Michael G. – April 6, 2012 – Glacier Point Basic Fountain

All I know is that my cat, Winston, goes to Barry’s fountain FIRST, and to the other one only if I have Barry’s out of commission for cleaning or such. Yes, I have a VERY smart cat.

Donna L. – March 12, 2012 – Glacier Point Pet Fountain

In November, 2011, I purchased your fountain. The main reason for getting the fountain was that my cat has had a medical condition since she was a kitten (she is now 9 years old), and one of the problems is that she becomes dehydrated which makes everything worse.

In 2011 alone, before getting your fountain, we made at least six plus trips to the vets so that she could be given subcutaneous fluids (a minimum of 100-115 cc each time). This was not only expensive, but tough on my cat Sophie, as trips to the vet are stressful for her. Even in working with my holistic vet who is super and will exhaust all methods to see what will work, and in feeding only wet/canned food (adding water), my cat would still become dehydrated.

It was very frustrating, until I purchased the Glacier Point Fountain and started using this as her water source. I have seen her using the fountain, but more importantly, the bottle tells me how much water has been used. Since November, Sophie has not had any more problems with dehydration. She has not had to have any subcutaneous fluids administered. It is wonderful.
Her gums are glistening, her coat is soft, fluffy and there are no mats. What a difference it has made for us. For me it is simple to run, easy to maintain and clean.

Water is so important to the health of our cats, and Sophie is much happier and healthier since getting your fountain.

Thank you so much for such a great product.

Ann A. – Feb. 26, 2012 – Glacier Point Basic Fountain

I have 3 Siamese cats, two of whom only eat dry food. (Try as I might to switch them to wet, they insist on dry.) So they need more water in their diet. I have tried two plastic cat fountains prior to the Glacier Point, and, while the cats used one of them, it was the biggest PITA to clean you can imagine. And they had to be cleaned frequently because of the slime that developed quickly. The slime was hard to remove. I would run bleach through the machine for 30 minutes prior to starting the clean up routine with soap, and then followed up the scrubbing with vinegar to really clean them. The Glacier Point is about 1000 times easier to clean. In fact, you can’t even MAKE it hard to clean. First, it doesn’t get slimy. Second, a normal sponge soaked with a little vinegar and soap cleans all surfaces in under two minutes (vs 30 minutes or more with the plastic fountain). Most importantly, the cats use it. So its a twofer – they love it and it’s EASY AS PIE to clean. BRAVO BARRY!!!!

Heather – Feb. 24, 2012 – Glacier Point Perfect Pet Fountain

Still the best fountain I have ever got for my two cats. Barry is fantastic with customer service, and my kitties could not be happier.

Highly recommend this over any other fountain you can find.
In from M. David … Feb. 12, 2012 … for Glacier Point Basic Fountain
We have had the fountain for a wekk and our two cats have been drinking from it non-stop! While it may not have the “fancy look” of the commercial store bought fountains – it performs its objective flawlessly! This really is the best fountain out there. Quiet, effective, and very easy to clean. Well done Barry!

Jean and Lois – February 8, 2012 – The Perfect Pet Fountain

This is simply the best available cat fountain.

It provides our cats with cool, filtered water, and requires less care and maintenance than other pet fountains we have owned.

Our cats’ Perfect Pet fountain is made from food grade and FDA approved components, unlike other available pet fountains.

We are confident that this is the best and safest fountain we can provide for our cats.

The ordering process was a snap and we received our fountain within a week of our order, even though it to shipped to Canada.

This is not the first pet fountain we have owned. However, several years ago we gave up using fountains, after deciding we could provide better quality water using water bowls.

Recently, after our cats’ vet recommended we get a fountain for our senior cat, we did much research on cat fountains. It was very discouraging. The reviews revealed the following issues with plastic pet fountains:

  1. They are hard to clean
  2. They get slimy quickly
  3. Their pumps are noisy
  4. Their pumps fail quickly.

In general these issues meant that the fountains needed to be cleaned almost daily and replaced frequently.

We had experienced these issues previously, during our ownership of several different makes and models of plastic pet fountains.

However, our cats’ vet had recommended we get a cat fountain for our senior cat.

We hoped that the new ceramic and stainless steel versions of the previous fountains we had owned might be suitable. But research indicated that they suffered the same issues as plastic fountains and one very serious additional issue.

None of the major manufacturers guarantee that their fountains use food grade ceramic glaze or stainless steel.

Glacier Point for Cats does guarantee it uses food grade ceramic glaze for the fountains they manufacture. As well the other components of the fountain are food grade and or FDA approved.

Given the previous pet food scandal originating from China, and the fact that most of these pet fountains are made in China, this is a serious issue.

Use of non food grade ceramic glaze can cause heavy metal poisoning. We don’t want to use a fountain that poisons our cats.

Therefore, after researching the Glacier Point for Cats fountains, the only difficult decision was which Glacier Point for Cats fountain to buy.

We decided on the Perfect Pet fountain. Who doesn’t appreciate a chilled glass of water on a hot day. We wanted to provide the best drinking experience for our cats.

The Glacier Point for Cats fountain we bought is more expensive than other pet fountains, but the extra features it has make it worth the cost.

