Ron – January 12, 2017 – Glacier Point Basic Pet Fountain

I just wanted to thank-you for creating this water fountain for pets, it has worked great and seems to have solved some problems we were having with our two Ragdoll Cats. Bandit is a male Ragdoll about 6.5 years old he is large(about 20lbs) we’ve had problems with him throwing up and pooping outside of the box. These problems intensified the last couple of months and we tried a lot of different things which did not work. In the past the Vet said Bandit has problems being constipated but they offered no long term solutions. I read online that having flowing water helps cats drink more and can help with the issues we were experiencing. We had a couple of cheap water fountains(China Made) in the past they did not keep the water clean and actually formed mold and algae. I read somewhere online a recommendation of your fountains and I liked the idea of being made in the USA. I thought the price was high for a pet fountain but figured if it worked it work be worth many times the price. It has been a couple of weeks now and Bandit loves the flowing water and is drinking more water and it seems his issues have been resolved. He has not pooped outside of the box since we’ve had the fountain and he has only thrown up a couple times. Our other Ragdoll Bella is a female about 12 pounds and 6 years old. The only issue we’ve had with Bella is she would throw up once in a while and she has not done this since we’ve used the Glacier Point Pet Fountain.

Thanks again, this has really made a difference in our house and the health of our Ragdolls.