Robert K. – December 2, 2012 -Glacier Point Perfect Pet Fountain

I bought two of the Perfect Pet Fountains for the dozen cats we care for. Our third Drinkwell “Big Dog” Fountain once again leaked at the pump gasket creating a nice flood on the room below ruining a about four ceiling tiles. We have also owned at least a half dozen other recirculating cat fountains including the original Drinkwell, the 360 (worst one yet) and Platinum and some other brands. Fed up with fountains made in China and that needed replacement nearly annually. I made a search of the web for “best” cat fountains. That search brought me to Glacier Point. While initially I balked at the price, but after doing the math of all the previous fountains we had purchased it actually turns out that the Glacier Point fountains are a bargain. Additionally, Glacier Point has two distinct features over all prior purchases – made in America and the refrigeration aspect. After receiving two of the fountains it was quite apparent that these surpassed any of the other competitors. The base is solid and all the unit sits inside which eliminates any chance of leaking. They are also very quiet and provide the option of having the water discharging above the water level or simply recirculating more like a traditional bowl of water.

The motor housing and filter are all contained as a single removable unit. Cleaning no longer involves separating numerous parts and trying to remove the crust that would form on the cheap plastic dish from the cats saliva/water mix.

Barry was great to work with and all of the cats accepted the fountains either immediately or within a day or two.

I consider myself a bit of a self-professed expert on circulating cat fountains (since I’ve owned nearly all that have been made) this fountain stands head and shoulders above the rest.

Keep up the great work Barry – wish you much success!

Terry F. – November 25, 2012 – Glacier Point Basic Fountain

After being grossed out while cleaning 2 plastic fountains that kept getting more grimey, I gave up and threw them out. Now, 6 months after getting my Basic Fountain, I’m glad to say I don’t mind washing it, and my 3 cats loved it from the moment I turned it on. No water fountain is totally maintenance free, but this one is the best.

Marilyn M. – October 20, 2012 – The Basic Pet Fountain

I bought the Basic Fountain about a month ago. My cats (who were used to a fountain) took to it right away. This product is so much better than anything you can buy at a pet store. There is no grime build up on the basin and cleaning it is so much easier. I had a question (on a Saturday) about my fountain and Barry got back to me within minutes! Unbelievable!! You can’t go wrong with this fountain and I agree with others who have said… get what you pay for!!

Very Happy Customer

Laura W. – October 15, 2012 – Glacier Point Basic Fountain

I own two Basic fountains. Before ordering the first unit, I was hesitant to make that type of investment (what if the cats hated it)? However, my experience with the “impossible-to-keep clean” plastic Drinkwell fountains and mounting concern about using anything with stainless steel around my furkids led me to “make the leap.” Even my pickiest cat LOVED the fountain. They were all drinking from it and juggling for positions within two days. In fact, they used it so much that I ordered a second unit to help with the fountain “traffic” and keep them happy. The units are quiet, super easy to clean and definitely more attractive in person. So glad that I took the leap. My cat kids deserve the best and we both love their Glacier Point fountains. Thanks so much, Barry, for the exceptional product, shipping and customer service. It’s a great feeling to know that my cats are drinking more and healthier water from the best fountains that I can buy!

Christopher B. – August 30, 2012 – The Basic Pet Fountain & The High Capacity Fountain

I own both the Basic and the High Capacity fountains. Both are of extremely well built, simple, and easy to clean. I originally found Glacier Point while searching for a safe, clean water fountain for our not so distant future Maine Coon kittens. Personally, I’ve never owned a “cheaper” fountain, which is against Barry’s recommendations; I don’t like wasting money on inferior products. The reviews and the low build quality of other fountains is quite apparent to me. The lack of filtration on other units is easy to see. You wouldn’t put a water filter under your sink for your household that just allows water to flow over the top of the filter; forced filtration is the only way to go. The plastics used on others collects grime and bacteria, compared to the USA made ceramic basin that has a smooth, easily disinfected surface.

I purchased the Basic fountain for my mom’s small dog because I felt he should have one.  After a short time, he easily adjusted to this fountain.  I’ve never seen him drink as much water as he does from the Glacier Point. I opted for the High Capacity for my future Maine Coons due to their size. Unfortunately I do not yet have my kittens so I can’t give a review on their use of the product, but I have no doubts about them loving the fountain.

If anyone is put off by the cost of this fountain, just remember the saying “you hope you get what you pay for”. I can honestly say you get what you pay for with GP.

Another reason I chose to deal with Barry is his great customer service. I have sent him several emails to clarify one thing or another, since my inquiries are not high priority, I typically expect a 48 hour response time.

With Barry, sometimes I get a response in minutes. I applaud your customer service, one of the many reasons I will continue to deal with and recommend GP; and I have recommended these fountains to several people.

I also look forward to seeing the other products mentioned in the newsletter.

J. Barlow – August 10, 2012 – Glacier Point Basic Fountain

I received the fountain the following Tuesday, just as you said. It arrived in perfect condition. I’m sorry I haven’t gotten back to you sooner, but I wanted to wait long enough to see how my ‘Girls’ would take to their new ‘water dish,’ & observe any changes to- in them. The verdict is in…! Mr. Barry Ferris, I have to say, this is the Best purchase I have ever made for any of my ‘kids,’ in all of my 66 years! I’m not kidding by a long shot!!! Here’s what your invention has done for my ‘Girls:’

At first my youngest, Ms. Kali, would have nothing to do with it, slinking around it, & would bat at it whenever she went near it! We all had great laughs over that. Then she saw that Ms. Shadoe took right to it the first day! We watched & waited… Finally, after only 2 days, Kali started ignoring the bowl of water, & drinking out of the fountain! I removed the water bowl. Now, after a bit of experimenting, I’ve turned the ‘faucet’ slightly to the side so Shadoe drinks out of it, & Kali drinks out of the dish!