Benefits of the Glacier Point for Cats Perfect Pet fountain 1. Safe for our cats to use 2. Chilled filtered water 3. Easier to maintain than other fountains 4. Lasts longer than other fountains (with proper maintenance) 5. Made in North America

In the long run we know it will be cheaper.

Diane K. – February 8, 2012 – The Perfect Pet Fountain

I bought the Perfect Pet fountain 6 months ago. It is a hit with all my dogs. I have a 65 lb. Australian Shepard, 45 lb. Chow/Akita mix and 2 schnauzers. I live in Florida and keep the fountain on my covered back porch. With all the heat and humidity, the water still stays ice cold. I go through 3 16 oz. bottles a day – they love the water!!! The unit is very easy to take care of and I have zero issues with it. If it ever does expire I will not hesitate getting another one.

Thanks for designing it – I have been looking for ever for one.

Barry F. – Dec. 15, 2011 – Glacier Point Basic Fountain

My cats always enjoyed fountains but we were never able to control the mold growth on the plastic models. Glacier Point to the rescue! It took a few days for them to get over their kitty suspicions but I’m seeing the refill bottle empty more quickly every few days. My male cat drinks openly and my females are sneaking drinks when they think we’re not looking.

I also appreciate the simplicity and quality of the fountain design. It’s easy to see that Barry is an engineer. No fluff and nonsense.

Amy S. – Nov. 30, 2011 – for Glacier Point Basic Fountain

I have been absolutely delighted with my Glacier Point fountain! It’s just what I’ve been looking for after realizing that I would never be able to get my plastic Drinkwell fountains clean, no matter what I did to them. The water stays clean, even after a week of kitty drool! The ceramic is a snap to clean.

I noticed soon after I got my first Glacier Point fountain that my cats pretty much stopped drinking from their bowls and instead are drinking from the fountain. They clearly had stopped using the Drinkwells (probably because they were never really clean after the first week), but they LOVE the Glacier Point. In fact, as soon as I realized how much they loved the first one, I ordered a second one to replace my upstairs Drinkwell.

The fountains are absolutely silent, unless you want to turn the outflow to make more noise. Barry was wonderful about the bad pump I got with my first fountain and replaced it immediately.

I cannot recommend these fountains highly enough. Especially if your cats are on a dry-food diet, they need to drink a lot of water, and a Glacier Point will encourage them to do just that. (I’d suggest that you try to add wet food to their diet, but that’s a whole other discussion!)

Thank you, Barry, for creating the product I’d been looking for for years!

Gladys T. – November 28, 2011 – The Basic Pet Fountain

I have recently purchased the Basic Fountain and I have to admit that this is the easiest to clean fountain that I have ever owned. All of the other fountains that I have owned have had to be thrown out after only a year. Despite the fact that I cleaned them weekly, the mold was depositing into the crevices and the scratches of the plastic basins. The last one I owned prior to purchasing GlacierPoint was a Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain. Anyone who has owned this type knows that these reservoirs were shaped in such a way that even a small woman’s hand could not get in there to scrub those crevices — I have owned two over the last two years and they each went in the trash. Glass and ceramic is the best way to prevent mold. If you care about your pet’s health, you too, would invest in this simple but very effective and very low maintenance product. By the way, for all those who have seen the website photos for the GlacierPoint fountains, and are looking for an aesthetically pleasing product — please note that the fountain looks much better in real life than it appears in photos. This is the nicest gift you can buy your pets. Your pets will thank you.

Gladys, NYC native

Julie S. – Nov. 22, 2011 – Glacier Point Basic Fountain

WOW… love this fountain.. and so do my 20 rescued kitties! (actually w/ so many cats, I happily purchased TWO Basic Fountains, and probably will get one more).

After using those plastic things from the PetStores, it is a pleasure to use something w/such a simple design, SO easy to clean: WOW, no slimy cat saliva in all those nooks and crannies.. (so I dont have to buy a ‘special cleaning kit’ w/tiny brushes that didnt really clean well anyway!) just a lovely ceramic bowl, (very easy to clean) and the filter must be far superior, because I’m not even finding “saliva-slime” in the basin– amazing with so many kitties using it!

I have observed that since I got Barry’s fountain, more of the cats are using it, as opposed to only a few of them using the other two products I’d had in the past. AND they are drinking MORE water. (a real blessing: I’ve had to deal w/kitty kidney and bladder problems, so I know water consumption is crucial).

AND I love that the Glacier Point Fountain is NOT plastic.
For years I had used those ‘other’ pet water fountains, and always wished my cats did not have to drink from plastic. (I have never fed or watered cats from plastic dishes, even the four ferals near my workplace I’ve TNR’d and still feed/water daily– feline acne is REAL (and yukky!), and I believe plastic dishes can and do cause it).

ALSO, Barry’s fountain is so quiet, except for the trickle of the water (if we choose to adjust it that way). The motors on the two other brands I’d used would often rattle to the point I’d just unplug them.
Well, I wont continue to go ‘on and on’ (tho’ I could!)…

Just to say THANKS, Barry, for loving cats and designing a product that proves it!
Went online looking for something better.. and thankfully, I found it!

PS: EXCELLENT Service! Barry has always been available to me for my ‘weird questions’, and the shipping was very prompt.