operated flawlessly ever since. The ceramic basin looks just like new because it is so easy to clean. I clean the system once a week. I replace the charcoal in the supply pipe every 2-3 weeks depending on when the water flow rate gets too low. We now have three male cats ages 7, 1 and 1. Each has his own way of drinking, and each likes the fountain, so they stay hydrated. Love it that its made in the USA, too.