The benefits we’ve seen are: Shadoe & Kali are both drinking much more water than before. Shadoe (the oldest, thinnest one) is eating more & so, is gaining weight! She’s also much more active & playful. We’re talking about a cat of maybe between 6 to 8 years old, & did not play, per say, with anyone or anything! And, (here’s the miracle part!!!) she’s even playing much more with Kali, which wasn’t happening before they starting drinking this clean, fresh, colder water!!!!! The urine & feces smell from their kitty litter box is all but completely non-existent! Kali isn’t having as much constipation as she was before using your fountain. And I predict she will have even less, if not any, the more of this ‘better’ water she drinks. Their coats are getting shinier, softer, & they’re not shedding as before this ‘miracle’ fountain! Speaking of their coats, they are not depositing fur balls around much anymore! (Oh, those are so nasty to step on bare foot, in the dark…! lol).

Barry, you have created a truly ‘miracle’ product that I am so proud to own, that I want to do all I possibly can to promote your product to the world. I’m really excited about this & want to tell everyone! Please let me know how I might do this without people complaining that it’s ‘spam.’

Would you mind if I advertise your product & website on my Facebook page?
I’m so glad I made that order that night. It’s changed the lives of not only 2 adult kitties, but the adult humans who live with them also.

Thank You, Sir, for the best invention, & investment for my ‘kids’ I’ve ever, ever made! I will never use anything else for my ‘kids.’ (Still thinking of getting the large one for the outdoor ‘kids.’ Just need to find a way to keep Ms. Kayla from chewing it up!!! lol).

Thank You, very much, again, Mr. Barry Ferris. Have a Great Day (We are now!)

ceg604 – July 29, 2012 – Glacier Point Perfect Pet Fountain

I am sure you won’t be posting this review as I do not see any negatives which I find odd! I used my fountain for about 1 year and have not seen my cats drink any more from it. It is expensive for parts and shipping. It takes up alot of room. Half of it is motor. I just use the ceramic dish now. Sorry Barry, not happy!

Barry’s response: I am always available 7 days a week to solve any problem. After using her fountain for eleven months, ceg604 refuses to change the filters even though the cost to maintain the filters is about one dollar/month so I guess I cannot solve every problem and therefore this is my first negative review. I emailed her to see how I could help with no response from her.

Barbara N. – July 14, 2012

Barry Farris was most helpful and took as much time as I needed in the explanation of his products. He also went one step further in assisting me when I ran into a shipping issue. My scheduled shipment was a gift and needed to be delayed–which, of course, incurred an additional fee. Mr. Farris did not hesitate and absorbed that charge even though it was my error; thank you for your personalized service. The gist of this testimonial is he not only has great products, but also has excellent customer service too.

J. Weinstein – June 28, 2012 – Glacier Point Perfect Pet Fountain

This is a WONDERFUL product. At first, I was a little bit put off by the cost, but it is well worth it. My 3 cats love it! Can you imagine if your only beverage choice was water at room temperature? This fountain just works well and is much easier to clean than those plastic fountains. Every cat and dog should have one of these.

Cinnamon S. – April 23, 2012 – Glacier Point Basic Fountain

After going through two plastic fountains and finding that my poor kitty was throwing up a lot, had chin acne (black bumps that build up under their chins), and a stuffed up nose, I decided to try the Glacier Point Basic Fountain. And I’m so glad I did. Not only is it incredibly easy to clean and maintain, but her symptoms (probably of an allergy to plastic and/or mold build-up) have all disappeared and we both love our new fountain! It did take her a minute to adjust, especially because I didn’t follow Barry’s website instructions to leave the old fountain running and place the new one somewhat nearby for the first week or so. Instead, I got rid of the old one completely and Lucia, my kitty, proceeded to freak out, jumping up on the kitchen sink all the time and yowling in the bathtub. I was about to give up, return the Glacier Point fountain, and resume using her old plastic one, but I called Barry and he gave me a pep talk and encouraged me–for the sake of Lucia’s health–to keep trying. So I followed his original advice, plugged in her old one nearby and allowed her to get comfortable with the Glacier Point and within about a week, she’d stopped using the plastic one altogether. I’ve since had one problem with a V90 filter that got clogged and a bunch of water ended up on the floor overnight (the pump kept going and is still working fine, even after sitting in virtually no water for an hour or two, so it’s obviously very sturdy), but I again spoke to Barry over the phone and he explained that they clog up faster sometimes according to what’s in the water and how much cat saliva is involved. He also recommended I buy the Carbon Recharge Kit, which is good for 12 recharges and is much more cost effective than buying that many filters. And he recommended buying 32 oz. bottles of vinegar, pouring out and saving the vinegar (it can be used to clean the fountain), washing the bottles, and using them for additional Refill Bottles instead of purchasing them via his site. Obviously, he cares more about the best interests of his customers and their kitties than the bottom line, which I really appreciate. And I truly believe the Glacier Point to be the best product on the market for the health and happiness of cats and humans alike.