Jessica M. – October 1, 2013 – Glacier Point Basic Fountain

I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed reading your start up instructions, and I’m glad I came across your product. In particular, I’m glad you recognized the problem that traditional pet water fountains present. I see that you are an animal lover, and I am glad that you were able to use your ingenuity to find a solution.

We just started using the fountain this evening and everything seems fine. Watching my three girls inspect it (I have three black female cats) was the entertainment of the night. They quickly passed the suspicion stage and started drinking from it.

Annette – September 28, 2013 – Glacier Point Pet Fountain

My cat never used a fountain and went right to it and started drinking. She lays next to it like she wants to be sure it doesn’t get away. I had a cat who died from kidney complications and wanted the best for my new baby. This is wonderful. Thank you.

Rodney O. – August 29, 2013 – Glacier Point Pet Fountain

Just set up the fountain…exactly what we needed! The cats loved it immediately. We bought this to help with constipation (which happens in middle aged male cats). It is much quieter than I thought it would be. My background is in Electrical Engineering, so I appreciate the effort put in to develop such a simple design using high quality components. We did have a fountain previously, but it was hard to clean and very loud. After researching your product, it definitely meets and exceeded my expectations. Well done!

Beth Ann H. – August 18, 2013 – Glacier Point Perfect Pet Fountain

I am the mom of 23 rescued kitties and a pug dog! We have a busy thirsty household and I have been through literally 6 different fountains trying to find the right one for this crazy household. Finally! This fountain puts all others to shame! I can literally go a week to 10 days between cleanings and filter changes with 24 animals using this fountain!!! All the other stuff was DAILY cleaning and filter changes! My kids are drinking at least twice what they were drinking which is so much healthier! They love this fountain! They love the chilled water and they love the fountain running… it is a lifesaver for me.. saves time and is worth every penny. I thought long and hard before spending that money.. but I’m glad I did. And I appreciate getting my filters with free shipping too. All in all I recommend this to anyone, especially multipet households! Healthy, cool fresh water all the time for my kids… they deserve the very best! Thank you!

Tiffany Peterson – August 10, 2013 – Glacier Point Basic Fountain

Purchased the basic fountain in july 2013 because i had not tried any other fountains before. I wanted to avoid trying the cheaper plastic fountains as i have two cats with allergies. I have three indoor cats ages 1.5 years to 9 years. It was my younger cat’s interest in drinking from a water faucet that sparked my researching ceramic drinking fountains. This Google search led me to your website. I am so thrilled with my basic fountain and very impressed with the ingenuity of the product. All 3 of my cats drink from the fountain which makes me happy. I also wanted to tell you how proud i am to have purchased an American-made product! The fact that you thought of repurposing the vinegar bottle also impressed me. Thank you so much!

Christopher B. – July 26, 2013 – Glacier Point High Capacity Basic Fountain

After finally getting a cat, I wanted to review the use of the High Capacity Basic fountain. We have an 11 pound Maine Coon that we rescued from a shelter, there was no adjustment time for him to use the fountain, he’s not at all bothered by the bottle bubbling when it refills or the splashing from the outlet of the filter. Since bringing him home, he has been drinking on average 12 to 15 ounces of water per day. He’s small for a Maine Coon so I’m glad we got the HC fountain for when our other Maine Coons arrive. I am very happy with this fountain and have been telling everyone with animals about it. It’s more expensive than the plastic filters, but it’s advantages outweigh the slight cost increase. Thank you Barry for making such a great product!

Jim – July 17, 2013 – Glacier Point Perfect Pet Fountains

I have just ordered my second Perfect fountain from Glacier Point.

These things are incredible. My orange tabby and Maine Coon cat are drinking an amazing amount of water compared to before. In fact I was noticing their consumption had almost stopped just prior to the arrival of my first Glacier Point fountain.

Now that I have two new cats I wanted to add the second fountain upstairs to help the new arrivals rehydrate and be as healthy as they can be.

If you are thinking of getting a fountain I recommend the Perfect fountain which has the water chiller. Worth the extra cost because the cats love colder water.

Also call and talk to Barry. He loves to hear from customers and has provided wonderful advice and fun anecdotes every time we have spoken.

Neil C. – July 16, 2013 – Glacier Point Perfect Pet Fountain

My 2 cats are probably the most hydrated cats on the west coast!!!! My wife bought the pet fountain around 4 months ago, upon receiving the pet fountain, I was initially dubious about the design as it looked rather technical! However, after reading the manual, it was super easy to put together and once running made complete sense. I introduced both my cats to it and after a bit of pointing the cats curiosity took over and they were both drinking freely within minutes. The only thing they were slightly perturbed by was the air coming from the fan whilst drinking, however they soon got over this and now pay no attention to it. Before buying the pet fountain, both my cats had a worm infection, which can be brought on by drinking stale water, after a dose of meds and using the pet fountain both cats are now clear of infection. I wouldn’t let my cats drink from anything else! Excellent product!!!

Suellen – June 25, 2013 – Glacier Point Fountain

I am loving it already! Oh, the cats love it too – all 16 of them. Easy to set up and the water is fresh, cold and a constant supply. This is wonderful compared to the lousy plastic awful fountains I usually purchase. So for the cost of just a few of the “cheap” fountains you can purchase this one wonderful last you pretty much forever fountain! Thanks!

Joann – May 16, 2013 – Glacier Point Basic Perfect Pet Fountain

I recently purchased two of the chilled water fountains for my house. I have had several pet fountains in the past and have always been very disappointed in how quickly they get nasty. The filters were expensive and really didn’t make that much of a difference. After doing some research I came across the Glacier Point for cats and read the testimonials and customer reviews. I ordered two for my 25 older indoor cats. They took to them immediately and I was amazed at how clean they stay. For the first two weeks all I did was keep the bottles full and once a week I rinsed everything out and that was it. No slime – very easy to keep up. With the others you had to take so much apart and they were never clean after the first week and eventually I just bought another one because they were disgusting. With the glacier point there is an initial investment but the filters are not expensive and very easy to change. Since then I have purchased two of the regular cat fountains and donated to a shelter for cats that I am very involved in. Just like in my house, the cats took to it immediately and within a couple of days I am filling two of the refill bottles on each one daily. It is so important for cats to drink water and have access to fresh clean water and the glacier point fountains do just that. I hope to purchase two more for my house and two more for the shelter within the next 6 months so that there is plenty of access for everyone. This is the best water fountain I have ever found both from the cats point of having clean water and from my point of the easy aspect of keeping them clean. I have been recommending them to everyone who comes to the shelter.

follow-up review from Joann:

I also wanted to say that dealing with Barry was more that I ever expected. Before I placed my first order I e-mailed him with several questions and got an immediate response. Also with my second order I did not receive the GFCIs with my order. I called Barry on Saturday afternoon, he answered the phone and Monday when I came home from work the package was there. You don’t see that kind of customer service too often any more. Thanks Barry