Tom D. – January 21, 2015 – Glacier Point Perfect Pet Fountain

I purchased the V90 Perfect Cat Fountain for my 6 yr old cat four years ago. He took to it immediately & drinks from it frequently. I bought it due to its unique features and its potential for promoting my car’s health. Before finding this fountain my cat suffered from an intestinal parasite similar (but far worse) than giardia. Treatment required me to administer a capsule of suspended pigeon poison every day for a week. By day 4 the drug had stopped the digestive problems, but caused days of seizures after I stopped it. As a result of the convulsions, the vet doubted he would reach full size or live a full life.

To flush his system and aid recovery, I shopped for a mechanized water filtration system with a chiller. I found exactly what I wanted in Mr. Farris’ brilliant invention. It is truly without peer on the pet fountain market.

After four years of use I couldn’t be more satisfied. My cat loves it, and I attribute his excellent health and growth to normal size to its use.

The relatively high cost of the product is offset by its utility, reliability and inexpensive replacement parts such as filters and tubes. The expenditure of 20-30 minutes a week of my time for cleaning it are all well worth the healthfulness and happiness of the smallest member of my family.

I highly recommend this product.