Robert K. – December 2, 2012 -Glacier Point Perfect Pet Fountain

I bought two of the Perfect Pet Fountains for the dozen cats we care for. Our third Drinkwell “Big Dog” Fountain once again leaked at the pump gasket creating a nice flood on the room below ruining a about four ceiling tiles. We have also owned at least a half dozen other recirculating cat fountains including the original Drinkwell, the 360 (worst one yet) and Platinum and some other brands. Fed up with fountains made in China and that needed replacement nearly annually. I made a search of the web for “best” cat fountains. That search brought me to Glacier Point. While initially I balked at the price, but after doing the math of all the previous fountains we had purchased it actually turns out that the Glacier Point fountains are a bargain. Additionally, Glacier Point has two distinct features over all prior purchases – made in America and the refrigeration aspect. After receiving two of the fountains it was quite apparent that these surpassed any of the other competitors. The base is solid and all the unit sits inside which eliminates any chance of leaking. They are also very quiet and provide the option of having the water discharging above the water level or simply recirculating more like a traditional bowl of water.

The motor housing and filter are all contained as a single removable unit. Cleaning no longer involves separating numerous parts and trying to remove the crust that would form on the cheap plastic dish from the cats saliva/water mix.

Barry was great to work with and all of the cats accepted the fountains either immediately or within a day or two.

I consider myself a bit of a self-professed expert on circulating cat fountains (since I’ve owned nearly all that have been made) this fountain stands head and shoulders above the rest.

Keep up the great work Barry – wish you much success!